Forbidden Love

Stella, a shy-pretty 13 year old, moves from Cork to Mullingar where she meets a fun-cute 19 year old guy(Niall). They fall in love but their parents don´t let them be together because of age. What are they going to do?


7. The Great Day

Niall´s POV

"Do you wanna go to my house and have a great day with us?" I ask to Stella. "Mm..yes! Lets go!" she said. "And you Megan, wanna go too?" Yes, that will be cool" she said. First we went to rent a movie and then to my house, while Eleanor places the food on the table, Louis and I turn on the TV and play the movie. Stella and Megan were taking a look of the house, Stella was on the kitchen and Megan was near my childhood pictures. After a few minutes we were all ready for the movie. I sat near Stella and she smile. Louis and Eleanor sat together too and Megan was on the coach alone. I feel bad for her, she is there, alone on the coach. "Megan come on, sit here" I said. "Ah thanks" she answered. She sat on by my other side and smile.

Megan´s POV

Wow, Niall´s house is pretty cool and.....Aww! He has alot of pictures from his childhood, he is so cute on them. My mom call me a freak because I told her I like Niall, but, I don´t mind. I like him so much!

Everyone is getting ready for the movie, Niall sat with Stella, El and Loui sat together too, and I´m here sitting alone. "Megan come on, sit here" Niall said. I sat with Stella and him. They were staring at each other and smiling, I try not to notice but it was impossible. They continue like that till the movie ended. We start eating some pizza, but Niall ate most of it. He also ate some slices of cake and two cokes. When we finish, everyone was satisfied except for Niall. He want even more food.

Niall´s POV

Hunger! My stomach just can´t be satisfied. My mom says is anxiety, but, I don´t think so. I think my stomach is the size of an elephant´s.

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