London Summer!

Mackenzie (Also known as Kenzie) is 18 years old. She has brown eyes, and brown hair that goes down to her shoulders. Her hair is curly, unless she straightens it. She is average height. She has 2 parents and a little brother.
Her best friend Rylee, who she has known since birth, is 18 too. She has brown eyes and long blonde straight hair, that goes down to her elbows. She is short for her age. She has 2 parents and no siblings.
Rylee and Mackenzie both live in Texas. They both just graduated high-school and are going to London for the summer.


4. Blue River.

*Mackenzies P.O.V*

We talked with Maz and Andy pretty much the rest of the flight. Except when we fell asleep. They made 12 hours go by fairly fast. It was still a long flight though. We talked about movies, school, sports, music and hobbies. Just pretty much anything.

"Please buckle up. We will be landing soon." A voice says over the intercom. "It was really nice meet you guys. Maybe we could meet up in London sometime?" Maz says. "Yeah, that would be fun. It was nice meeting y'all!" Rylee and I both say. "We were planning to go to our favorite club tomorrow night.. do you guys want to come?" Maz says. "Sure, what's it called?" I ask. "Sweet. Its the Funky Buddha Club. Be there at 8." Andy says. Maz and Andy both smile. "Okay, see ya tomorrow!" Mackenzie and I both smile. "Bye!" Andy and Maz say walking away.

"Can you believe that?!?!?" Rylee squeals. "I know!!!!! We hung out with Maz and Andy for 12 hours and they want to hangout with us again tomorrow night... Which would be tonight? Maybe... I don't know!!! This time zone thing is going to be horrible!!!!" I say grabbing my bag. "I know..." Rylee says grabbing her bag. "Time to head to our new home now..." I say walking out of the airport.

~15 Minutes Later~

"Is that it?" Rylee asks pointing to a building. "I think so!" I say. The driver pulls up to the building. "I guess so, it looks kinda like a hotel..." I say. Rylee and I grab our bags and go inside. There's a lobby with a reception desk and a few couches. "This place is nice!!!" Rylee says. It is... it looks a lot like a hotel but yet different. I walk over to the reception desk. "Is this Blue River Apartments?" I ask the lady at the desk. "Yes, hi. welcome. What is your name?" She asks. "Mackenzie Williams." I say. She types some stuff into her computer. "Oh yes, here you are Miss Williams. Okay, Blue River is a little bit different than most flat places. Its more like a hotel but at the same time a flat. You will have a kitchen, 2 bedrooms, a balcony, a mini living room and a bathroom. But this is the lobby, which is kinda like a hotel part, and there's a pool, and sport utilities outside and in this basement. Reminder, you do have people beside, under and on top of you, so if you could please respect that, then your stay should be pleasant. I am here for anything you need. Your room is 143 on floor 3." She explains, handing me 2 keys. "Thank you so much!!!!" I say.

Rylee and I go up to floor 3 and walk to room 143. We open the door. "This place is super nice!!!!!!!!!!" Rylee says standing in the doorway looking around. I push her in. "Keep moving! I wanna explore!" I say laughing.

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