Dark Turns To Light

Cherry Summers. A girl with a past, who struggles to find someone who can free her from her traumatic memory that is stored freshly in her mind. Who can prove her wrong that not all guys will turn out like her abusive father. As the days goes on, she met her new neighbors. Five British guys have turned her life into a fairy tale. Will one of them be be determined to be a prince with a white horse to free her or is will she be stuck with an ugly past?


2. The Boys Next Door

I awoke with my brother, Nelson Summers, trying to shake me awake. I stood up with such rush that my head started to hurt. I looked at Nelson and he gave me one of those weird looks like I look weird myself.

"What?" I said groggily.

"Were you having a nightmare 'cuz you're sweating a lot and blurting out stuff like 'you killed her!'. Did you dream about mom's death again." Nelson said with a concerning look on his face.

"Noo..." I replied but face gave me away.

"It's okay." Nelson moved in closer to hug me. "Dad will stay there forever. He's not gonna hurt you. I'm here to protect you, no worries."

"I just don't want to dream about him again. He hurt me and mom. Why does he have to do that to us girls? He was supposed to treat us girls with respect."

"Shhh." Nelson came to my bed and sat next to me. "Forget about that jerk, okay?"

I nodded numbly in response. We sat there hugging each other. Mom's death doesn't really affect him as much as me since he didn't get to see what had happened. I refused to tell him every detail that is still fresh in my mind. But someday I will overcome my past and be able to tell others so I wouldn't be the only one holding the grief. Since then, I never trusted guysnexcept for my overprotective brother

BAMM!  The sound of a car door closing broke my thoughts and silence. My brother wiped my tears and told me to go outside and meet our new neighbors. I went to my bathroom and wore something cool for first impression. Then I came outside to meet Nelson who's already talking to the guy wearing a striped shirt.

"Louis this is my sister, Cherry. Cherry this is Louis." Nelson said, making hand gestures.

"Nice to meet you. Hey guys c'mere for a sec! Have some respect and say hi to our neighbors!" Louis called out to the orange that had been packed with too much stuff.

Four guys came out, set the boxes they were holding down, and headed toward us. The guy about the same age as me, with brown, curly hair caught my eye. I couldn't stop staring at him. He just looks so.......beautiful. Nelson nudged me and I came to attention.

"Guys, our cheeky friend at the end is Harry. Next to him is Niall, with the blond hair. Then Liam, checkered shirt and wavy brown hair. And last but not least, Zayn" Louis said, pointing to each one of them as he said their name.

Harry. So that's his name. Cute. It suits him. I thought. I caught him staring at me and I blushed. I looked at Nelson as he talked to the others. He's already making firends. I noticed that Harry went back to what he was doing. He's all alone. I decided to just talk to him.



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