Love At First Sight

It Was Lindaa's And James 4 Year Anniversary And She Expected A Proposal But Instead She Got A Break-Up.He Left Her Alone At The Restaurant So She Had To Walk Home.Along The Way She Met A Very Nice Young Man Who Becomes A Big Part Of Her Life.Was It Love At First Sight?


5. Meet My Friends(:

Lindaa's P.O.V
I Woke Up This Morning In My Room,I Dont Remember Waking Up And Coming Here,So I Think Zayn Must Have Brought Me Here. The First Thing I Rememberd Was The Kiss,The Kiss That Probably Didnt Mean Anything To Him.I Walked Out Into The Living Room And Saw Nobody There,So Im Guessing Zayn Is Still Sleeping.I Decided To Go To The Kitchen And Cook Some Breakfast.Just When I Was About To Start Cooking I Here The Front Door Open And Zayn Walks In With Two McDonald's Bag.

"Breakfast Is Here" Zayn Said As He Put The Food In The Table.

"Wow,I Was About To Cook Too." You Said Putting The Stuff Away.

"Well Now You Dont Have To,C'mon Sit Down Lets Eat" Zayn Said As He Pulled The Chair Like A Gentalmen.

"Why Thank You" You Say Giggiling As You Sit Down.

"Did You Sleep Good?!" Zayn Asked.

"Yeah,I Was All Warm And Cozzy" You Said Looking Up At Him.

"Yeah Thats Why I Took You To Your Room,I Was Gonna Leave You In The Living Room But That Would Of Been Mean."When We Finished Eating I Went To The Bathroom To Take A Shower.I Still Couldnt Get That Kiss You Of My Head! I Mean You Cant Just Kiss Someone Like That For No Reason! I Know I Shouldnt Get My Hopes Up But Im Just Really Confused Right Now.I Went To My Room And Starded Changing When I Suddently Heard Voices Come From The Living Room,It Didnt Sound Like Zayn's Voice And There Were More Than One.When I Finished Getting Changed I Went To The Living Room To See 4 Other Guys In The Living Room With Zayn.


Zayn's P.O.V

Lindaa Was Taking A Shower When Hazza,Lou,Li,And Nialler Visited For A While Unecpectedly.Lindaa Came Out Of Her Room And All The Guys Just Stared At Her.I Could Tell She Was Unconforatable So I Just Introduced Them To Her.

"Guys,This Is Lindaa,Lindaa This Is Harry,Liam,Niall,And Louis" I Said As And She Shook All Of Their Hands Untill She Got To Louis Beacuse He Grabbed Her And Said "Hand Shaking Is For Boring People" Then He Pulled He In For A Hug Then Niall Joined In..Then Liam Joined..And Niall Came Out Of The Kitchen With A Sandwich In His Hand And Yelled "Group Hug!" And Joined,Then I Joined In Too.

"I..Cant..Breath" I Heard Lindaa Say Then We All Apologized And Got Off.We All Sat Down In The Couch And Starded Talking.They Guys Got To Know Lindaa More And She Told Them The Story About James.They All Called Him Mean Names And Lindaa Just Lauaghed But Agreed.

"Im Hungry" Niall Said As He Took A Last Bite Of His 3rd Sandwich.

"Niall When Arnt You Hungry?! Hazza Said.

"When Im Sleeping" Niall Said Making Us Laugh.

"Thats A Lie! I Bet You Set Your Alarm At Like 3 In The Morning To Go Eat" Tommo Said.Making Us Laugh Even Harder.

"No!...I Set t At 4 Okaii!" Niall Said Making Us Laugh Untill We Cryed...Well Harry Did.

"Can We Go Get Some Ice Cream Or Something?" Niall Asked.We All Agreed So We Went To 31 Baskin Robbins.

"Niall! Your Buying Anerther One?!" Lindaa Asked As Niall Picked Another Flavore For His New Cone.

"Yeah! Im Still Hungry!

"Niall Loves Ice Cream,Wait Scratch That,He Loves Food!" Harry Said Shaking His Head


Lindaa's P.O.V

While We Waited For Niall To Get His Ice Cream I Heard The Bells Ring Meaning Someone Has Just Walked In.I Looked And I Saw James And Andrea.Andrea Was Wearing A Tight Shirt And A Couldnt Help But Notice A Belly.

"Shes...Pregnate" I Said Quietly With Tears In My Eyes.My Tears Wernt Beacuse I Was Sad He Left Me For Her.My Tears Where Beacuse I Remember How He Told Me He Never Wanted Kids.He Saw Me,They Both Did And They Still Managed To Kiss Right In Front Of Me.

"Whats Wrong Love?!" Zayn Said Looking Worried.

"Thats James" I Said,I Could Feel A Tear Running Down My Cheek.Zayn Looked At James With A Dusgusted Look.

"Guys,We'll Wait In The Car" Zayn Told The Guys.When We Got In The Car I Just Broke Down.

"Shes Pregnate Zayn! Andrea Is Pregnate! He Told Me He Never Wanted To Have Kids But Yet He Gets Her Pregnate!"

"Calm Down Babe,You Dont Know If Its His Kid" He Said.

"Your Right,Knowing Andrea Anyone Could Be That Childs Father."Even Though We Were In The Car I Could Still See In The Store Throu The Window.I Saw How James Hugged Andrea From Behind And Put His Hands On Her Belly.By Looking At Them I Felt Deep Down That He Was The Dad.My Eyes Got Watery And Zayn Pulled Me Into A Hug.They Guys Came Out And Got In The Car As Well And Saw Me Crying.

"Whats Wrong?!" Louis Asked.I Told Them The Story And Louis Honked The Horn And James And Andrea Both Looked Up And He Flicked Both Of Them Off Making Me Laugh.

"Theres The Smile I Wanted To See" Zayn Said Making Me Smile Bigger.We Went Back To Zayns House And Sat Down And Watched Spongebob For A While.

"You Guys I Gotta Go,I Have A Date With Danielle" Liam Said As He Said Bye And Left.About 30 Minutes Later Louis Left To Beacuse Eleanore Was Going Out Of Town For A Few Days And He Wanted To Spend Some Time With Her For A Bit.Harry Left Later On Beacuse He Had To Work. Then It Was Just Zayn,Niall,And Me. We Watched A Movie Then Niall Left Beacuse He Had Some Stuff He Needed To Finish.Then It Was Just Lindaa And Me.

"I Like Your Friends Zayn,Their So Funny"I Said As I Got Up And Streached For A Bit.

"Yeah There..Something Alright."He Said Shaking His Head.

"I Could Tell They Liked You Too."He Said Wich Made Me Feel Warm Inside.

"You Know..I Kinda Have To Confess Something" Zayn Said Pulling My Hand Making Me Sit Back Down.

"What Is It?" I Asked Curiousely.

"Well..Aahh Im Kinda Shy Telling You This."

"Just Tell Me" I Said Looking Into Thoes Beautiful Eyes Of His.

"I Cant Stop Thinking About That Kiss Yeasterday,I Know Its Kinda Weird Beacuse I Just Met You But I Dont Know...I Guess What Im Trying To Say Is That A Like You...I Really Lke You."

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