Love At First Sight

It Was Lindaa's And James 4 Year Anniversary And She Expected A Proposal But Instead She Got A Break-Up.He Left Her Alone At The Restaurant So She Had To Walk Home.Along The Way She Met A Very Nice Young Man Who Becomes A Big Part Of Her Life.Was It Love At First Sight?


2. A Late Night Snack(:

"Soo Were Do You Wanna Go Love?!" You Catch Yourself Blushing Beacuse Its Been Soo Long Since Someone Has Called You Something Sweet.

"Umm...Im Kinda In The Mood For Chicken!..."

"I Love Chicken!"Zayn Says Making You Jump

"Okaii Then Lets Go!"You Say With A Huge Smile On Your Face

You Guys Stop At A KFC Since It Was The Closes Place That Sold Chicken.You Order What You Want And Now Its Time To Pay

"I Got It Love"

"No No No Its Okaii Ill Pay...Crap!" You Say Remembering You Forgot Your Purse In James's Car

"Whats Wrong?"

"I Forgot My Purse At Home..."You Say Not Wanting To Tell Zayn About James.

"Its Okaii,Even If You Did Bring Your Purse I Would Still Pay For You"

"You Are So Kind"

"I Just Know How To Treat A Girl Right"He Says Making You Blush

"So Tell Me About Yourself"You Aks Him While You Two Look For A Table To Sit At.

"Okaii,What Do You Wanna Know Babe?"He Says Making You Melt Beacuse Of His Sexy British Accsent.


"Very Well Then.My Name Is Zayn Javadd Malik,I Have 3 Sisters Doniya,Waliyha,And Safaa.Im Nor Much Of A Dancer,And I Love Chicken!My Name Is Normally Spelled Z-A-I-N But I Dont Like It That Way So I Spell It Z-A-Y-N.Zayn Means Beautiful In Arabic,And Malik Means King...So I Am A Beautiful King"He Says Making You Laugh.

"But Thats Enough Of Me...Not Lets Talk About You Now"He Says With A Smile On His Face.

"Okaii Well Im Lindaa Michelle Lopez,Im Not Much Of A Dancer Either,I Love Ribs! My Name Is Normaly Spelled With One A But I Like Putting Two A's Just For The Fuck Of It.Linda Means Pretty Or Attractive In Spanish,And Lopez Means Son Of The Wolf...Werird Right? So That Means Im A Pretty Son Of The Wolf"You Say Malking Him Laugh.

"It Looks Like We Have Alot More In Common Than I Thought.

"I Know! Thats What I Was Thinking!"You Say With A Smile On Your Face

*Your Phone Rings*

"Oh Great!..."

"Whats Wrong?"

"My Boyfriend...Or Should I Say Ex-Boyfriend Is Calling Me" Making That Smile Turn Into A Frown

"Then Answer It"

"No,He Chosed To Push Me Out Of His Life...So Ill Just Let Him"You Say Pressing The Reject Button"

"Soo...Your Single?"He Asks Shyly Looking At The Table.

"Yeah..."You Say Akwardly

"Well Whoever He Is Hes A Complete Idiot Beacuse He Just Lost The Best Thing Thats Ever Happend To Him"

"Your Just Saying That"

"I Only Speak The Truth Babe"You Both Smile

"Well Its Getting Kinda Late So I Think I Should Be Heading Home".You Say Sadly

"Alright,Ill Walk You Home"

"You Dont Have To"

"I Want To Love"

"Alright"You Say Blushing


He Walks You To Your House And You Notice A Few Trash Bags In Your Yard.And Then A Note On The Door That Says

"I Needed You Out Of The House ASAP...So That Andrea Could Move In.But Since You Never Answered My Calls I Packed For You"

"Whos Andrea?"Zayn Asks

"The Slut He Left Me For"You Say With Tearts In Your Eyes.

"Its Okaii Love,You Deserve Alot Better"Zays Says Hugging You.

You Look Inside The Trash Bags And See All Your Stuff In There.

"Need A Place To Stay?"He Asks

"Yeah...I Think Ill Just Call My Best Friend Stephanie And Ask Her If I Can Crash With Her For A While.

"Well Its Almost 2A.M,Do You Really Think Shes Gonna Answer?

"Your Right"You Say Then Theres An Akward Pause.

"Or...You Can Stay With Me?"

"Oh No Zayn,Youve Already Done Enough"

"Come On,Just One Night...I Promise I Wont Bite"

"Im Not Sure Zayn"

"I Wanna Help"

"Alright...I Guess One Night Wont Hurt"

"Okaii,Lets Just Walk Back To Were We Met So We Could Get My Car"

"You Have A Car!!"You Ask Screaming

"Yeah"He Says Laughing

"So Why Did We Walk To KFC And Here When You Could Of Driven?"

"Beacuse I Wanted To Spend More Time With You,And If You And I Came In The Car This Night Woud Of Passed By Fast"

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