Waiting for you- Stranded

It was just a normal day, when Cici and her best friend Maddie met 3 of the members of one of biggest boy-bands at the mall. They all go on vacation and their plane crashes on an island and they have to try to survive with all that they have and their love for each other.


22. Filthy Creatures- Goodbye

Cici's POV:

 I woke up to Liam's laugh and the sun shinning brightly on my face. I sat up lazily and opened my eyes. I looked around looking for Maddie, but she was no where in sight. I immediately bolted up and jogged around the shelters then towards the campfire.

What I saw surprised me immensely, I saw Maddie and Niall sitting together near the fire. She was laughing and then kissed Niall's cheek.

"Whoa... how long was I out?" I chuckled pointing at the couple

"A long time, actually. So um yeah, everything's okay now. Niall and I talked it out." she said, a smile plastered on her face

"Oh wow! Glad everyone's happy now." I said and stood behind Harry's tall figure "Morning, babe." I said

"Morning? It's already 1!" He laughed and pulled me to sit on his lap

I nuzzled into his chest and thought back to the time on the couch at their house. "I... I miss home."

It immediately went silent. I knew I shouldn't have said it just as the words left my mouth.

"I know baby, but at least we have each other." Harry said, fiddling with the ends of my hair and peppering kisses to my neck

Our conversation was diverted by rustling in the forest, which we quickly turned our attention to.

Maddie's P.O.V.

We all centered our attention to the rustling. I squinted and nearly jumped out of my skin when a slimy snake wiggled its way through the sand. I smiled in relief, although Cici scowled him.

"It's just a little snake," I said as I watched it glide smoothly through the sand. The relief soon turned into worry when the snake approached the whole the eggs were buried in.

"Get away from there you little bastard!" I untangled myself from Niall's arms and snatched a branch from the shelter to ward off the snake. As I began to head near the serpent, my heart dropped to my stomach. The filthy little creature already had almost half the egg in his mouth!

Liam and I sprinted over to the snake, but we were too late. He had already gobbled down the whole thing. I began to get a deep pain in my chest. I began stabbing at him, but he was too fast. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Gummy Vern waddling toward the snake.

"Um, guys!" Harry shouted and pointed behind us

We looked behind us. Four more ugly snakes emerged from the jungle. One of them was extremely large, which frightened me.

"No, Gummy!" Gummy and the snake were battling against each other, Gummy chomping on the snake's tail, the snake turning to attack her. Before we knew it, two snakes were stuffing the eggs down their throat, while the other two were backing up the first in the fight with Gummy V, including the big one. The rest of the group joined us to help us defend our babies.

Liam and I were on the three snakes while the rest were on the other two. But what happened next, I can barely even describe.

The big snake took a mouthful of Gummy's neck, and (I think you know what happens next) CHOMP.

"NO! DAMN SNAKE!" Liam picked up the big one and literally. Snapped. Its. Neck. I've never seen Liam so furious.

As for me: I fell to my knees. "No... No..." In pure rage, I picked up the other two snakes. I looked at them with a blank expression, and without warning, I stabbed them both ferociously.

Liam embraced me in a tight hug. I couldn't see them, but I knew the tears were welling up in his eyes. I could barely move my face from his chest.

"She's gone..."



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