Fix Me, I'm Broken. |Liam Payne Story|

People say when something bad happens to you, it can scar you for life. They couldn't be more right..
Ashley hasn't spoken a word in months. But when he turns up will he get her to talk again, and will he find out the reason behind her stopping?


7. Chapter 6

Liam's PoV 

Ashley has been crying in my arms for I don't know how long. She seems as if she is breaking apart. Right here in my arms. And the only thing I can do is be there, and try my hardest to hold her together. 

I think, that it's this moment when I realize just how breakable she actually is. But at the same time, I am realizing just how strong she is. Whatever she has been through must be horrible. She stopped talking because of it. Yet, even though she isn't talking, she is still managing in life. She is functioning. And for reasons like those, she is probably the strongest person I have ever met, and I've only known her for a day or two. 

All of a sudden, Ashley just stops. Stops crying. Stops shaking.  Just stops. She pulls away out of my arms, and looks at me. Searching my face, as if she is trying to find something. After a few seconds she smiles a bit, like she found what she was looking for. She blinks a few times, like clearing out left over tears. After a few more seconds of her staring, she opens her mouth and does the last thing I expect.

"Liam," She says, he voice quiet. Rough, probably from lack of use. By the look on her face she is as shocked and surprised as I am. But I can also tell that she is about to break apart again. I pull her into my arms. I was proud of her. Even if it was just one word. Two simple syllables, I can't be any more proud of her. 

"Shhh, Ashley, you'll be fine. I promise, shh." I tell her over and over. Finally, she stops crying, like she has run out of tears. 

"Thank y-you."  She says to me quietly I can tell it's still hard for her to speak. I smile, 

"It's no problem Ashley," I tell her reassuringly, and she smiles up at me, "Wanna go back inside? Its kind of cold out here."  I ask, and she nods. 

I stand up and hold my hand down for her to take, she smiles at it and takes it, and we walk back inside the house.

Ashley's PoV 

I still can't get over the fact that I spoke. My parents have been trying to get me to make a sound, any sound at all for months. Whereas for Liam knows me for a day or two and I can already say some things to him. Even if it's just his name, and a couple very simple words. I still don't get it though, why Liam is so easy to trust. It makes no sense to me.

After what happened, the event that cause me to stop talking, I was very careful not to open up to anyone. I still am. It's a way of me protecting myself. Me not wanting to get hurt.

With Liam though, I instantly got the feeling that he wasn't going to hurt me. My heart was begging for me to trust him. For some reason. I listened.

When we go back inside everyone is doing their own thing once again, I don't know how long we were gone, but to me, it seemed like forever.

"Hey, look who decided to come back finally." Louis jokes. I'm about to open my mouth and say something sarcastic back to him, but I decide that I better not. SO I just nod my head and smile, I feel my cheeks get slightly warm.

Well it looks like I'm getting back to my old self... I think to myself and follow Liam over to the couch.

  "Louis. Come on. Give it back." Niall complains for what seems the hundredth time. We are sitting in the living room watching 'Lady and the Tramp'. I was sitting next to Harry and Liam. Louis was on the floor at my feet, but he stole the popcorn from Niall and was now running around the house while Niall was complaining, chasing him. 

"Want me to just make more?" Harry asks, sounding annoying.

"Yes!" Niall yells running over. "Please Hazza. Make Niall some more popcorn." He begs. Harry chuckles.

"Fine. Fine. Harry will make Niall some more popcorn." He says, following Niall's 'talking in third person' thing. 

Harry stands up but before leaving he looks at me,  "Wanna come?" He asks. I nod and follow him out into the kitchen.

" Hey Ash, how are you doing? Really?" He asks me as the popcorn starts turning in the microwave. I just shrug. He frowns. "Ashley. We were best friends. I still think we are, I mean a few years of not seeing each other is no big deal. I guarantee both our lives have changed a lot over that time. But we are still Harry and Ashley. You can tell me anything." 

I think about that for a minute. He is right, a lot of things have changed. But we are still best friends. We always will be. We will always be Harry and Ashley. Nothing will ever change that. Ever. But my parents are my parents. Nothing can change that. No matter what. But I still haven't spoken to them. Told them anything. I don't know why. They weren't the ones to hurt me. Yet I just don't feel like they care. I know Liam cares. I know Harry cares. Probably Niall Zayn and Louis too. I take a deep breath,

"I know Harry." I say. Slow and quiet. Trying to be in control my voice. But you'd be really surprised how hard it is. Like you have to get used to talking again. Like riding a bike. Hopefully it would get easier for me though..

I see harry's eyes widen at the sound of my voice. 

"Hey Ashley?" He asks me. I look up at him and tilt my head. "You just spoke." He tells me. I smile.

"I know." I whisper. Barely audible, I doubt he heard it. He wraps me into his arms, holding me tightly in a hug. 

"That's my Ashley." He says into my hair. I smile and hug him back, while the rest of the popcorn pops.

When it finishes we put it into a big bowl and walk back into the living room to watch the rest of the movie.

Its been a.. interesting night.

A/N I hope you guys like it. Sorry its late, I am trying as hard as I can to update as much as possible. I just have been busy in school, and my grades have been slipping. Plus mid terms will be coming up... So I have to be smart for those..
anyway Leave any feedback or comment or questions you have in the comment section.

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