The street was deserted. No cars nor people passed by. Even if they did....who would see her? With every step she took she realised that no body knew. Her life would always be hidden in the shadows. And thats the way she wanted it to be. She was shrowded in secrets and mystery, unable to break free. The feeling so unbearable, it bought her down to her deepest misery. Her boyfriend knew not of her lies. The kidnappers grew more impatient as they could never find her. Because, as always she was gone. She was invisible.


2. James's fate

"What do you mean?"james questioned- curiousity getting the better of him once again. Alice glanced over her shoulder "We can't speak here..." Alice hushed him as he opened his mouth to speak. the road was completely deathly still, the street lighting loomed over the two of them and the rain pattered down, plastering Alice's clothes and hair to her body. James began to shake. Every single move in the shadows alice was alert and on her tiptoes. Nothing was hidden from a girl who is intoxicated in secrets. Whatever the bushes held james certainly needed to get away and fast. "whoever you say you are, whoever you claim to be you need to get out of my life. Never come looking for me, never mention my name. I don't want someone elses life to be taken away like mine will in time." "But who are you, what is your name, what secrets do you hold?" he stared into her eyes as if they would hold the key to everything. "who are you?" Alice didnt even know the answer to that question anymore. Nothing was ever going to be the same- everything would always be different. And Alice Knightsley would never be a little girl ever again.

                           James realised that alice was gone when he felt a cool gale drift her presence away up into the night. And he also knew that she wasnt a halusination, she was just as real as him, his mother or anyone of is siblings. he knew that she exsisted but he could explain how. Everyone would think he was crazy. That he was nuts. But maybe- just maybe, somewhere there really was a girl with a red coat and brown curly hair. But Alice could be anywhere. He would never be able to prove his answer to te rest of the world. But niether did many inventors, scientists or important people in the world. It was only a matter of time before James had to go find her again.

          James snapped his head around and saw a metalic glint of something in the bushes. It could be anything. He could have drove off. He could have left it and continued his outdoor shower in peace. But instead he walked over. He picked it up. then realised what it was. He barely had blinked before he was backing away from the spot and rapidly driving away. He looked back in the wing mirror at the horror. But all was black, all was dark, all was hidden. And thats how it started. Thats the night that james was committed to a deep and dark fate. And one that was always going to seal with a death.

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