Forbidden Love

Stella, a shy-pretty 13 year old, moves from Cork to Mullingar where she meets a fun-cute 19 year old guy(Niall). They fall in love but their parents don´t let them be together because of age. What are they going to do?


2. The New House

Stella´s POV

"So, where are we going to live now?" I asked my mom while she drives. "Oh, to nowhere in particular honey, just a town called Mullingar" she said while looking at the rearview. I didn´t knew that it was a town clled Mullingar till now, but it sounds good to me, so, I just gonna enjoy the view, listen to music and wait to get there.

(1 hour later) OMG! I can´t wait anymore! I can´t wait to get there, I want to see the new house, meet new people and see the new neighbors! "How much do I need to wait mom?" I asked anxiously. "Stella calm down, we are almost there just a few meters left" she said with a smile on her face. I looked at the mirror and saw alot of houses, all alike, then I saw a park in the center and a big fountain with a clover in the middle. "WOW" I said loudly with a big smile in my face. "And this is just the beginning" said mom laughing. 

"What!?" I said whith a big smile. Maybe she was kidding, maybe not, but thats not important right now so I better concentrate on the house. It was big, with an awesome living room and a big restroom and...... My room was INCREDIBLE!. A big bed with purple all over it, and the most important thing: my mom decorated it with a lot of stuffed animals. I think this will be good!

(incoming phone call) "Hello?" I said. "Oh, hello stella, where are you? I call to your house but you didn´t answer" my BFF said. "Oh, sorry Megan, I forgot to tell you!!! I moved to Mullingar, I´m not on Cork anymore" I said with a nervous tone. "What? You moved and you didn´t tell me? I´m your best friend or not? Why didn´t you tell me?" she said angryly. "STELLA!!!" my mom shout. "Come and help me with your baggages!". "I´m going mom! Sorry Megan but I got to go, we talk another day" I said and hung up the phone.

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