Brittney, an 18 year old, and huge One Direction fan, is forced to give up all of her hopes of becomming a proffesional singer when her grandmother dies, and she has to take over her cleaning buisness. But, she never thought that by doing this she would meet One Direction, or meet her true love. The big problem- at first her true love doesn't want anything to do with her. Will she convince him ( Liam Payne) to fall for her, or will she fall for another hottie?


1. How it all started

Hey, i'm Brittney and i'm 18 years old.  I am now the manager of my grandma's cleaning service since she passed away, which doesn't interest me at all.  No, I was hoping of becoming a proffesional singer, and metting One Direction, especially Liam Payne, but no I get stuck cleaning up after slops.  Well, that's how I viewed the job about 5 minutes prior to this phone call.

"So, you're saying you want me to clean your house?", I asked. 

"Corect, thank you so much.  Can you come around, like noon tomorrow?', Harry Styles (fangirling momment), said on the other line of the phone.

"Of course no problem", I said.

"Thanks, Brittney is it?", Harry said. 

"Yea, you're welcome", I said, sounding overly excited.  

"Is everything alright?", he asked.

"Yea yea, I'm just a massive One Direction fan, that's all", I said, then realizing how stupid that sounded. 

He laughed, and we both hung up. 

So, basically that is how it all began, well almost. 

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