Fix Me, I'm Broken. |Liam Payne Story|

People say when something bad happens to you, it can scar you for life. They couldn't be more right..
Ashley hasn't spoken a word in months. But when he turns up will he get her to talk again, and will he find out the reason behind her stopping?


9. Chapter 8

A/N Okay so I know this is a really sucky chapter, but I wanted to post it because I haven't been posting much. I'll go back and edit it later, but for now I hope you enjoy. 


Ashley's PoV

I wake up to the boys murmuring about something.

"Should we wake them up?"

"What if they get mad at us?"

"I'm hungry. Harry can you make some food?" 

"Leave them alone. We were up late."

There was a silence.

"You were up late?"

"Doing what?" 

"Erm.. Nothing really, just hanging out. We did a twitcam and set up a twitter for Ashley since she didn't have one. Nothing that exciting. I went to bed after that but they stayed up later than I did."

"You did a twitcam?"


Another silence. Then I hear the sound of shuffling feet out the door. I decide to go to sleep, but find that I can't. I look over to Liam. He's asleep. He probably will be for a while. We were up late and, I look at the clock, it's only 9am. 

I sigh and get out of the bed, causing Liam to roll over. I try to be careful so I don't wake him up. He looked so peaceful. I would love it if I could sleep through the night like I did last night. 

I have nightmares a lot. I blame what happened to me. But I'm not sure if that's it, I had bad dreams when I was younger too. It makes me wonder if something happened to me as a little kid. Over all these years nothing has changed in them. The same hooded figures coming towards me, I try to run but I get no where, everything stays in the same spot, the only difference is the two people get closer to me. I never finish the dream, I always wake up. I never know who those two people are, and I don't know if I want to know. I think for my sake, and with what I have been through, it's better if I don't.

I sigh and walk out of Liam's room and into the kitchen where the boys are. They are totally oblivious to my entrance. I lean on the door frame. 

"Morning boys." I say. They all turn towards me wide eyed, besides Harry who is at the stove making pancakes. Louis runs over and stands in front of me.



"Y- Your talking." He stutters. Then I remember I hadn't talked to all the boys yet. Just Liam, Harry, and all those people on twitcam. I take my gaze off of him and see Niall and Zayn also staring at me, mouths slightly agape. 

"Uh, yeah..."

"Yay!" Louis says and pulls me into a hug. I laugh and hug him back, before I know it, Niall, Zayn, and Harry had joined the hug. "This calls for a celebration!" Louis screams.

"It's not that big of a deal." I say.

"Yes it is." 







"Yes. Dang it Lou!" Louis smiles widely, proud of his victory and the rest of the boys chuckle.

"Pancakes are done.If you want one better get it before Niall eats them all." Harry announces.

"Hey! I'm a growing boy! I'm allowed to eat." Niall protests.

"No so sure about growing Niall." Harry jokes.

"HEY! You're not one to talk Mr. Big Hands." Niall yells back.

"Are they always like this?" I ask Zayn quietly.

"Pretty much."

"Who are you calling big handed!" Harry yells.

"Who are you calling short!" Niall retorts.

"Boys! Stop fighting. You do this every time." Liam says appearing from the hallway.

"LIAM!!" Harry and Niall yell at the same time, running over to him.

"Harry called me short!" Niall complains.

"Niall said I have big hands!" Harry says at the same time as Niall.

"Niall you are a little on the short side. You have to admit it." Liam says and Niall pouts. "Harry, your hands are slightly large. Both of you get over it." We all look at Liam shocked.

"Someone is on the grumpy side this morning." Zayn points out. "And I thought I wasn't a morning person." Liam sends Zayn a glare, and he shuts up.

"On the brighter side, Ash is talking again!" Louis exclaims after a minute of silence. Liam smiles a little.

"I know."

"Wait you know?" Louis asks. Liam nods his head.

"I knew too." Harry says from the sink.

"Why am I, her best friend, just hearing about this now?" Louis asks in shock. "Ashley why didn't you tell me!?" 

"Uh, Sorry Louis. I forgot. It kind of slipped my mind." I explain. He stares at me for about a minute.

"Wellllll. Since you are talking again, and you're my best friend.. You're forgiven. But only this one time. Got it?" He confirms.

"Got it. Thanks Lou." I say and hug him. He hugs me back.

"So." Niall starts. "What are we going to do today?"

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