Love At First Sight

It Was Lindaa's And James 4 Year Anniversary And She Expected A Proposal But Instead She Got A Break-Up.He Left Her Alone At The Restaurant So She Had To Walk Home.Along The Way She Met A Very Nice Young Man Who Becomes A Big Part Of Her Life.Was It Love At First Sight?


6. I Need To Ask You Something(:

Lindaa's P.O.V

*Its Been 2 Weeks Since Zayn Told Me He Likes Me.I Feel Bad Beacuse I Didnt Say Anything Back Even Thou I Really Like Him Too.I Didnt Wanna Tell Him Beacuse I Was Scared That If I Did I Would Of Gotten Hurt Again.But What If He Doesnt Hurt Me,He Cheered My Up That Day James Left Me And That Day I Saw Him And Andrea At Baskin Robbins. Maby Zayn Could Be...The One? No No No,Its To Early To Be Thinking About These Kind Of Stuff* I Thought To Myself When A Knock On My Door Interupring My Thoughts.

"Hey" Zayn Said Smiling As He Walked In The Room.

"Hey" I Said Smiling Back.

"I Was Wondering If You Would Like To Dinner" He Asked Shyly

"Like A-"

"-Date?,Yeah" He Said Cutting Me Off.

"I'd Love Too,What Time?"

"I Made Reservations At 8:00,Is That Okaii?!"

"Thats Perfect,I Should Start Getting Ready"

"But Its 6:00?"

"You Have No Idea How Long Girls Take To Get Ready Zayn" I Said Making Him Laugh.

"Your Right,Meanwhile Im Gonna Go To The Car Wash Beacuse I Havnt Washed My Car In Weeks" He Laughed.

"Okaii,Well Im Gonna Take A Shower" I Said As I Walked In The Bathroom.I Walked To My Bedroom And While I Was Getting Dressed I Heard Zayn Come In.I Guess He Went To Take A Shower Too Beacuse I Heard The Water Go On.I Finished Getting Ready At Around 7:30.While I Was Putting On My Shoes I Heard Zayn Knock On My Door.

"Are You Almost Ready Love?"He Asked Throu The Door.

"Yeah Ill Be Out In A Minute." I Said As I Finished Putting My Other Shoe On.I Opend The Door And Saw Zayn Waiting Outside Looking Really Handsome.


When I Saw Lindaa I Was Speechless.She Looked Beyond Gorgouse.

"You Look...Breathtaking"I Said Making Her Blush.

"Thank You" She Smiled. "You Look Mighty Handome As Well" She Said Making Me Blush Now.

"Shall We Go?" I Said Holding My Arm Out.

"We Shall" Lindaa Said


"Name?" The Guy At The Front Asked.

"Zayn Malik" I Said.

"Right,Party For 2,Come With Me." The Waiter Said As We Followed Him To A Lovely Table Just In The Middle Of The Returaunt.I Pulled Lindaa's Chair Out So She Could Sit.

"May I Get You Something To Drink?!" The Waiter Said.

"Can I Get A Glass Of Water Please" Lindaa Said Looking At The Waiter.

"And You Sir"


"Ill Be Right Back With Your Drinks" The Waiter Said As He Left.

"Im Glad You Decided To Join Me For Dinner."I Said Smiling At Her.

"It Was My Pleasure" She Said Smiling Back At Me.The Waiter Came Back With Our Drinks And Took Our Orders.About An Hour Later We Finished Our Dinner And We Were Just Sitting There Talking.

"Lindaa...I Wanna Ask You Something"

"Sure Zayn"She Said As She Took A Sip Of Her Wine That We Orders A While Ago.

"I Really Like You,Since The Moment I First Layed Eyes On You I Knew I Wanted To Be In Your Life.So I Was Wondering If You Would Like To Be My Girlfriend?" I Asked,I Was Really Shy On What Her Answer Would Of Been.I Really Like Her I Really Do ,And She Makes Me Happy.

"I Would Love To Be Your Girlfriend Zayn" She Said With A Big Smile On Her Face Making My Smile Grow.

"I Have Something For You" I Said As I Reached In My Pocket And Pulled Out A Small Box With An "L" On It.

"Whats This?" She Asked Curiously.

"Its A Ring,A Promise Ring.Im Giving It To You So That You Can Know That I Promise To Be The Best Boyfriend In The World,That I Will Never Hurt You,That I Will Always Love You,And That I Will Be Faithful" I Said As I Grabed Her Hand And Put The Ring On Her Fingur.

"Thank You Zayn,I Just Want To Be Happy And I Can Tell That Im Gonna Be More Than Happy As Long As Im With You" She Said With Tears In Her Eyes.

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