Forbidden Love

Stella, a shy-pretty 13 year old, moves from Cork to Mullingar where she meets a fun-cute 19 year old guy(Niall). They fall in love but their parents don´t let them be together because of age. What are they going to do?


5. An Unexpected Visitor

Stella´s POV

Mom is taking me to the mall to buy more makeup, and.......OMG!!! There is a beautiful dress in the shop in te opposite side of the mall. A pistachio green dress with a large clover motif and there was a clover collar there too. I´m amazed by that, I think I´ll buy it now! Well, and it conbines with this country..... Time to go home!

Niall´s POV

With all this feelings I forgot to ak her age. Is she a 16 year old? Maybe 15? Well, if she is more than 13 she is good...... (someone knocks the door) huh? I´m not waiting for someone. "um...who´s there?" I ask nervously. "Hi Niall its us! Loui and Eleanor" they said happily. "coming" I said with relief. When I open the door, Louis had a coke and a complete pizza and Eleanor had a chocolate cake. "Guys, why do you bring all that food? It´s not mi birthday." I said. "Haha silly! we buy all this to spend a great day with an irish guy that lives here" he said. "Greg? He isn´t here, but, he will arrive in a few hours" i said. "Haha no, you Niall!" Eleanor said. "Haha ok" I laugh.

Stella´s POV

When we get home, a very familiar car was in front of our house. Oh God! "Ahhh!!!" I shout. "Megan! How do you get here?!" "Well, you didn´t say goodbye to me when you go, so, goodbye" she said sarcastically. I hug her so tight that she can´t breath. I´m happy that she´s here because, well, she is my bestfriend. "And what?! You are not going to say goodbye too?" "Haha goodbye!" We both enter to the house and start talking like always, but suddenly, someone knock the door. "Stella? Are you there?" someone said. It was Niall, and...two more people. The guy hasbrownish hair and green bright eyes, and the girl has dark-brownish hair and brown eyes. It seems like they are good people.

Megan´s POV

Ahh! Stella´s new friends are very handsome! Specially a blond one, with beautiful blue eyes and cute face. He is so atractive, and so cute! But, who is he? I will ask  him his name..or...maybe not, I´ll wait till he ask me my name. Omg! I think I´m in love!!!

"Stella...How do I look?" I ask her. "You look good, why? she ask as I turned red. "n..n..nothing, I just want to look good!" I said. Then he introduced himself. "Hi,I´m Niall,what´s your name?" he said. "Megan, Nice to meet you, btw, nice name!" I said. Ahh!! He is so damn hot!

Niall´s POV

I think Stella´s friend is nice and cute, I was going to invite Stella to spend the day with us, and I think I will invite Megan too.

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