Fix Me, I'm Broken. |Liam Payne Story|

People say when something bad happens to you, it can scar you for life. They couldn't be more right..
Ashley hasn't spoken a word in months. But when he turns up will he get her to talk again, and will he find out the reason behind her stopping?


4. Chapter 3

Ashley's PoV 

When I finish wrapping all of the gifts I realize that its pretty late. I bring all of the gifts into the living room and place them under the tree we had set up. I feel kind of accomplished after doing all of that work, I know it wasn't that much. See, I'm one of those people who don't really stick with things. I'm a perfectionist, but if I mess up, I just give it up after that. I like to procrastinate, I don't finish most of the products I start, so when I do, its a big thing for me, 

As soon as I sit down on the couch, ready for some down time, and going to watch some tv I hear my mum call my name.
"Ashley! Dinner!"
I frown and turn the tv off. Getting up from the couch and going out to the dinning room and taking a seat at the table next to my dad.
I didn't have a bad home life, I actually had a pretty normal, unexciting childhood, it wasn't until my teen years when it started going down hill. But that's a different story that we can talk about later. 

My mother puts our dinner on the table and we pass it around, each taking what we want. I don't take much. I never do, I try to eat as little as possible. my parents hate it, but say nothing.
We all eat in silence for a few minutes, until my dad breaks it.
"So how was your guys' day at the mall?" I look over to my mum.
"It was actually quite interesting. We met a nice boy. His name is Liam, he was sweet." My mother goes on about what else we did, and I am listening, and moving my food around with my fork on my plate, rearranging the food. It was a habit I have always had.  I'm about to take a sip of my drink when my phone vibrates. 

"Ashley." My dad says my name. "No phones at the dinner table." He scolds.
I don't bother to see who the text is from, I just put the phone on silent, and put it back into my pocket.
"Speaking of phones, did the Liam boy text you like he said he would? Was that him now?" My mother asks me, I just shrug. "Well check to see who it was!" She says franticly. 
I roll my eyes at how ridiculous she is being. But I still pull out my phone, I have to admit, I was sort of curious myself.

From : Liam( Mall Guy)
Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with me and some friends of mine tonight, you could sleep over if you want. But you don't have to if you don't want to, I would understand. I could pick you up.

I smile. About to reply, but I don't know what to say. I look up and see my mum and dad both looking at me.
"Was it him?" They ask me. I just nod.
"Well what'd he say?" My mother asks me. I just shrug and show her the message. "What are you going to say." I shrug. She takes my phone out of my hand and types a reply. 
It was times like these when I wanted to speak. She hands my phone back to me and goes back to eating, I unlock it and open my messages to see what she said. 
I feel my eyes widen when I read what she sent.

To Liam (Mall Guy)
she would love to. We live by the mall, just go down that road and take the second left, we are the first house on the right, it's blue. I'll make sure she is ready- Jackie 

He replied right after saying thanks and see us at 7:30pm. It was 6:30pm now. 1 hour. 
It was times like these when I did not like my mother. I get up from the table and go up to my bedroom and sit on my bed, this was going to be a long night....

Liam's PoV 

"Boys!" I say when I enter the living room where they're all playing video games. I walk over and shut off the tv, resulting in groans and objections from everyone.
"What the- Liam!" Zayn yells at me. I just shrug,

"I needed all of your guys' attention. And you were engrossed in the game, so I just stopped the game." I explain and they all mumble some things but let it go.
"What do you need to tell us?" Niall asks. 

"Well, I'm having a friend come over, and possibly stay the night. But you guys need to be on good behavior." I start, making sure to make eye contact with everyone of them. "Her name is Ashley.  She doesn't really talk, at all. So I want everyone to be especially nice to her, but don't make it awkward. Got it?"  The all say yes, and nod their heads. "Good, Hey Lou, want to drive me to go get her, and bring us back?" I ask him as everyone is going back to what they are doing.

"Does it mean I'm going to be the first to meet her?' He asks me.
"Yes." I tell him.
"Then. Of course! When do we leave?"  He asks. I look over to the clock.
"Its 7 now. And I said I would be there at 7:30, so we can leave now if you want." 

"Lets go!" He says, and grabs his keys. He practically drags me out the door. "Where does she live exactly?" He asks as he turns the key in the ignition. I chuckle. This is going to be a strange night.

Ashley's PoV 

"There." My mum says. "Your bag is packed, and you are all ready to spend the night at your friends." She is about to leave my room but I put a finger up, signalling for her to wait. I look for a notebook and turn to a random page and write down my question.

Why are you letting me sleep over this guys house. You don't even know him. He could be some perv!

She chuckles.
"He is not a pervert, and you will be fine. His four friends and he won't hurt you. I trust him with all my heart." She assures me and then leaves my bedroom.

How did she know he had four friends. Why do I get the feeling she knows something that she isn't telling me. I think to myself. I'm more confused than ever.

"Ashley get down here! Liam will be here any minute!" My mother calls from downstairs. I grab my bag and put it over my shoulder and walk down the stairs lackadaisically. It was going to be a long night. And I was not in any way looking forward to this.

As if on cue as soon as I hit the bottom step there is a knock on the door. My father goes and answers it, my mother right behind him. 

Liam is standing in the door with another boy who I assume is one of his friends.
"Ready to go Ashley?" He asks. I nod and walk towards the door.
This was going to be interesting..

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