London Summer!

Mackenzie (Also known as Kenzie) is 18 years old. She has brown eyes, and brown hair that goes down to her shoulders. Her hair is curly, unless she straightens it. She is average height. She has 2 parents and a little brother.
Her best friend Rylee, who she has known since birth, is 18 too. She has brown eyes and long blonde straight hair, that goes down to her elbows. She is short for her age. She has 2 parents and no siblings.
Rylee and Mackenzie both live in Texas. They both just graduated high-school and are going to London for the summer.


6. Dance!

*Rylee's P.O.V*

"You look great!" I say to Mackenzie as she walks out of her room in a black skirt, with a blue shirt and black flats, her hair straight. "Thanks! You do too!!!" Mackenzie says to me. I'm wearing spaghetti strap black dress, that goes just above my knees, with  pair of heels, my hair curled. "So, you ready to go?" Mackenzie smiles. I check my phone 8:45. "Yup!" I say.

Mackenzie and I out and get a cab to take us to Funky Buddha. We get there and get out of the car and start walking towards the door. "Hello loves!" I hear a voice say. I turn around, "Hey Andy and Maz!" Mackenzie and I say. "You girls look great!" Maz says smiling. Mackenzie and I blush. "Y'all don't look so bad yourselves!" I say. Andy starts laughing. "Whats so funny?" Mackenzie asks. "I'm just not used to hearing y'all." Andy laughs. We all start laughing. "Hey! What's so funny?" Someone asks walking up. Oh my gosh, its Liam Payne. "Liam!!!" Maz and Andy say hugging Liam. "I hope you don't mind, we invited Liam to come..." Maz says to Mackenzie and I. "Nah, that's cool!" Mackenzie smiles. "I'm Liam!" Liam says shaking our hands. "I'm Mackenzie!" Mackenzie smile. "And I'm Rylee!" I smile. "Nice to meet you." Liam says. "We can finish this inside..." Andy says pointing to some paparazzi.

We all get inside and go to the bar. "The usual!" Maz and Andy both say. "What would you ladies like?" Andy asks. "Um.. we don't drink.." I say. "Oh okay, you can join the non-drinking club with Liam!" Maz laughs. "Hes the king!!" Andy laughs. "Ive only got one kidney!!!!" Liam says standing up for himself. Andy rolls his eyes and drinks his drink. Some girl comes over and pulls Andy to dance. "Such a ladies man!" Maz laughs.

Maz, Liam, Mackenzie and I walk over to a table to sit. Maz and Liam sat next to each other, and Mackenzie and I on the other side. "So, what are you guys doing way over here?" Liam asks. "Summer trip!" Mackenzie says. "Oh, thats cool. Are you enjoying it?" Liam asks. "Yes!!" Mackenzie and I both smile. Andy comes over to our table. "Come on Maz!" Andy says pulling Maz out of his seat. "Come on Rylee!" Maz says grabbing my hand. "Wait, what? Noo!" I say grabbing Mackenzie. "Oh come on!!" Maz smiles. "I cant dance!" I say. "Pleaseeee!" Maz begs. "Fine." I sigh. 

*Mackenzie's P.O.V*

That's cool too Rylee. Leave me. "So, umm, whats Texas like? Ive been a couple times but only for concerts... we didn't get to do much walking around." Liam asks. "Its amazing!!! There's plenty to do and a lot to see!!" I say. "That's cool!" Liam says. "Yeah, so, whats London like?" I ask. "Rainy. Busy. and fun!" Liam says.

Liam and I end up talking for 2 hours. "Enough chit chat, come dance!" Maz says walking over to the table with Rylee. Liam looks at me with a "do you wanna dance " face. "Sure!" I say. We all walk to the dance floor.

~1 Hour Later~

"Andy, its time to get you home!" Liam laughs as Andy sits at the bar. "Why? I'm having fun!" Andy says. "I bet you are, but your drunk buddy!" Liam says helping him up. "Hey Mackenzie, will you go get Maz?" Liam asks.

I go get Maz and Rylee and we all get Andy in the car and Maz offers to take us home. "Sure! We live in Blue River apartments!" Rylee says.

*Rylee's P.O.V*

Maz and Liam walk us to the door. "Tonight was fun!" Maz says. "Yeah, it was!" I smile. "We should hangout again soon!" Maz smiles. "Yeah, that would be fun." I say. "Whats your number?" Maz asks. I blush and give him my number. "Cool, I'll text you." Maz says. "Okay, bye!" I wave as him and Liam walk back to the car.

"Tonight was amazing!" I say to Mackenzie as we walk in our apartment. "Yes, it was pretty fun! Soooo, you got Maz's number?" Mackenzie smiles. "Um, yeah!" I blush. "Good job Ry!" She says giving me a high-five. "What about Liam? You guys looked like you were having fun!" I say. "Hes great. No-offense to him, but..." Mackenzie says. "But what?" I ask. "Um.. well... whats the best way to put this? Hes not the best flirter.." Mackenzie laughs. "Oh my gosh!!!" I say laughing. "I'm sorry!!! Hes hot! and a amazing guy!!!! But.." Mackenzie starts laughing sitting on the couch. I sit on the couch next to and start laughing harder. "Oh Kenzie!" I say.

*Maz's P.O.V*

"Liammmm, can we stay at your flat?" I ask as we start driving. "I guess..." Liam laughs. "Thanks man! Hey, so, Rylee and Mackenzie?" I say. "They are really nice and funny!" Liam smiles. "Yeah, and both single!" I say hitting Liam's shoulder. "I know, Mackenzie and I kinda talked about that..." Liam says. "Liam talking to girls!?" I say sarcastic. "He's bad at flirting!" Andy says. "And even drunk Andy knows..." Liam says laughing. "Was it that bad?" I ask. "I don't know Maz!!!!! I'm tired of this... I cant get a girl!!! I'm surprised I even got Danielle, but even Harry helped with that!!! Maybe I should just go back with her!!!" Liam says getting mad. "Liam, no, we already talked about this. You cant get back with Danielle! I tried and help set you up with Mackenzie..." I say. "I know..." Liam says sad and helping me get Andy in his house. "Bro, its okay, you will find a girl. Your Liam Payne from One Direction!!!" I say trying to cheer him up as we sit on his couch. "Maz, thats the problem!! Girls only like me because I'm in One Direction!!! Danielle liked me for me!!!!" Liam says raising his voice. "Liam, you will find a girl who likes you for you!!!! Don't worry. You broke up with Danielle, what?  A month ago. Give it time." I say. "I'm going to bed." Liam says getting up and walking to his room. I turn on the tv and watch spongebob.

*Text Message*

Maz: Hey Love! Its Maz:) Tonight was fun!

Rylee: Hey Maz!(: Yeah, it was!

Maz: Tell Mackenzie sorry if Liam was acting weird... hes going through some stuff...

Rylee: Okay, is he okay?

Maz: He will be. So, whats up?

Rylee: Okay, watching tv(: Wbu?

Maz: Same! What are you watching?


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