Dark Turns To Light

Cherry Summers. A girl with a past, who struggles to find someone who can free her from her traumatic memory that is stored freshly in her mind. Who can prove her wrong that not all guys will turn out like her abusive father. As the days goes on, she met her new neighbors. Five British guys have turned her life into a fairy tale. Will one of them be be determined to be a prince with a white horse to free her or is will she be stuck with an ugly past?


5. Shadows and Fears

Harry must've noticed that I have been ignoring him because he kept asking questions or make comments. I only responded with at least a word, not daring to look him in the eye.

"Hey! How come we don't see your parents? Where are they anyways?" Louis asked, toying with his pizza.

I froze. The pizza still hanginng in the air, waiting to be eaten.

"Um...well. My mom is...." I stopped, and put my pizza down. My eyes started to fill with tears.

Louis must've guessed what had happened because his cheery face has sus.ddenly become serious. "Oh. I'm sorry! I didn't know. Are you okay?"

"Yeah." I sttod from my chair and excused myself.

I ran upstairs, hearing Harry calling my name behind me. I went to my room while fighting back the tears and the pain I was feeling in my chest. I sat on my bed, but then I realized that I didn't close the door. I sighed, throat hurting. I went to the door and started to close it but a strong hand was placed in between the door and the doorframe.

"Cherry." A raspy voice that came from Harry sounded through the wooden barrier. " Can I come in?"

"You're already in." Opening the door for him and pointed at his hand. I went to the window and stared out to their new house. Harry strode to the middle of the room and stopped a few feet behind me.

"I'm sorry about what had happened." He said with a worried voice.

I can't believe I'm over-reacting about this again. It's been five years since it happened, yet the pain in my heart kept growing once it has been mention. I took a deep breath, but winced when my ribs started to hurt.

I turned around and said, "Forget it." All the tears that I have been holding back suddenly streamed down my face. Harry closed the remaining distance between us and placed a warm hug around me. I was so suprised about how strong his body was, making me think that I'll be safe around him. That not all boys have the same abusive personality like my father and those previous boys I dated. Thinking about them though made me cry more but I felt Harry rub my back. I clamed down a little.

"Shhh..." Harry said, hugging me tighter.

"Harry...." My throat felt numb, so I couldn't talk more after.

"Shhh." Harry said again. "Just let it all out"

We stood there, just hugging each other and the pain in my chest is slowly fading away.

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