Forbidden Love

Stella, a shy-pretty 13 year old, moves from Cork to Mullingar where she meets a fun-cute 19 year old guy(Niall). They fall in love but their parents don´t let them be together because of age. What are they going to do?


1. From City To Town

Stella´s POV

"STELLA!!!" I hear my mom shouting. I had no idea what was happening, since the morning she´s anxious and move from side to side of the house. "Yes?" I said looking at her with a confusing face. "We are moving so pack your things and I want to see you ready in an hour!!!". I didn´t knew that we were leaving, I didn´t say goodbye to my friends, I didn´t charge my cell phone, so what do I do?

"But mom, why didn´t you tell me earlier?" I said angrily. "Because I want it to be a surprise for you!!!" she said happily. I didn´t want to move, I mean, it will be good to see more places but not like this, if my friends move too maybe, but, NOO!!!

Niall´s POV

I´m bored, What do I do? Greg isn´t here, mom is playing chess with her friends, dad is in his house and my stepdad is out of town, so I´m here, on the couch doing nothing!! (the phone rings) "Hi Niall, I´m Louis, what are you doing?" Loui said. "Nothing at all Lou, just here sitting on the couch with chips and a soda, and you?" I said waiting for him to invite me somewhere. "Oh, I´m with Eleanor in the cinnema, well got to go, the movie is almost starting, I just wante to know if you were ok" he said happily. "Aww! Thanks for taking care on me Lou! See ya" (Conversation ended) Well know I´m alone again, with nothing else to do beside sleep and watch TV.


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