My Temperature Rising

Ryan was a typical 16 year-old girl that moved from the States to London because her mom got a upgrade in her job from AT&T. Being raised in Texas was a noticeable difference at her new English high school. She started meeting this boy that lived in the same apartment building as she was. With his beautiful soothing Irish accent voice Niall Horan, Ryan made a new friend.But she was also used to either hanging out with Niall or mostly spending her time alone until her chemistry teacher paired her up with Harry Styles. Having major differences, unless you count them both having curly brown hair, this would be a challenge. Especially since Ryan might have a crush for this boy. . . but she might already have feelings for her new friend Niall. Who would she pick over?


1. The Move

Ryan's POV

"What?" I exclaimed. "What are you talkin' 'bout movin' to London? I ain't movin' no where."

"I got a job offer for AT&T to move there," ma said, " and it's a better offer than staying here in San Antonio. I'll be able to get more money for us."

"But I wanna stay here with Emma. Can I at least finish my sophomore year with her here?"

"I'm sorry baby but we can't wait that long. They gave us till after New Years to head up there."

"Don't I gotta say in this?"

"I'm sorry but apparently not. I'm doing this for the better of both of us. You never know what it can change you."

Bull. Why would  movin' across the sea and goin' to a new school tryin' to fit in have any positive effect on me. Right as I just fitted into this school I have to restart somewhere else. But this time it's gonna be worse and more challenging. 

I grabbed my suitcase from the closet and rolled it into my room. My room. Full of memories from friends that used to come over and hang out or sleep over or rather both. My room full of my art work and doodles tapped and pinned on the face of my main wall. My huge queen size bed with my colorful bundles or blankets. My valentines day dog that actually my sister gave to me from her ex-boyfriend. My medium size white dresser that never had room enough for my shirts but enough room for my shorts and everything else. My 20 inch T.V. sitting on a pink table I had when i was in 3rd grade. My lil collection of books I read, or need to start reading, that sat on the side edge of my bed. My hanging lanterns hanging from the lights as well as my Port A spiral shells that hang from the lights. My keyboard from my dad last year at Christmas and underneath my lil bundles of TOMS shoes, cowboy and runnin' shoes. And I won't forget my chalk board. My 2x4 foot chalk board with my full name at the right hand corner, my music note doodles, my quotes, my One Direction song "lil things" in cursive, my drawing of an eye, and the main part my realistic drawing of a heart. 

After 'bout what took 5 hours to pack my life in boxes I finished but walkin' to our balcony and starin' outside at downtown. I don't wanna leave. I made my life here now. On my own. I already had crushes and competitions in band. Oh my gosh. Crushes. Caesar. I forgot to tell him. Caesar is in, or now was in, my English II class in 5th period. I guess things were movin' on quite appropriately between us. We went to a movie, and like in the classic movies, he put his arm 'round me. So smoothly i actually didn't noticed till after the movie. Oh yeah, that's right, I'm that kind of girl that gets too into the movies and blocks everyone out. Call it a curse but I feel like not necessarily in a trance but in a dreamland. Anyways I told Caesar that I was gonna be movin' to London. He face just looked sad and we used the time between us to make our last minuets together worth it. Until one day he decided to stab me in the back by tellin' everyone that I had been cheatin' on him, which is such Bull, and he broke up with me. Now hold your horses mister, 'cause first of all I don't recall anything of us breaking up and second I would be breakin' up with you, even that seems actually a lot worse. 

"Ryan!" my ma shouted, " In 'bout an hour we'll be packing in and moving out."

"Leave me alone to die." I mumbled underneath my breath. "What do you think about this Bubbles?"

Bubbles is my cat and I know not a name to call a cat but she's a cat. Any name is appropriate but I didn't name her it was the previous owner.

"Meow, " was all she said. 

"Yep. I thought so."

After haulin' up everythin' out of our condo we got set to go to the airport. We're gonna fly to New York then over the seas to London. I actually am excited to go to London, speakin' that I want to go to school there as in college or university, but that won't or shouldn't be for another two or three years. I'm just gonna miss my life here in Texas. Emma and I are gonna Skype once every week just to keep in touch. 

As we got to the airport I had a flashback of myself but as a lil girl, lovin' to ride on a airplane but to go skiing every year 'round Christmas time. It's a tradition in our family. Oh wait. . . what 'bout skiing with the family! It's a tradition! I guess i can't say anything now since we're 'bout to board on. It's 6 p.m. and I'm already exhausted on this movin' deal. 

"Howdy 'verybody and welcome to Southwest Airlines. I'm Susan and I'll be your flight attendant for this flight up to New York. . ."

She started goin' over the basic procedures over the safety pro-cautions for when there is goin' to be a day when somehow we are shot out of the sky and goin' to die to our death. But she said that not as dark as I did since she is a flight attendant and supposed to be optimistic. 

As the plane started it's engines to fly us out of here, I just stared at the city I grew up with since I was 6 'cause I previously lived in a smallish town called Brownsville. Don't let the name fool you when I say it's near the boarder of México. It was actually called that for the battle of Ft. Brown. But as I started to remember all the good times of my life livin' here and in Brownsville, I felt like I was not ready to move away. A big piece of me is here. I don't wanna leave. At this point i felt the salty tears buildin' up 'round my eyes. I pushed them away. 

"Be optimistic, " I whispered to myself. It's London! Cute British boys and lovely parks and places to explore. And don't forget their lovely accent they sing in. But as much as I tried to think positive I kept thinkin' of Caesar. Maybe he was just in denial 'bout me leavin'. He had such a sad look on his face. Full of pain of the thought of me leavin'. I pulled my phone out and texted him.

"Hey. I'm on the plane and I'm gonna miss you. If you want we can arrange a time for us to talk on Skype. If you want."

No answer. So i turned my phone off and started readin' a book I brought. 

"Sorry Caesar, " was all I left sayin' to this city. To him. 


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