Love At First Sight

It Was Lindaa's And James 4 Year Anniversary And She Expected A Proposal But Instead She Got A Break-Up.He Left Her Alone At The Restaurant So She Had To Walk Home.Along The Way She Met A Very Nice Young Man Who Becomes A Big Part Of Her Life.Was It Love At First Sight?


9. A Day Of Fun(:

Note:Thanks For The Comments About Not Deleting My Story.But Like I Promised If I Got At Least A Comment Telling Me Not To Delete It I Wont.So Im Not :D And Like I Said I Dont Know How Im Gonna Do It But Im Gonna Finish This Story,And I Am :D.

Zayn's P.O.V

We Just Got Our Tickets And We Were In Line For The First Ride.Ive Never Been Here So I Dont Know How The Rides Are.Clearly Lindaa Has So She Knows.

"What Ride Is This?" I Asked Nervously.And She Grabbed My Hands That Were Very Sweaty.

" Goliath" She Said With A Huge Smile. "Goliath Has The Biggest Drop In This Whole Park!" She Said Making Her Smile Bigger.

"R-Really?" I Said Stuttering.

"Yes! Its Really Fun! I Remember Goliath Was The First Rollercoaster I Got On In 6 Flags".

"Where You Scared?".I Asked Quietly.

"Very,I Remember I Was Acting...Sorta Like You Are Right Now..."

"W-What Do You Mean?".I Said Stuttering Again.


"-How Many?" The Lady At The Front Said Interupting Our Conversation.

"Um,2". I Said Quietly

"Okaii,First Cart,First Row".She Said.Then I Realized That We Were Right On The Front.We Walked Over And Took Our Seats.

"Nervous?".Lindaa Asked Looking At Me.

"Just A Bit".I Lied.I Was Really Nervous.I Dont Wanna Tell Her That Im Scared Beacuse Im Afraid She Might Make Fun Of Me.A Couple Of Seconds Later The Same Lady From Earlier Came To Make Sure Our Seat Belts Where On Right.Then She Made A Thumbs Up To The Guy In The Back Wich Made The Ride Start.

"This Is It" Lindaa Laughed.

"I Know".I Fake Smiled.The Drop Was Coming.The Biggest Drop In The Whole Park.I Closed My Eyes And Took Some Deep Breaths.The Closer We Got The More I Wanted To Scream,But Didnt.I Felt Lindaa Grab My Hand And Look At Me.When I Looked Up We Were Already At The Top.The Drop That Only Lasted A Couple Seconds Felt Like Forever For Me.I Felt My Stomach Drop And The Wind In My Hair.I Let Our A Small Scream And Lindaa Laughed At Me Beacuse It Actually Sounded A Little Funny.Durning The Whole Ride I Was Really Scared.I Grabbed Lindaa's Hand Tight And Just Wished It Was Over.I Closed My Eyes And Before I Knew It The Ride Was Over.Thank God.

"Well That Was Fun".She Smiled As We Got Off The Cart.To Be Honest...The Ride..Wasnt Really That Bad As I Thought It Was.But I Still Wanted To Tell Lindaa That I Was Scared Of Them.

"Lindaa,I Have To Tell You Something.."

"What Is It?"

"Im..Im Not Much Of A Roller Coaster Person,Im Actually Really Afraid Of Them".I Said Akwardly Looking Down.

"Oh,Zayn,Why Didnt You Tell Me That Befor? I Would Of Never Said To Come Here If I Knew".She Said As She Grabbed My Hands.

"I Was Afraid That You Would Laugh At Me Or Something".I Said Quietly.

"Why Would You Think That? I Would Never Make Fun Of You Beacuse Of That,Many People Are Afraid Of Things.Its Totally Normal".She Said As She Kissed My Lips."We Could Go Home If You Want".

"No,Its Alright.And Plus I Just Got On A Goliath,I Think I Just Faced My Fears".I Smiled.

"Are You Sure?".She Smiled Back.

"Positive,No Come On,Lets Get On Another Ride".


Lindaa's P.O.V

Zayn Just Told Me Hes Afraid Of Roller Coasters And He Still Wants To Stay?.Wow.We Got On Superman,Riddlers Revenge,Scream,X2,Colossus And Many More.

"Have You Tired The Funnel Cakes?" I Asked Him.

"No",He Said And My Jaw Dropped."Why-".

"-Just..Ssshh.Dont Say A Word And Come Here And Im Gonna Buy You A Funnel Cake.You'll Love It".He Bought The Funnel Cake Beacuse He Refused To Let Me Buy It.I Was Watching Him Beacuse I Wanted To See His Reaction When He Took His First Bite.

"What Rock Have I Been Under? This Is Amazing!" He Said As He Almost Shoved The Whole Thing In His Mouth.

"Sharing Is Caring!" I Laughed.

"Sorry,Its Just That Im Used To Eating Everything Before Niall Gets To It".He Smiled And Pecked My Lips.I Could Tast The Power Sugar.

"Farris Weel!"I Yelled.I Have Never Been On A Farris Weel And Ive Always Wanted To Go On One.

"You Wanna Get On?" He Asked.

"Do You".

"Sure"He Smiled.We Got On And He Sweet Talked The Lady Into Letting Us Have Our Own Cart And Wouldnt Have To Share.We Were Just Sitting There Cuddiling And Just Talking About Stuff And Enjoying The View."Ive Never Been On A Farris Weel".He Smield.

"Me Niether."I Smiled Back

"I Have This On My Bucket List You Know".He Said As He Hugged Me Tighter.

"What Is?"

"To Kiss My Girlfriend When We Got To The Top Of The Farris Weel" He Said As He Leand In And Kissed Me.It Was A Nice Long Passionate Kiss.After The Kiss We Continued Talking Until We Got At The Bottom

*A Few Hours Later*

We Were On Our Way Home And We Wer Tired.He Bought Both Of Us Matching Superman Cape's,Huge Lollipop's,A Couple Of Bags Of Cotton Candy And Alot More Stuff.I Was Excited To Get Home Beacuse I Wanted To Give Zayn What I Bought Him While He Was In The Bathroom.I Was Resting My Eyes For A Moment Then I Just Fell Asleep.I Woke Up To Zayn Picking Me Up Bridal Style As We Were Heading To The House.We Went Inside And He Layed Me Down On My Bed.

"Goodnigh".I Laughed As I Threw The Blankets On Myself.

"You Were Awake?!" He Smiled.

"Yess"I Said Sticking My Toung Out At Him.

"Then Why Did You make Me Carry You?" He Laughed.

"Beacuse I Was Lazy".I Laughed.

"Okaii Well Im Tired So Im Gonna Go To Bed.Goodnight".He Said As He Kissed My Lips.

"Oh,Wait! I Want To Give You Something!" I Yelled As I Got Up At Pulled Something Out Of My Purse.

"What Is It?" He Smiled.

"Sshh!,Wait!"I Said As I Pulled Out A Necklace.It Was A Heart.One Half With My Name And The Other Half With His Name.I Couldnt Belive They Had His Name On It Since His Name Isnt Really Common.I Had To Ask The Cashier Who Was Making new Ones If He Could Make One That Says 'Zayn' And He Said Yeah...Just 3 Dollars Extra.But I Didnt Care.I Handed Him The Necklace And He Smiled.

"Its Beatiful".He Said."They Actually had My Name?" He Asked.

"No But I Have My Ways".I Winked.

"Lindaa,Ive Been Thinking About This The Whole Day.I Had Really Fun With You I Really Did.And Theres Something That I Wanna Tell You.I Just Dont Know How To Say It.But Im Just Gonna Come Right Out And Say It....Lindaa I..."


Sorry It Sucked,But Since Some People Told Me Not To Delete It So I Continued:D.But 2 Comments For The Nex Chapter :D


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