Love At First Sight

It Was Lindaa's And James 4 Year Anniversary And She Expected A Proposal But Instead She Got A Break-Up.He Left Her Alone At The Restaurant So She Had To Walk Home.Along The Way She Met A Very Nice Young Man Who Becomes A Big Part Of Her Life.Was It Love At First Sight?


4. Last First Kiss(:

Zayns P.O.V
"Whatever You Want It To Mean" I Said As I Pulled Her Close And Kissed Her.Her Soft Lips On Mine Felt Like Heaven.I Was Kind Of NervouseUntill I Felt Her Kiss Back.The Kiss Was Kind Of Long Until She Pulled Away.

"What Was That For?!"She Asked Pulling Away From Our Passonet Kiss And Looking Up At Me.I Could Tell She Likes It By The Way She Bit Her Lip And Smiled After.

"Just Think About It As A Welcome Home Gift"Is All I Could Say.I Was Still A Little Nervouse."Are You Tired?!" I Asked Her Changing The Subject But Still...Holding her Cose.?..I Dont Know.

"Not Really"She Said Still Holding On To Me As Well.

"Do You Want To Watch A Movie?!"I Asked Her."I Can Make Some Popcorn And Put A Movie On...I Have Alot."

"Sure,Just Let Me Change Into Something More Conforatable.

"Alright Love..Ill Go Make The Popcorn And Start The Movie."

Alright.Ill Be There In A BIt"She Said As I Walked Out Of The Room.
Lindaa's P.O.V
"He Kissed Me!...He Kissed Me...Oh My God...."I Said Quietly"I Was So Surprsed! That Kiss....Made Me Forget About Eveything!...Everything.I Didnt Even Care About James Anymore...Or Of What He Did...No! No...Dont Get Your Hopes Up Lindaa...Ur Better Than That,Maby That Kiss Didnt Mean Anythingg..Aahh But If It Didnt Mean Anything Then Why Did He Do It?! Obviously That Kiss Ment Something to me! But I Dont Know,I Feel Like Im Doing Wrong.I Should Probably Change".When I Finished Putting My Pijamas On There Was A Knock On The Door.

"Knock Knock" Zaynd Said Throu The Door.

"Who Is It?!" I Asked Already Knowing Who It Was.

"The Cookie Monster"Zayn Said.I Could Tell He Was Laughing.

"Your Not The Cookie Monster!" I Protested

"No...But I Was The Cookie Monster 2 Years Ago...If You Want I Could Put It On...I Dont Think It Will Fit Thou...Ill Be Right Back"

"No No! Its Okaii Zayn You Dont Have To Put It On"I Said Making Us Both Laugh.

"Okaii Good,I Would Look Really Stupid...Anyways The Popcorns Ready Cookie Monster

"Okaii,And What Is That My New Nickname Or What?!" I Said Laughing

"It Sure Is,And By The Was I Like Your Pijamas"Zayn Said As I Looked Down At My Pijamas."You Know I Have Some Pijamas That Look Like That,Let Me Go Put Them On"Zayn Said As He Went To His Room To Change.I Found My Nerd Glasses So I Put Them On.In Less Than A Minute Zayn Walked Out In His Footie Pijamas Same As Mine And He Had His Nerd Glasses On Too.We Couldnt Help But Laugh.

"Okaii So What Movie Do You Want To Watch?! I Layed Them Here So Pick Wichever One You Want.I Have Nemo,Toy Story 1,2,And 3 And-"

"-Titanic!!" I Said Cutting Him Off.Oh My Gosh I Love This Movie! It Always Makes Me Cry

"I Know,It Makes Me Cry Too" I Looked At Him Raising One Eyebrow."What?!"He Asked Confused."Im A Sensitive Person Okaii!"

"Aha Its Okaii,If You Feel Like Crying you Can Cry On My Shoulder"I Said Between Laughs.We Watched The 3 Hour Movie But Towards The End My Eyes Starded Getting Watery.Every Once In A While I Would Look At Zayn To See If He Would Cry.He Didnt

"Im Not Gonna Cry Okaii!"He Said Making Me Laugh

"Mmmhhmmm Okaii"I Said Looking Back To The Movie.I Looked At The Clock And Say That It Was Past 5 A.M.
Zayns P.O.V
Lindaa Reasted Her Head On My Shoulder And Befor I Knew It She Knocked Out. I Picked Her Up And Took Her To Her Room And Coverd Her With A Blanket.Then I Kissed Her Forhead Jently Before I Left.I Wanted To Kiss Her Lips Again But I Didnt Know If It Was Right Of Me,I Was Really Starding To Like Her But I Dont Think She Likes Me Back.I Guess Ill Have To Try Harder.


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