London Summer!

Mackenzie (Also known as Kenzie) is 18 years old. She has brown eyes, and brown hair that goes down to her shoulders. Her hair is curly, unless she straightens it. She is average height. She has 2 parents and a little brother.
Her best friend Rylee, who she has known since birth, is 18 too. She has brown eyes and long blonde straight hair, that goes down to her elbows. She is short for her age. She has 2 parents and no siblings.
Rylee and Mackenzie both live in Texas. They both just graduated high-school and are going to London for the summer.


3. Is That...?

*Rylee's P.O.V*

"I cant believe this is actually happening." I say sitting down in my seat on the plane. Mackenzie called window seat so I got the outer seat. "Kenzie... Mackenzie!" I say hitting her arm. "What?" She asks scared. "Is that...?" I say interrupted by Mackenzie, "Andy Samuels?" Mackenzie says. "And... Mazzi Maz?" We both say as they sit down on the row next to us. We are huge directioners. And the fact that One Direction lives in London made this trip wayyyy better! We had been wanting to go to London even before 1D was created but we did get more excited knowing 1D would be there. "Okay, lets not freak out. Just act cool. But, we need to meet them!!!" Mackenzie says squeezing my arm. "Mackenzie. My arm." I say. "Oh sorry." She says letting go of her arm. "But we do need to meet them... but if we go all fangirl and everything this could turn out very bad..." I say. "Do you think One Direction is here?" Mackenzie says getting excited. "Probably not. Now calm down. I have an idea!" I say smiling. I get out of my seat and walk to Maz who was sitting on the outer seat. "Excuse me, would you mind taking a picture of me and my friend?" I ask smiling. "Yeah, sure!" Maz says smiling. "Thanks!" I say handing him my phone. I sit back down next to Mackenzie and smile. "There ya go love!" Maz says taking a picture and handing my phone back to me. "Thanks! Hey, you don't sound like your from here...." I say confused. "No, me and Andy are from the UK." Maz says pointing to Andy and sitting back down. Andy smiles and waves. "Oh cool! That's where were going!!!" I say. "Oh neat. Where are you from?" Andy asks. "Texas!" Mackenzie and I both say. "Wow, cool! Well, I'm Maz and this is Andy." Maz says. "I'm  Rylee!" I say. "And I'm Mackenzie!" Mackenzie says. "Nice to meet you." Andy and Maz say. "Nice to meet y'all too!" Mackenzie and I both say. "So, what are you guys going all the way to the UK for?" Maz asks. "Summer trip!" I say. "Sickkk!" Andy says. "Yeah!" I say with a little laugh. "What were y'all doing in the US?" Mackenzie asks. "Hanging out with some friends from in LA!" Maz says. "That's cool! I've always wanted to go there! It looks like a fun place to be!" Mackenzie says.

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