My Temperature Rising

Ryan was a typical 16 year-old girl that moved from the States to London because her mom got a upgrade in her job from AT&T. Being raised in Texas was a noticeable difference at her new English high school. She started meeting this boy that lived in the same apartment building as she was. With his beautiful soothing Irish accent voice Niall Horan, Ryan made a new friend.But she was also used to either hanging out with Niall or mostly spending her time alone until her chemistry teacher paired her up with Harry Styles. Having major differences, unless you count them both having curly brown hair, this would be a challenge. Especially since Ryan might have a crush for this boy. . . but she might already have feelings for her new friend Niall. Who would she pick over?


3. School.

I woke up to the sounds of ambulances and cars honkin'. Well, that's a pleasant way to wake up. After wakin' up at 6:20 a.m. (12:30p.m. Texas) and takin' a shower I got a text message. Probably from Emma or . . . Emma. I didn't know who else would text me. 

" Hey now this is an appropriate time to wake up. If I say so myself. " It's from Niall.

"Yeah I just got outta the shower. When does the second bell ring?"


"You know the late bell. when you need to go to class?"

"Oh. well pre-school clubs are at 8-8:30 , then assembly at 8:30-8:50 and period 1 is at 8:50."

"So . . . "

"Lets just go to the assembly."


"Well yeah. Since you're the new kid I will help you. See ya down here at 8"

A short conversation if I say so myself. But I had to get ready. Especially , like what Niall said, since I'm the new kid. Okay, so hair tied up in a high pony-tail to control but also show off my curlys, a nice pink-whte flow like blouse, dark skinny jeans, TOMS, a leather jacket, and my necklaces and bracelets. Okay I'm ready and time to spare to have a long breakfast meal and take my medicine. That's one thing that different 'bout me and I want nobody to know this, but I have ADD, Attention Deficient Disorder. It makes me feel . . . odd. Basically not a good feelin'. The reason why I don't want classmates to know this is because I don't want them to label me or call me a "crack head", different, "sick", or any other thing they could possibly call me. Now Niall? I don't know. I'm not ready to tell him I have this. I mean I barely know him and I don't know if I could trust him enough but we'll see. Then I got this.

"Remember to wear you'r uniform. No exceptions. - Niall"

You got to be kiddin' me. So I raced to my room and tried to search for that bag my principal gave me. Found it in a dark, shameful corner of my closet. Whoops. When I was done tryin' to figure out how to put it on correctly, I took a picture of my self and sent it to Niall. Then I heard a knock at the door. I found A blonde-haired boy, pale skin, beautiful blue to green eyes, tall and was in his uniform. Niall. He was laughin' so hard when he saw me. What? Do I look funny? My hair?

"What's so funny?"

"You don't know how to put on a uniform is what's funny!" he chuckled.

"Whatever you wanna come in and help me then?"

He was surprised that I asked him such a question. What? I don't see it as a bad thing to ask a harmless thing like invitin' someone in you'r house, or flat

"Nice place, " he said in awe for some reason.

"Yeah. . .  it's just a unit. Nothin' to it."

"But it's . . . different."

"How so?"

As I asked he smoothly transitioned from the doorway into the livin' room to the kitchen. Just touchin' our things as if he's never seen such objects. 

"Different as in a different culture. It's more of a American, Mexican theme. I like it"

Then he moved to my room. Asked if he could go in but without time to answer he just wondered in. That's when he was in full awe. He just stopped at my doorway, and his jaw fell as he examined my room.

"You can learn a lot 'bout someone by their home and their room, " he said. 

"Well what 'bout eyes?"

Then he turned to me with any distractions of my things and stared into my eyes as I stared into his crystal blue, green gorgeous eyes. They're beautiful. It felt like ages that I stared into his eyes before his phone went off. It was his alarm clock sayin' it's time to head out. But wait. I still need to change correctly!

"Help! I need your help to correctly dress in this uniform to y'all's expectations so I don't look like a fool out there!" 

As he pointed and explained what to fixed, I took off my jumped then my polo. I didn't even recognize that Niall was still sittin' on my bed, just starin' at me as if to say ' What in the Hell are you doin'. 

"Wh-What are you doing, " he asked. He looked so uncomfortable and he was blushin'. 

"WH-WHAT?! NIALL WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?!" I was confused of why he didn't leave my room so I can change. It IS my room after all. Embarrassed, he stubbly walked out my room. I finished changin' and called him back in. He was blushin' so hard core I had to let out a chuckle. 

"Don't laugh at me! You'r supposed to be saying 'Thank You!' to me!" he exclaimed.

"Not when you'r bein' a pervert!" again I let out a playful laugh as I held my stomach. 

"What you want some of this?" I asked then flashed him a lil bit of my stomach then went back to playfully laughing.

"Well would you want this?" he asked then showed me his ripped abs. I shut up. Dang. He's fit

"Thought so. Now hurry up! We're Gonna be late!"

I hurriedly grabbed my backpack and shoulder bag, or "purse", and headed out. Niall showed me some sort cuts to the school and we talked just 'bout anythin'. I learned that he's from Mullingar, Ireland, favorite color is blue, likes dogs especially Goldens and Shepherds. Me too. Doesn't mind cats, loves to eat, favorite place to eat is at Nandos whatever that is, and he loves to play guitar. Cute I thought. I shared stuff 'bout me as well and I noticed that he looked to sternly interested in everythin' that I had to say. I was surprised that he was an excellent listener. i very much appreciate and like that. Usually what people, or I, do is non-stop talk 'bout ourselves and carry on in the day. But he patiently waits for what I have to say. That's 'bout the time when we arrived at our school. Without realizin' it, I grabbed hold of Niall's hand. I saw at the corner of my eye that he was starin' at me, concerned. But I was nervous 'bout today and I just kept on starin' at the university-like school. He squeezed my hand and we walked together towards the main doors of the school. 

Today is a VERY important day for several reasons such as labeling, if they even do label, make friends , make enemies, if anyone will like me, make a complete fool or a complete geek, and most importantly findin' my "group". I'm just gonna stay with Niall everywhere I go. That's the thing 'bout me. I can be very out goin' and all but when it comes to new places or a "test", I get uncomfortable or what my moms calls me, insecure. He helped me find my locker and I remembered playin' 'round with it to get it open, so that was a breeze. He asked for my schedule to look to see if we had any classes together. We actually had a lot of classes together. Actually all my classes are with him but except band, I didn't know they had music class as such as classical music. Thank the Lord! I can over react to lil things like school but come on. It's my first day of school to a new city rather new country. I heard their classes and academics are harder than Texas. I can believe that. So this schools schedule for classes are just screwin' up myself. I don't get nothin'. Then once I turned to Niall I saw a glimpse of students sarin' at me and talkin' with their hands over their mouths so I wouldn't read their lips. I slammed my locker. Niall shot up a concerned look to me.

"What's wrong? Are you al'right?"

"Been here not for 5 minutes and I could bet that those girls over there in that corner are talkin' 'bout me, " I said as I hurriedly walked away from my locker and tried to go somewhere else but there.

"Don't worry 'bout them. They're probably just jealous of how beautiful you are."

I stopped walkin' and yes I was in the middle of the hallway when I shot Niall with a look. A look as far as if I said ' Really? You think so?'. He just nodded his head with a huge grin and blushed a bit. Gosh this uy won't sop blushin' at me won't he? I somehow let out a giggle and some jocks or poshy guys said , "Awe the loser leprechaun has a crush on the new girl! Look He's blushing!"and then one of the guys went up to me, grabbed my hand and kissed the top of my palm. As quick as a hiccup I slapped his poshy face to kingdom come. All the guys were in shock. Even Niall had his mouth dropped. 

"What? He deserved it."

"You can't do that here. . . " was all what came out. 

"And why not?! It's a simple self defense for a gal."

"Well, maybe in Texas, but not here. . . " then he grabbed my hand and we bolted to hide in a janitors closet. Classic. He started chucklin' again. Great what's so funny now?

"What!" I yelled.

"It's barely the 1st day for you and you already got an enemy, made a fight, and might get detention."

"We-well I believe this ol' place of London should have a lil patriotism." 

"Well sorry American girl, but you'r not in America anymore, " he chuckled.

Then his phone alarm clock rang again but this time for the assembly. I forgot 'bout that! And I saw it in his eyes as well. We bolted out of there and to make things worse I flung the door open to hit that posh guy. Really? That's when we really bolted for our lives then laughed as if we saw death itself. We made and of course I sat with Niall. He let me sat at the end so I wouldn't be even more uncomfortable. Their assembly is like our school news about sports, special announcements and random stuff. After that Niall and I headed to our 1st period, History, my worst subject. He talked to the teacher to arrange me to sit next to him or at least relatively close. After 1st, 2nd period came along, Geometry, I'm alright with, and once again Niall did the same thing to the ask the teachers in all our classes.

Then came break. What's break? Apparently it's just, like it says, a break. so we explored more of the school and to get ahead of our future classes. And after the 20 mins of that we headed to Chemistry, finally somthin' that was in my field. I did really well in that class if I say so my self. Then I noticed this brown, curly-haired guy. Seems kinda cute. Then I discovered the club of girls 'round him. Ah, he's a flirt. Typical. Then he somehow found my eyes and he made contact. He had beautiful emerald green eyes but this only stayed for 2 or 3 seconds before I talked with Niall 'bout . . . stuff. Then Niall got a text and shot a look at me and chuckled and shook his head from left to right. I had one guess whom that might be from. Then I searched and found Curly starin' at me and givin' me a smirk. Charmin' but an ultimate flirt. I rolled my eyes in a sorta disgust and thought to myself 'I'm not that easy boy.' After Chem,  Curly and Niall chatted a bit then Niall remembered I still needed him to go to our next class, English. Curly shot me another smirk as he passed by me and went on with his day. What was he provin'. Niall gave me a look, chuckled, and we went. 4th period came and went. Then we had lunch, a full 50 minutes. Niall had to get somethin' and told me to wait in the cafeteria. Great, turnin' on the Socially Awkward button. I soon found that posh guy, jock, come up to me with his poshy club. 

"Hey you, newbie. You left something on my face and I think you need to apologize. This school doesn't tolerate violence."

"I bet this school doesn't tolerate douche bags either."

"Well played newbie. Can I call you that? Well I guess I can." He and his group laughed.

'Oh Niall, where are you when I need you?'

"Hey. Leave her alone guys." 

I turned, with a smile,  hopin' it was Niall. But I was instead confused. 

"Hey Curly, why don't ya just walk away and leave this newbie to defend herself."

"Well ya see guys, I can't exactly do that. Ya see my mate is microwaving his lunch and I have to keep an eye out for her for him. So just walk away mates. " 

He glanced at me and gave me a friendly grin. Amazed I was. He knows Niall? Well I guess that explains what happened in Chem. Soon one of the patroling teachers went by us and the jocks walked away.

"Thanks Curly." I  said. 

"So now you'r calling me Curly?" he laughed.

"May I call you Curly as a nickname? Or you'r birth name?" I asked shyly.

"Styles. Harry Styles." he said then shook my hand.

We saw Niall comin' 'round the corner and Harry left.

"I'll talk to ya later, " he said and gave me a smirk.

Niall made food for his lunch and I forgot to make myself my lunch but since I take my meds I lose appetite so I wasn't hungry. Niall was concerned and gave me all these reasons why eatin' is so important and all these random facts. Then he started sharin' stories 'bout how his friend ate his last chip and he didn't talk to him for  hours and how his ma forgot to make dinner and he left home for 2 days. 

"That's so unnecessary, enological, why?" I asked.

"I'm a guy that loves to eat, " he said with a grin a full mouth of food. I laughed he's so dorky. After lunch came 5th period and that's when we didn't have the same classes. Because it was foreign language classes and since I'm from Texas, near Mexico, I was a higher level of spanish than Niall but he is fairly well at speakin' spanish. 

The day finally came to an end and we walked to our flat  and chilled and helped each other with homework. Niall Is really cool and all and I seemed to be good company for him too. We're gonna get on really well I could know that for sure. Niall is becoming my best friend as the school days pass and my mom knows that I hang out with him so well that when I say 'I'm goin' out.' her assumptions are always right when she thinks I'm hang in out with Niall. It's that Curly, rather Harry, that I wanna say ' Get out Get out Get outta my head.' 


Authors Side Note:

Hey Guys! Sorry for not publishing a new chapter on Wednesday I had some family issues so I made it up today. And sorry if I wrote too long but I got carried away. Hope this makes up for it! Thanks for everybody that's reading! 

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