Forbidden Love

Stella, a shy-pretty 13 year old, moves from Cork to Mullingar where she meets a fun-cute 19 year old guy(Niall). They fall in love but their parents don´t let them be together because of age. What are they going to do?


8. Time

Stella´s POV

(phone rings) "Hello mom" I said with boredom. "Do you know what time is it? It´s almost 21:00 and you are in the house of a stranger! Come here now!!!" she said. "Huh? he´s not a stranger, he is Niall, my neighbor, and I´m in the house next door" "Stella I´m serious" "Ah! Going mom"

I say goodbye to all, get out of there, and run to my room. Then, I remember I forgot to give Niall my phone so we can be in contact. Oh, I´m so stupid sometimes, I always forget the most important things on my life. And, talking about my cellphone, where it is? Oh no! Maybe it fell from my purse when I was walking to here. OMG! I look in the mirror and the cellphone wasn´t on the sidewalk, maybe they already took it from there!!! Ahh, if my mom knows this, it will be my end.

Niall´s POV

"Well guys, lets clean-up, my mom will kill me if she see´s all these mess" I said to all. "I´ll clean the kitchen with Meg while you too guys clean the restroom" El said. "Ok, so c´mon lou, lets clean up!"

When we were cleaning, I saw something that shine under the coach. It is someone´s cellphone. "Who is the owner of this phone?"I ask."It´s not ours, it isn´t yours Meg?" El asked. "Let me see.....Oh, it´s Stella´s phone! She left it here" she said. "Ok, I´ll give it to her!! No one else, just me!!" I shout to all.

Louis POV

"wohoho! It looks like Niall is desperate to give it to Stella!" I said sarcastically. "haha,so funny Lou! (cough, cough)" he said. "Yeah, so funny Nialler, we all know that you like Stella. And you had met her a few hours ago! Oh man! You are such a womanizer!" "Haha, that girls like me is not my fault"

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