Forbidden Love

Stella, a shy-pretty 13 year old, moves from Cork to Mullingar where she meets a fun-cute 19 year old guy(Niall). They fall in love but their parents don´t let them be together because of age. What are they going to do?


9. Monday

Stella´s POV

Where do I leave my cellphone? "Stella, dinner´s ready, come here" my mother said. I don´t wanna go downstairs, maybe she´ll ask about my cellphone. (knock, knock) "Ah, hi Niall, what can I do for you?" I heard my mom. "Mm...can I talk to Stella please?" Oh, it was Niall. "Yeah, she is upstairs, first door at the right" "Oh, thanks" I hear footsteps outside my door, then someone knoch the door. "Can I come in?" he said. I run and put on my pijamas, put on my slippers and get in my bed. "Mm...yes, come in" I said after a yawn. Niall get in and saw me on the bed, he´s face turned red. "Oh, I´m so sorry, I just came to give you your cellphone" he said. "Wait, my cellphone? Oh thank god! I thought I´ve lost it" I said with relief. He gave it to me and get out of my room, I thought he was going to say something else, but no, he just left. Then a shadow start getting closer to the door, and then.... "Good night moonshine" he said, and then he wink his right eye and get downstairs. He said goodbye to my mom and then he left. "He called me moonshine" I wispered to myself.

Niall´s POV

Oh stupid, stupid me!!! I didn´t think about anything else to say, I only said "Good night moonshine" I messed up! Well, I will have more time to talk to her tomorrow.

(the next day)

Stella´s POV

"Stella! C´mon, wake up now!" mom said since downstairs. I look at the clock, trying so hard to see the numbers in it, 6:30, time for school. I don´t want to leave my bed, but I have to unless I want my mom angry. I hate school, I just go because of my friends, but, now that I´m not going to the same school there is nothing to go to school. I put my purple dress, my white-shinny Toms and make a ponytail. I had everything ready, nothing else to do but go to breakfast.

I walk down the stairs as smelling something delicious, mom was cooking hotcakes and some cookies. I run  and sit on my chair, waiting for my breakfast. "Here´s your favorite breakfast honey" she said. "Mmm, delicious, thanks mom" I said drooling from the smell.

Nothing better in a monday morning!

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