Dark Turns To Light

Cherry Summers. A girl with a past, who struggles to find someone who can free her from her traumatic memory that is stored freshly in her mind. Who can prove her wrong that not all guys will turn out like her abusive father. As the days goes on, she met her new neighbors. Five British guys have turned her life into a fairy tale. Will one of them be be determined to be a prince with a white horse to free her or is will she be stuck with an ugly past?


1. Flashbacks

I went to the living room only to find my criminal dad hovering on top of my mom. I looked at him as he was holding a knife, a few feet from her body, with blood dripping on the couch. Blood.....Mom. I was in shock. I backed out the living room.

"Cherry! Don't leave! I didn't do anything! I swear!" he said as he crept closer, still holding in front of him, looking scarier than a monster.

"You killed mom! What am I supposed to do?! Forgive you?! Puh-lease! It's not that easy!" Fear and anger crept through me as soon as I said it. He couldn't possible be kidding!

Anger flashed in his face and he charge into me. I tried to outran me but his towering height made it possible to escape. I heard a piercing scream, then everyhting suddenly turned black.....


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