My Temperature Rising

Ryan was a typical 16 year-old girl that moved from the States to London because her mom got a upgrade in her job from AT&T. Being raised in Texas was a noticeable difference at her new English high school. She started meeting this boy that lived in the same apartment building as she was. With his beautiful soothing Irish accent voice Niall Horan, Ryan made a new friend.But she was also used to either hanging out with Niall or mostly spending her time alone until her chemistry teacher paired her up with Harry Styles. Having major differences, unless you count them both having curly brown hair, this would be a challenge. Especially since Ryan might have a crush for this boy. . . but she might already have feelings for her new friend Niall. Who would she pick over?


4. Feels.

I heard someone shoutin' for me to go to them. I began runnnin' through these fields of grass for someone on the other side. But who was it? I ran closer and closer but it felt like I was just goin' father and farther away from them. Later I figured out it wasn't just a simple cry for my name but a yelp of help. " I'm comin'! Wait! " was what I said repeatedly. Gettin' frustrated, I ran faster and faster and got upset and worried at the same time. I soon stopped runnin' 'cause I ran out of breath. No wait. I can't breath. I soon collapsed and I was in full panic mode. The guy on the other side then ran to me but then somethin' scared me. He got shot. Lied died on the green soon red grass. I ran to him even though I would soon died from not breathin'. It wasn't Niall nor Harry. It was Cesar. I saw a paper crumpled in his hand. 'I've always loved you but why did you leave me?' Things went black. All I heard was a beep. Beep. Beep! I woke up. It was just a dream thank heavens. I shut my alarm off and like i always do, I sit up, think 'bout my dream, then right it in my diary or dream diary. I shook off the dream and went into the shower. It was 6:30 a.m. when I got in and also when I got a text. Niall of course. I don't know if I like him or not or vice versa. We've been so close and he's been so important to me. I got out of the shower and read the text I got.

"Morning! Wake up!!!" 

"I'm up I'm up! And mornin' to you to, " I said with a smile.

"You ready for Chem?"

"What do you mean?"

"Today Mr.Peterson is going to assign partners on the project."

"Oh yeah! You wanna be partners?"

"That's why I texted you :) "

"Haha nice well who else would I pick? Certainly not Harry "

"What's wrong with him?"

"It's just that he is such a flirt and thinks he's all that. But I mean he is a nice guy I guess from what happened the last time."

"Well know when I say he's harmless! He's been my mate since I moved here from Ireland"

"Okay fine but I'm partners with you. No exceptions. Now I'm gonna get ready. Meet cha down in 30 minutes."

"Ok good I wanna be partners with you too. See ya in a bit."

I put on the uniform that Niall taught me how to put on since the first day of school. It's September and it's gettin' closer and closer to it bein' cold outside. Everyday it's wake up, take a shower, Niall texts me mornin', change, eat and walk with Niall to school. It's more of a habit and I'm fine with it and so is Ma. She really likes Niall. She says that he's a really nice boy and is very respectful. She also said he's very handsome and she gave me a nudge wink. I gave her a face of disgust but inside I wished it was true. I haven't thought 'bout it till 'bout a week go when those jocks came by me again when Niall was walkin' me to our class and he shouted, " All love birds over here! I told ya!" Niall gave a lil blush and I got red with rage. I was gonna give it to him when Niall took me hand and we bolted to class. " Just ignore them. They're nothing, really. They're just stupid posh jocks that don't know what they are talking about." Niall looked uncomfortable but I took his words and let it go. They've been comin' at me since day 1 at this school. What do they want from me? And why on Earth me? Was it like one of those classic movies that when a new girl comes to her new school she gets picked on 'casue she's new? That's such Bull. Whatever. When Chem class came 'round Niall and I , sittin' next to each other in our seats, couldn't wait to be assigned as partners. Then the unexpected. 

"Class settle down. Class is beginning. Now I know you all have already have partners already picked but I want to change it up a little bit. Since some people, " looks at me, " needs to have a bigger social circle, I have assigned partners."

My jaw dropped in shock. This is like a nightmare. I always be with Niall 'cause I'm afraid of other students. Ever since the jocks, I've been scared of everyone. I grabbed Niall's hand underneath the table. I saw at the corner of my eye that Niall was starin' at me. I was so scared to get assigned to a girl or guy that didn't like me for some reason. Call me insecure, but that's exactly who I am 'bout these kinds of events. Niall accepted my reachin' out to him and held my hand a lil tighter to let me know that he is there for me. He was goin' down his list that he made and I heard Niall had been assigned to a girl named Taylor. He had to move to her cause she gave me this look like she didn't , rather isn't, gonna come 5 feet of me. He stood up and like in slow motion, let me hand go. He gave me a reassuring smile as if to say, 'It's goin' to be alright.' I was left, vulnerable, at the table, alone. Mr.Peterson went on with his list and I was freakin' out. Then he said. . .

"Julia Tamez and Thomas English. Megan Gómez and Harry Styles. . ."

My mind stopped. I can't breath. Him?! Why him?! Well I guess it's a whole lot better than pairin' with one of those jocks. I looked for Harry and he shot me a grin. Like as if he was gonna rape me. Great. Him. I looked at Niall and he gave a shrug as if to say, ' Why not? You're not gonna die.' I looked back at Harry givin' him a helpless, disgusted face. I had to walk to him . Isn't the guy supposed to go to the girl? But he just gestured me to come and he even patted on the chair for me to accompany him. Great. Again, this guy. Mr.Peterson passed out the papers for the project that stated the objective, purpose, materials, rubric and such. The chapter we were on was astronomy. My all time favorite. I think I'm gonna major in Astronomy or language but I love stars and I'm fascinated by how they do and how it began and everything that happens in space. This was relevant to Chem by the elements on the periodic table on gases and how the star gatherin a dust cloud with the winds goin' a million miles per hour and gravity takin' place and condensin' everythin' to the star and makin' it dense. With then creatin' a star that has a core, or iron. I was doin' great in this chapter. Actually one of the best grades in class. Niall was always amazed on how I knew so much 'bout Astronomy and stars. It always makes me day dream and wonder every time I think 'bout it. 

Class ended and Niall raced by my side. I've been day dreamin' so much bout all this stuff on Astronomy, I didn't  even pay attention to how we are suppose to do this project. Oh well, I guess I'll just read the instructions on the paper and figure it out, or ask Niall. 

"Hey Niall, " I said with disapproval and disappointment.

"Hey! Chin up bird! " This is what he calls me as a nickname but I'm guessin' it's a English thing.

"Yeah bird? Haha, I'm not a rapist or something! I'm harmless! Usually a herbivore, " Harry said with a laugh or too. Niall joined later. I gave him my pout and he stopped but still smilin'.

"Haha. very funny Curly. But If we're gonna do this, you quit the jokes okay funny guy? And pay attention and no foolin' 'round. Got it?" I said with a serious tone. On the outside I'm fierce I guess, but on the inside im totally freakin' out. I don't wanna get pushed 'round.

"Haha fine, fine. I'm smart! I got this! Don't worry I won't bite!" Harry said laughin' away the day.

"You just be careful and take care of her Harry. Promise? No fooling around, " Niall said all of a sudden with a serious tone. Harry stopped laughin'. He just nodded with a smile and gave an A-Okay sign then wrapped his arm 'round me. 

"I'll take care of her don't worry Nialler!  She lives at you'r building right?" I starred at Niall and gave him a stare where my eyes are all the way opened and I shake me head 'No'. 

"Yeah, she's on the 3rd story." I slapped my face in disgust. You got to be kiddin' me. Niall gave me look of ' Don't worry'. More classes went by and soon lunch passed, then the day as well. As Niall was waitin' by my locker, for me to gather my stuff, Harry stopped by with a chip in his step. He's way to happy for this. I gave Niall yet another look of 'What?!?' and 'No. The hell to the no. Way.' He gave me a shrug. 

"He needs to know where you live so y'all could get goin' on y'alls project."

"Hallo guys! Ready to head out?"

I shut my locker door close and gave a loud sigh. I banged my head on my lockers door and Niall answered for me, "Yes. . . "

We headed out and as we began to walk out the posh party came by a visit. Just what I need! I was so frustrated at this point from Harry bein' my partner I absolutely Had no time for this. So as the jocks came up to me, tryin' to block me, I straight up swung an under punch to the guys face. And down he went. He's friends shocked, and so was Niall and especially Harry. Niall sighed and ran towards me. This is a common thing that we do. When I'm in some kind of trouble of some kind, Niall runs to me and instead of stoppin' next to me, it's a secret gesture of 'Run.' So that's what we did. "Run Like you stole somthin'!" my dad used to say. Every time I had a cross country meet and track meet he would yell that to me. I miss him. Nothin' happened to him, like death or somethn', just that my Ma and Papa got divorced when i was 6 years-old. So he's still in San Antonio. He checks up on me sometimes to just catch up with me. Him and I are actually really close. But 'cuase of long distance we try to have Skype time to each other on nights that we arrange. 

Any who, we arrived at our buildin' and Harry made me chuckle 'cuase he was gaspin' for air. Gosh, he can't be this out of shape. I entered that pass code and we entered. We decided to chill at Niall's place. He always, always has food and since I'm hispanic and grew up independent from my Ma that wanted to live the glory days when I was in elementary school through well before we moved, I knew pretty well how to cook.  So I cooked up some grub and sat on the couch next to Niall but then Harry got some grub too , and of course Niall actually he was first, and sat cozily next to me. He's tryin' too hard and it's gettin' annoyin'. So I got up and sat on the other side of Niall. And later so did Harry, but to my side. Niall gave a lil chuckle and we've been goin' at this till I ate all my food. Poor Niall I think I made his dizzy. Then I knew just the thing. I set my plate down and sat on Niall's lap. Niall smiled playfully but also let a lil blush out and I looked at Harry in amusement and Harry got a lil upset, like jealous. I wrapped my arms 'round Niall's neck to prove my point to see if Harry was jealous. He looked at disapproval and threw away his plate. I was jaw dropped. I looked at Niall but poor thing he didn;t know what I discovered. He was still blushin' a bit and I let out a lil giggle, not knowin' I might have came across as "flirtin'". Then Harry clapped his huge hands really loudly and said, " So! We should get goin' on that project don't cha think Megan. You know. . . together. . . alone . . . away from Niall." So he is jealous but there's only one thing that he can ever be jealous 'bout. Harry Edward Styles has a crush on me. That actually kinda makes since. He enjoyed himself when he helped me with the first day of school with the jocks. 

I let go of Niall and off his lap and grabbed my stuff and began to head out, leadin' to my unit. I waved good-bye to Niall and he waved back with his thumbs up and later fingers crossed. I rolled my eyes and smiled. I showed Harry my unit and Ma wasn't home. She meet some new friends here in London and has been busy with hangin' out with her new friends and especially work. So usually she's never home. Any way Harry was surprisingly amazed by my unit. Heh, reminded me of Niall's first time seein' my unit too. After showin' Harry all the rooms and stuff, we headed into my room. Now he wasn't just amazed by my room but looked so . . . intrigued. As if he's been in a dream where it took place in my room and his dream worlds copy of my room was exactly real. I didn't notice myself starin' at him till he caught me starrin'. 

I cleared my throat and said, " well I think we should get goin' on that project don't cha think?"

He grinned and nodded, He sat on the floor while I laid on my bed. He's actually pretty descent on this material as far as the basics. So he's not stupid he's just an idiot. When I asked him a question 'bout one of our topics he said the wrong answer and I let out a laugh and playfully said, " you're such an idiot!" He knew I was kiddin' and he played along. We were actually pretty far into the project thatit was an exceptional place to fool 'round. So he said, "So You think I'm an idiot don't you?!" I laughed and he started to chase me 'round my unit. We went 'round and 'round with chasin' till he sneaked attacked me and grabbed me and pinned me down on the couch. Me still laughin', he was on top of me sayin', "Say uncle!" I soon gave in. But he was still on top off me. He's hands still pinned my wrists down. I was confused but curious for what he's gonna do. Then the unexpected. He slowly leaned down to my face, just a couple of inches away. And we were just starin' at each others eyes. His were so emerald, green. Like cat eyes. He had this innocent look in his eyes. He whispered, "Close you'r eyes. Trust me. Please." I don't know why I out of nowhere trusted him but I did. Next thing I felt were these soft, lips onto mine. He was leadin' and apparently had some excellent experience. A lil action, sweet peck of a kiss but still a lil passionate but no tongue. He stopped and we both opened our eyes. I was surprised, shocked, confused. But he had this soothin' smile on his face.

"I've always wanted to do that you know. Since the first day I saw you. And especially since the first time I helped you out with those jocks. Ryan, I'm really happy and honored to be your partner in this Chem project. I crossed my fingers, " he said with a smile and was actually a lil shy. He gradually got off of me and I sat up right. He looked at the time and so did I. It was 'bout a quarter till 9 p.m. 

"I got to go, It's late, " he said and he went into my room. gathered his stuff and came back out. But right when he was 'bout to leave I grabbed his hand. He stopped and turned 'round. 

"I have to tell you somethin'. And I know I barely even know you, hardly just know your name but. . . " I was thinkin' twice 'bout what I wanted to say next. He somehow sensed that I had trouble sayin' what I wanted to say and gave me encouragement. 

"I've never been kissed before, " I almost shouted but whispered at the same time. He look was socked but he also I guess knew it. He was confused but figured it out. He's unpredictable. He came over to me and hugged me. I hugged him back and he said, " Well. . . was it alright? Like you've dreamed?"

"It was . . . more than acceptable, " I said with a calm smile. He grinned so much. He gave me one last hug and I guess knows that to only kiss me when it's the right time 'cuase obviously I'm not comfortable with just a peck or whatever every 10 minutes of 'make out time'. So only on special occasions and when it's 'The right time'. He left and I dropped on my bed. I grabbed my diary and jotted everythin' down. 

"Hey so did you survived?" Niall said in a text to me. 

What just happened? 


"Stars" ~ Grace Potter and The Nocturnals 

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