Dark Turns To Light

Cherry Summers. A girl with a past, who struggles to find someone who can free her from her traumatic memory that is stored freshly in her mind. Who can prove her wrong that not all guys will turn out like her abusive father. As the days goes on, she met her new neighbors. Five British guys have turned her life into a fairy tale. Will one of them be be determined to be a prince with a white horse to free her or is will she be stuck with an ugly past?


4. Lost In Curls

"Hey guys! Since you clearly don't have space, let's eat in my house" I said, running out their door. The rest of the guys followed along. I opened the door and went straight to the kitchen. I opened the refrigerator, and took out the frozen pizza and put it in the oven at 360 degrees for 15 minutes.

The guys went to the table and sat down. There was an empty chair between Niall and Harry so I sat in between them. I suddenly became aware of how close I was sitting next to Harry. I might've looked uncomfortable because Niall asked me if I'm alright. All five heads turned in my direction.

"Oh! Umm.....yeah. I'm fine." I looked at my empty plate in front of me hoping to hide my embarrasment.

"You sure?" Harry asked, while the other four started a conversation. I nodded in reply and tried to fit in the guys' conversation.

"So this time the song will be Hazza's choice. He'll compose it. Right mate?" Liam asked Harry as he turned in his direction.

"Yeah." Harry replied.

"So what is it about?" Zayn asked, looking at a hand mirror that is now held in front of his face.

"Well.....I don't know, man. I want to write it to this special person I met." Harry said and he looked at me with those intense, green eyes. I blushed.


Thankfully, the sound of the oven saved me from the awkward silence. I stood up and went to get the pizza.

"So....got you eyes on anyone, mate?" Louis said jokingly. I pretended not to hear. The others said something - about me, of course - followed by a chorus of laughter. I sighed. I went to take the pizza out of the oven adn hoped that my face turns back to normal when I come back to the table.

Why am I feeling like this? I thought. I promised myself not to love anymore. Why? I don't wan to get hurt again....

I went back to the dining table and set the pizza down. I didn't dare look at Harry the rest of dinner.


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