My last chance

When abandoned after birth, Taylor struggles to survive and ends up in a horrible orphanage. At school Taylor makes up stories about her life from her passion of writting, these stories grab the attention of a boy, Ethan. They end up to have a lot in common. What will happen next?


1. A rescue...

The baby's ocean blue eyes filled with tears and it laid lonely in the cold, they were a new born baby but alone in the snow.

"What are you doing here?" Asked a sweet voice, they picked up the baby. "Where are your parents?"

The baby struggled in the lady soft arms but soon came to pause when they realised that they were in safe hands.

"Lets get you inside..." Rushed the lady, she carried the baby into a tall old brown building.

"Who's this?" Asked a small fat lady, Grace.

"I just found them outside..." The tall lady, named Mary, said wrapping them up in a soft silky blanket.

"How odd, this baby is clearly new born. Look at the poor thing, it's freezing!"complained grace.

"What will complaining do?!" Moaned Mary, "we'll let it have some sleep then check it with the doctor in the morning, happy?"

Grace smiled and placed the freezing struggling baby in an empty cot. This is when the orphanage was a nice place to be, pleasant and caring. Now it's a horror story after entering, they don't care for anything but getting there money. The children have to learn to survive by there selfs, and it's not easy.

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