Love At First Sight

It Was Lindaa's And James 4 Year Anniversary And She Expected A Proposal But Instead She Got A Break-Up.He Left Her Alone At The Restaurant So She Had To Walk Home.Along The Way She Met A Very Nice Young Man Who Becomes A Big Part Of Her Life.Was It Love At First Sight?


7. Lets Go Have Some Fun(:

Lindaa's P.O.V

After Dinner Zayn And I Went Back To His Place At Around 11:00.

"I Think Ill Go On To Bed,Im Really Tired."I Said.

"Yeah Me Too."Zayn Agreed."So What Do You Wanna Do Tomorrow?" He Asked.

"Ummm...6 Flags! I Havnt Been There In A Really Long Time!" I Said.But I Noticed An Expression On Zayns Face That I Couldnt Read."Is That Okaii?" I Asked.

"Yeah...Thats Fine" He Said Quietly.

"We Could Do Something Else If You Want."I Said.

"No No,6 Flags It Is!" He Said With A Smile On His Face.

"Great,So See You Tomorrow"I Said As He Pecked My Lips And Went To His Room.

Zayn's P.O.V

"I Should Of Told Her,I Should Of Told Her I Dont Like Roller Coasters.But I Was Afraid That If I Did She Would Laugh At Me.What Have I Gotten Myself Into?...Well At Least She Agreed To Be My Girlfriend.That Really Made Me Happy.I Bet Tomorrow Is Gonna Be Great As Long As I Was With Her" I Thought To Myself.But Then My Phone Vibrated And I Saw That Niall Texted Me.

Message:You Still Up Mate?

Message:Yeah,I Cant Sleep.

Message:Yeah Me Too.My Alarm Went Off And Now I Cant Go Back To Sleep.

Message:You Have An Alarm At 4am?

Message:Yeah! You Dont Remeber How We Wer At Your House The Other Day And Louis Said I Had An Alarm At 3 Am And I Said No That I Have It Set At 4am.

Message:Wow,So You Wernt Liying

Message:I Never Lie When It Comes To Food Zaun You Know That!

I Finally Fell Asleep After That Last Message.I Woke Up The Next Morning And Lindaa Was Making Brekfast.

"What Time Do They Open 6 Flags?" I Asked Still Half Asleep.

"At 9" She Said.

"Its 8:00"

"Yeah But If We Get There Early There Will Be No Lines So Hurry Up So We Could Leave"She Yelled.

"Okaii Okaii,Can I Eat First?" I Asked.

"Yeah Okaii,So I ALready Ate So Im Just Gonna Go Change...I Dont Mean To Rush You But Hurry"She Laughed.

"I Dont Mean To Rush You But Hurry"I Mimiked Her In A Squeeqie Voice Earning A Pice Of Bacon Thrown At My Face.I Got Up And Threw A Pancake At Her And We Had A Small Food Fight.

"Now Were Gonna Be Late!"She Laughed.

"Lindaa Calm Down,6 Flags Isnt Going Anywhere."I Laughed

"Your Right,Im Sorry Is Just That I Really Like Going There."

"Okaii Lets Go Get ready."

About 15 Minutes Later We Were Already In The Car On Our Way To 6 Flags.6 Flags Isnt Really That Far Away So We Got The Fast.

Im So Sorry,I Hate This Chapter,Sorry Its Short I Just Couldnt Thnk Of Anything :(

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