My Temperature Rising

Ryan was a typical 16 year-old girl that moved from the States to London because her mom got a upgrade in her job from AT&T. Being raised in Texas was a noticeable difference at her new English high school. She started meeting this boy that lived in the same apartment building as she was. With his beautiful soothing Irish accent voice Niall Horan, Ryan made a new friend.But she was also used to either hanging out with Niall or mostly spending her time alone until her chemistry teacher paired her up with Harry Styles. Having major differences, unless you count them both having curly brown hair, this would be a challenge. Especially since Ryan might have a crush for this boy. . . but she might already have feelings for her new friend Niall. Who would she pick over?


5. The Truth.

Tonight was all I could think 'bout. He was all that I could think 'bout. And I surely can't forget that kiss. It was all so. . . outta the blue, yet perfect timin'. While the endless thoughts bein' played in my head, I got a text. 

"So did you survive?" It was Niall. What do I say? Do I spill the truth? Do I keep this a secret? Of course I won't keep this a secret. I'm a smart girl.

"Barely, " I replied. 

"So how was it?" he asked.

"That's actually somethin' I need to talk to you 'bout Niall. . . And I don't wanna make this a secret against you."

After some time passed by I got, " Meet me at our park in 10 minuets." I felt like outta 1 in a million chance of gettin' the idea of Harry and I kissin' he actually might of gotten a bulls-eye. 

I changed to outside, cold weather clothes, left a note to ma and left. I waited at his unit for 'bout 5 minuets, thinkin' that we would walk with each other. We always do. I think he might be upset. Suddenly freakin' out, I ran to the our park to try to find him. I spot him at a bench just gazin' into space.  I ran up to him and shouted his name. He heard me but didn't move his head. I sat next to him on his right side and felt like I needed to talk first 'cause surely he wasn't gonna.

"So Hey Niall, " I said tryin' to start the conversation.

No response. 

"Niall. . . Hey are you ok-"

"What happened." he said cutin' me off. 

"We-well . . . um. . . you know funny things happen and-"

"Ryan. What. Happened." This time he shot me an angry, upset face but will hurt in his eyes. 

I sighed. " It all started when I welcomed him into my unit. . . " 

After explainin' to him every bit and answerin' every question he asked me, there was still an awkward silence. Then he brought his phone out, typed someones contact number, dialed, and waited. 

"I told you. I. told. you. to not to. " He was very angry at this point. But all I got on his side was:

"I warned you." "Why did you do it?" "Did you even think about what I told you a week ago?"

A week ago? What does he mean? Is it somethin' to do with me? Did I mess up? Did I miss his birthday?!? No. We already celebrated it. Then what could it possibly be?

"Bye." Then he hung up on the other person. 

"Niall. What's goin' on, " I asked.

"Nothing you need to worry about, " he said. But I felt like he was hidin' somethin'. He got up from the bench and was 'bout to leave when I grabbed his hand.

"No. Niall tell me what's goin' on, " I said forcefully. 

"It doesn't matter anyways it's stupid."

"Niall. Tell me."

"No really it's fine, " he said but it's like he changed from bein' angry to bein' shy or embarrassed. 


"Okay! Fine! I have a crush on you! Okay? I'd always liked you since I met you. Now you know why I'm so upset. Now you know why I told Harry not to fool around with you. Because I like you. want you. He always gets the popular, pretty, model-like, girls to fall head over heals with him. But me? All girls see in me is either Harry's some guy friend or a dork, weirdo, looser."

"Niall wa-wait. . . " but he bolted off to God knows where. But that doesn't stop me. I ran after him and I guess he saw me runnin' after him so he tried to get me off his trail. But I think he forgot that I've been in track and cross country for 2 years. Till his advantage of usin' his location to shake me off and get me lost worked. Great. Now I'm actually lost. My phone is at 12% battery so it's not that bad but it's gettin' scary. I non-stopped called Niall but no answer. Figures. Now I'm at 5%. 'cause I used most of my battery all on Niall. Well what do you expect? So the last option was to call Harry. Yes I would call ma but what would you do if your ma picked you up to God knows where and you tried to explain it to her? Rather yet have her find you. So I called Harry. I heard a ring. . . ring. . . ring. . 



"Yes? This is Ryan right?" 

"Yes. And I know you and Niall got in an argument and all but I need your help-"

"I'm not supposed to be talkin' to you. I'm sorry but Niall is already mad enough at me so. . ."

"But I'm lost!"

"What?! How?! Where?!"

"I would like to know where too Captain Obvious but long story short, I talked to him and that's when he called you, then explained to me why he's upset, he bolted, I followed, and now I'm lost. Please! Help me, " I yelped. 

I heard a sigh and then, " I'll find you don't worry. Go to your maps app and send me a pic of where you are okay? Be there in a bit, " he said then hung up. 

It's gettin' cold. Well it's supposed to be cold since it's 'bout midnight. Minuets passed and I saw a land rover come up to me. Knowin' my instincts I kept my ground. The car window pulled down and I saw Harry. I sprung up and ran to the passenger side. Harry drove me home but on the way there, there was an awkward silence that I didn't wanna disturb till he interupted the silence. 

"Do you . . . Did you figure. . So who . . " was all that slowly spilled out of Harry's mouth. 

I sighed. " He told me everythin'."

"Oh. . . are you mad at me?"

"Why would I be mad at you?"

"Because I knew that Niall liked you first but my feelings just got too much in the way and over came me and . . . I'm a horrible friend so why wouldn't you get mad at me?"

"'Cause, well, I do see why I should get mad at you 'cause you had a choice and you choose the wrong one. . . but I'm . . . just. . . not."

That's when he stopped the car and parked it. The radio was muted and he turned straight to me. 

With a very serious tone he asked me, "Do you like me? Or do you like Niall more?"

Great. Now I have to choose. Well I've known Niall since I've moved to this country and he's been so nice to me and with school he's so . . . now I understand. All the things he has done for me. . . now it clicked. But with all the love that Niall gives to me it's so nice and I've been so blinded and stupid. And with his ocean blue eyes that outline his sea green color on the inner of his eyes. His normally brown hair but he bleaches it blonde. His ADORABLE laugh that I love, admire, and want 'cause it's that cute. Our lil inside jokes that we have. How close we are. How we tell each other anythin' and everythin'. Well I guess not everythin' exactly. But on the other hand, Harry is so so attractive and can be so charmin' and that. . . that kiss. It was all so perfect and magical. It was perfect timin' and perfect scenario  and it was "accidental" which made it even more like a dream. And Harry's green, emerald, cat-like eyes and his lips were so soft. He's curls and mine, his laugh and mine, his smile and mine. Wait. Do I have feelin's for Curley?!?! Oh wonderful job. I just made this a whole lot worse. 

I replied with silence. Silence was my company. I had to think 'bout this but I know that if this was in a movie obviously I would pick Niall but since I'm actually feelin' this way. . . Everythin's changed. I just want things to o back to the way it has been. I wish that stupid Mr. Peterson didn't assign me with Harry and instead with Niall like always. So that this wouldn't ever be a problem. 

Harry then dropped me off at my buildin' and said, " Hey, I'll give you time to think about your answer okay? But also for now, just let him be. He'll come around when it's time that he needs or wants to talk to you again. But in the meantime be patient and I'm also here. You remember that."

Then he drove off. Wouldn't that just make it a lot worse. ' . . . I'm also here. You remember that.'  Isn't he suppose to not be talkin' to me as much as possible? Wasn't he suppose to be makin' up with Niall? Oh boy. 

After I put in the passcode I went through the hallway. I stopped and stared at Niall's unit door. I need to talk to him. A real talk. I moved on and went upstairs to my unit. What time is it? 12:30a.m. Yay. I can;t wake up ma. That would make things a whole lot complicated for today, or yesterday. I took off my outside, cold clothes into warm pajamas. After brushin' my teeth I plopped on my bed and stared outside my window. Niall please don't be mad. Before I knocked out, I texted Niall this:

"Hey it's me. I'm gonna give ya some space. But let me know when ya wanna talk more or somethin'. Remember I'm always here for ya. GoodNight Nialler. "

I put my phone on the charger, played my music underneath my pillow, and closed my eyes to complete darkness. All I thought 'bout was Niall. Oh Shoot! I didn't even tell Harry or Niall that when Harry kissed me. . . It was my real first kiss.


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