The street was deserted. No cars nor people passed by. Even if they did....who would see her? With every step she took she realised that no body knew. Her life would always be hidden in the shadows. And thats the way she wanted it to be. She was shrowded in secrets and mystery, unable to break free. The feeling so unbearable, it bought her down to her deepest misery. Her boyfriend knew not of her lies. The kidnappers grew more impatient as they could never find her. Because, as always she was gone. She was invisible.


1. Trasparent

The sun began its slow up rising showing the time of 4:30 am or there abouts. Alice had been up again last night. Wandering the streets alone. But she does that most nights now. It helps her relax. The good thing is she can wander without being spotted. She knows she had been gifted ever since she was young but now everything just felt like a nightmare. There was people all over the world looking for her. trying to trash and destroy everything she had left of her family that might give her hope of finding it before they do. The glass heart. The heart had been hidden for centuries and the only hope of saving Alice from her death in a two months time. To know you are going to die is another matter than one who wishes to die. But both experianced at the same time was too much for that child. Thats why the kidnappers needed her quickly. Before she took her own life. In a draw at home she knew of a little pistol and 6 bullets. her father used to have them for self-defence. But now her mother and her father knew so little about their daughter alice wondered if they even knew her at all.

       Alice regained her weight fromsitting down and began to stand elegantly. her chin held up high. Until a car came swerving around the corner and sent a wash of filthy water flying over her head. The feeling of it coming towards her react and she cleanches her fists and scrunches up her fist. Nothing happens of course. It flies straight through her. "Ughhhhh! For gods sake!" she screeched in frustration. "You!" she shouted pointing to a random man walking by helplessly. "Can you see me?!" alice ran over to him and snapped her fingers in his face and ended kicking him in the shins. Nothing happened. Her foot just went straight through his leg. "Ahhhh!" Screaming and jumping in the middle of the road didnt ease alice's pain. It just in inflicted it. "Why am i not aloud to be normal?" she cried, the tears streaming down her face, leaving wet streaks under her tired eyes. Suddenly she snapped her head around and saw the bright gaze of car headlights which made her regain her full stance and close her eyes lightly. Letting the car pass through her gave her more satisfaction than she had had all night. "I can't do this anymore...."


The car swooped around a corner making me tilt slightly. It was 4 am and i was exhausted. A comfy bed would be fantastic right now. The studio was making us work to ridiculous hours and it was killing the entire band like wild fire. Wait! Whoa, i swear i just saw....never mind....anyway, oh you are kidding me! I'm so tired that i went the wrong way! Ughhhh....i did a handbrake turn and stepped on it. i was fed up of driving now. i was sick of being single. i was fed up of...there it was again! I pulled over into the lay by and climbed out of the car. There was a girl stood in the middle of the road kicking stones around. i looked both ways and saw a car coming. i had to act fast, she was completely oblivious. i was too late, the car had flattened her! i was about to run into the road. My phone was out of my pocket in a flash and i found myself looking at the road in amazement. there was no dead body lying there. the road was empty and the girl was gone. But all of a sudden she was there again. she was singing under her breath. a song that everyone knew "I'm a gonna make it..." she looked around and saw me sitting on the hood of my car in the rain. she noticed i was looking right at her. That i could see her. But how did she survive it? that car was coming right at her! "Can no thats just stupid..." the girl muttered, feeling let down and upset by her sudden hope. Opening my mouth i felt my throat was dry and my hair was plastered to my head. "I can hear you. i can see you. i know your there." The girl looked up shocked. She ran over to me and placed a hand on my arm. "Can you really?!" she asked as shocked as i was "Yes. I an feel you touching my arm" "Oh my god...This is incredible! wait." she took a step back just as a car came by, it went straight through her exactly like it did before. " do you do that?!" I cried, absolutely amazed. "You want to kill me dont you?" "what?" the shock was too overwelming "Why on earth would i kill you?!" "Because everyone else wants my head"

                                                                              To Be Continued....

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