London Summer!

Mackenzie (Also known as Kenzie) is 18 years old. She has brown eyes, and brown hair that goes down to her shoulders. Her hair is curly, unless she straightens it. She is average height. She has 2 parents and a little brother.
Her best friend Rylee, who she has known since birth, is 18 too. She has brown eyes and long blonde straight hair, that goes down to her elbows. She is short for her age. She has 2 parents and no siblings.
Rylee and Mackenzie both live in Texas. They both just graduated high-school and are going to London for the summer.


5. ASDA/New Home

*Mackenzie's P.O.V*

"Hows it look?" I ask Rylee finishing setting up my room. "Great!!! Will you come do my room?" She asks laughing. "Sure!" I say laughing.

We walk across the hall to Rylee's room. "This place is a MESS! There's clothes all over the place!" I say laughing. Rylee doesn't really like to clean...but I don't mind. And it doesn't help that she brought a lot of clothes! I figured we would be doing a lot of shopping here so I only brought one suit case... I start picking up clothes and putting them in drawers and in the closet. "You organize everything that's not clothes!" I say. She grabs her backpack and starts putting random things places.

~30 Minutes Later~

"Done!" Rylee and I both say. "We should probably get some sleep.. its 3am.." Rylee says. "Stupid time zones. I'm not tired.." I sigh. "Neither am I but we have a busy day tomorrow! We need food and we need to go shopping for clothes for tomorrow night... technically tonight..." Rylee says. "That is true! Well night Ry!" I say walking to my room. "Night Kenzie!" She says.

I get ready for bed and then lay on my new bed in my new room for the summer. My room is white, with a desk, chair, bed, dresser and T.V. And there's a window on one side of my room and a walk in closet on the other. The bed is pretty comfortable too. I decide to play on my phone because I cant fall asleep. I text my mom, "We got here safe. The flight was long but we met some really nice people. The apartment is cool. I'll send pics tomorrow. I'm tired. Night! Love you!" I send. I decide to check my twitter, instagram and facebook and before I knew it, I was asleep.

~The Next Day (Friday)~

"Maaaaackenziieeeee! Its 2 and i'm hungry!!!" Rylee says poking me. "Its 2!?!?!?" I say surprised. "Only 8 in TX, so normal time for us to wake up..." Rylee explains. "Oh... right..." I say confused. "Yeah, so can we go get food?" Rylee asks. "Yes... Where?" I ask laughing. "Hmm.. well I saw a McDonalds driving over here... shall we go?" Rylee asks. "Yeah, then we can go shopping!" I say.

~Later That Day~

"Now that we found our clothes for tonight... and more... We should probably go to walmart to go get some food!" I say. "Yeah... hmm.. I haven't seen a walmart... " Rylee says. "Should we just ask someone?" I ask. "Yeah, I guess.." Rylee says. "Um.. excuse me, we just arrived here yesterday from the US and do you know where a walmart is?" I ask some random person. "A walmart?" The person asks. "Yeah... A walmart!" Rylee says. "Whats a "walmart"?" The person asks. "A store... it sells food... with clothes and appliances..." I say confused. "Like an ASDA or Tesco?" The person asks. "What is that?" Rylee asks confused. "It sells that stuff.." The person says confused. "Okay, well wheres the closest whatever you call it?" I ask. "ASDA is only a couple minutes from here! Keep walking then take a left." The person says. "Thank you!!!" Rylee and I both say and start walking.

The person was right, it was only a couple minutes away. We walk in. "This is like a walmart?" Rylee says confused. "Its a English version of it..." I say laughing grabbing a cart.

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