Dark Turns To Light

Cherry Summers. A girl with a past, who struggles to find someone who can free her from her traumatic memory that is stored freshly in her mind. Who can prove her wrong that not all guys will turn out like her abusive father. As the days goes on, she met her new neighbors. Five British guys have turned her life into a fairy tale. Will one of them be be determined to be a prince with a white horse to free her or is will she be stuck with an ugly past?


7. Jealousy


  For what seems like less than eternity, she finally came out between my arms which made me feel disappointed. She gave me one of her most stunning smile that I bet she only showed to quite a few people.

"Come on." Cherry said whilst grabbing my arm. "The boys are probably looking for us." She pulled me all the way to the kitchen where my mates were still finishing the last slice piece of the pizza.

Once they saw us walking towards them, they suddenly stopped talking and tried to put their concerning face for Cherry although she looked like she just got high of sweets. I gave them a don't-talk-about-it look fo Cherry's sake. I don't want her to get hurt once again.

"Hey guys!" Cherry said with much enthusiasm, almost making me believe she's faking it. "Soo..how's it goin'?"

I love how she can be so cheerful like that after what had happened. Hmm....a very positive lass. I like that. I smiled to myself but then I noticed that they're all giving me a weird look.

"Well...someone had fun." Louis said jokingly. Niall laugh and gave him a five.

I shook my head and went to sit in my old spot. Once I sat there, everyone else was talking to each other except me. I just sat there looking so nervous that I didn't realise that Cherry was in a very deep conversation with Niall, making me kind of.....jealous.

I cleared my throat. "Umm...Cherry? When's Nelson out of work?" I asked, hoping it would give me a chance to talk to her again.

"He'll be back in about fifteen minutes." Cherry replied, her voice filled with curiosity.

"Oh. It's because I won't to make some friends and your brother is around my age. And maybe we could...." I drifted off, seeing that she's trying not to laugh.

"I think he already think of you as a friend." She said, finally giving out a giggle. She put a warm, friendly hand on my shoulder and smiled. I guess she realise that her hand's been there long enough, because I saw her blush, looked away, and started talking to Niall again.

I sank lower in my seat and pretended to do something on my phone. All those minutes left until her brother came, I listened to what Niall and Cherry were talking about. It made me jealous, I don't know why.

Finally, Nelson came home. Everyone made their way to the door to say good-bye.


I walked with them to the fron door. I was taken aback when Niall said good-bye and gave me a kiss on my cheek. Then everyone else coppied what Niall did. As Louis gave me kiss, I looked over and saw Harry looking at the guys with a mix of anger and.....was that jealousy? He looked away when he saw me look over to him.

I walked over to Harry. "Hey, Haz. See you tomorrow." I smiled, waiting for a kiss on my cheek.

When Harry didn't, I gave him a small peck on the place where I know his dimples were when he smiles. At first he was shocked by my action but then he smiled, showing, yet again, his beautiful dimples.

"Bye!" Harry said, waving. "Hope we can hang out with you guys again!"

I watched him walk to his house. A wide smile on my face.

"You like him don't you?" Nelson said, as he crept from behind.

"Maybe.." I said, letting the words hang in the air.


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