Fix Me, I'm Broken. |Liam Payne Story|

People say when something bad happens to you, it can scar you for life. They couldn't be more right..
Ashley hasn't spoken a word in months. But when he turns up will he get her to talk again, and will he find out the reason behind her stopping?


10. Chapter 9

Ashley's PoV

The boys continued to talk about what we were going to do today. I can't help but notice how quiet Liam, I wonder what's wrong.

"Hey Liam?" I say. Just loud enough so he could hear from beside me. He looks at me,

"Yeah Ash?" 

"Can we talk?" I see in his eyes that he automatically becomes worried. He nods and stands up taking my hand. We go outside to where we were last night. I have to admit, the house looked much smaller last night.

"What's up?" He asks me, even his voice sounds worried.

"Are you okay? You've been really quiet today. You snapped at Niall and Harry earlier, you were kind of grumpy, you seem kind of depressed." I say, my voice rushed. He looks at me silently for a few seconds, then pulls me into a hug.

"I'm fine Ashley, don't worry." He tells me when he pulls away. He's smiling, but its not a genuine smile, it doesn't go to his eyes.

I decide to let it go. If he wants to tell me he will. I know what it's like to have people pressuring you to talk about something that you obviously don't want to talk about. So I'm not going to push.

Liam and I go back inside. I can tell he is trying to make an attempt to seem happy, but I still don't buy it. 

He'll have to tell me sometime...

Liam's PoV 

I don't know why I didn't tell Ashley what was wrong. She deserved to know. I wanted her to trust me. Not to think that I wasn't on her side. Especially with what was going on.

The rest of the boys and Ashley continue to talk about what we are going to do today, but I can;'t help but think of the phone call from last night.


*buzzz buzzz buzzz buzzz *

Ashley's phone continued to go off. We had been in the middle of toy story 2 when she feel asleep. I get why she did, it was really late, and it had been a long night. 

I didn't want to wake her up so I grab her phone and look at the caller ID. 'Mum'. I decide to answer it for her since it could have been an emergency. 

"Hello?" I answered. No reply. "Hello?" I said again. Still no reply. I was about to hang up, but then I hear a man's voice say my name.

"How about the Liam boy? Do you think we can trust him?" 

"Oh it'll be fine. It's just the distraction that we need. Ashley is hanging around this house too much. She'll end up finding out the exact thing we don't want her to find out. Liam is attractive, has four also attractive friends, and is in a world famous boy band. She'll be pretty distracted."  Said a voice I recognized to be Jackie's. I was shocked. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I wondered if Ashley knew about this. Questions about what they were talking about stormed my mind.

"I'm not sure Jackie. I have a bad feeling about this." The man says.

"Babe. She'll never find out what actually happened that night. She'll never know. Ever. Trust me. You have nothing to worry about."

"Do you know how much jail time we would do if we were caught." Jail time? Caught?

"IF. We won't be caught. Don't worry about it."

"We can't continue to drug her and fog her memories for the rest of her life." Drug her?

"You under estimate me."

"How? She is distant from us as it is! If she found out what we have been doing to her all these years.." The man's voice faded away. Like he didn't finish the sentence because he was afraid to say it. To admit whatever they had been doing.

"Don't worry about it. Lets go to bed." Jackie said. 

I hung up quickly before they could find out I was listening.

I look over at Ashley's sleeping figure.She looked really peaceful. I shut off the tv and wrap my arms around her waist. 

I don't care what happened. I was going to to whatever it took to protect her.

End Flashback

My head falls into my hands. What am I going to do? 

A/N Finally some drama. sorry its short. What do you think is going to happen. Comment! feedback is also nice. Sorry for only updating like once a week. Life is hectic. Thanks for reading.

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