London Summer!

Mackenzie (Also known as Kenzie) is 18 years old. She has brown eyes, and brown hair that goes down to her shoulders. Her hair is curly, unless she straightens it. She is average height. She has 2 parents and a little brother.
Her best friend Rylee, who she has known since birth, is 18 too. She has brown eyes and long blonde straight hair, that goes down to her elbows. She is short for her age. She has 2 parents and no siblings.
Rylee and Mackenzie both live in Texas. They both just graduated high-school and are going to London for the summer.


2. Long Ride.

A/N: This chapter and the next chapter are really short.

*Rylee's P.O.V*

Mr. and Mrs. Williams start driving us to the airport. It takes about 45 minutes, so Mackenzie and I decided to play, ISpy with Cody. 10 minutes later Cody got bored, so Mackenzie and I just listened to music on our Iphones and sleep.

~30 Minutes Later~

"We're here!" Mr. Williams says. I turn off my music and sit up and look outside. "Its really happening!" Mackenzie says. "Come on. Get your stuff, You don't want to miss your flight." Mrs. Williams says trying to hold back tears.

Mackenzie and I both grab our stuff from the back and walk in the airport. Mr. and Mrs. Williams help us get to the right terminal and everything. "Love you girls!" Mr. Williams says hugging us both. "Love you too." Mackenzie and I both say. "Sorry your parents couldn't be here Rylee." Mr. Williams says. "They have work. I'm used to it. Thank y'all for bringing us here!" I say. My parents are what you would call workaholics. But they've been that way ever since I was born so I'm used to it. The Williams are a second family to me. Cody is like a little brother to me and Mr. and Mrs. Williams are like parents to me. And Mackenzie is more than my best-friend, shes more like a sister. "I love you Kenzie!" Cody says hugging Mackenzie. "I love you too Cody!" She says squeezing him. " Love you Rylee!" Cody says hugging me. "Love you too Codes!" I say hugging him. "I love you so much Mackenzie!!!!!!" Mrs. Williams says hugging Mackenzie. "Love you too mom!" Mackenzie says hugging Mrs. Williams. "Be safe!!!! and call me as soon as you get there!! Both of you!" Mrs. Williams says. "Yes ma'am!" Mackenzie and I both say. "Love you sweet Rylee!" Mrs. Williams says hugging me. "Love you too!" I say hugging her. "Okay, honey, if they don't hurry, they will miss their plane." Mr. Williams says. "I love you girls both so much!" Mrs. Williams says crying. "Love you too! Bye!" Mackenzie and I both say. "Love y'all!" Mr. Williams and Cody both say. "Love y'all! Bye!" Mackenzie and I both say walking down to security.

We get to security and go through everything. "Well, we still have 20 minutes before we have to leave. What shall we do?" Mackenzie asks. "There's a Starbucks over there!" I say. "Lets go!" Mackenzie smiles.

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