Fix Me, I'm Broken. |Liam Payne Story|

People say when something bad happens to you, it can scar you for life. They couldn't be more right..
Ashley hasn't spoken a word in months. But when he turns up will he get her to talk again, and will he find out the reason behind her stopping?


3. Chapter 2

Ashley's PoV   (Picture is Ashley)

When mum and I return home our, well my, plan is to wrap all the presents. It was going to take hours but I have nothing better to do. I sigh and lay the first present on the wrapping paper, figuring out where I need to cut it, so that I have enough to cover the whole gift. That's when I realize how long of a process this is going to be, especially with me being the perfectionist I am. 
As I'm placing the seventh gift on the table about to cut the paper my phone buzzes. I put the scissors down and walk over to the table where my phone is. I pick it up and read '1 new unread message' I tap view and smile when I see who its from.

From Liam (Mall Guy)
Hey Love, what are you doing?

To Liam (Mall Guy)
Nothing really just wrapping presents.

From Liam (Mall Guy) 
That doesn't sound like much fun :/

To Liam (Mall Guy)
Its not. Anyway what are you doing?

From Liam (Mall Guy)
Just headed to rehearsal with the boys nothing exciting.

To Liam (Mall Guy)
Rehearsal? You are in a band? Would I know about them?
From Liam (Mall Guy)
Uh, I doubt it.  We aren't that big.

To Liam (Mall Guy)
Really, What's it called, I'll look you up on youtube.

Liam takes a few minutes to reply. And when he does, its not the answer I'm expecting.

From Liam (Mall Guy) 
I don't know. I don't want it to change what you think of me. you know, before you actually know me.

To Liam (Mall Guy)
Its fine. I doubt it would, but hey, if you don't want to tell me, you don't have to. I won't push the subject further.

From Liam (Mall Guy)
Thanks Ashley.

To Liam (Mall Guy)
No problem, hey I have to finish wrapping these gifts, text you later okay?

From Liam (Mall Guy)
Okay, I have to get back to the boys anyway. 

I lock my phone, and think back to the conversation I just had. 
That's the most I have communicated with anyone, in seven months, since the incident. Why is it so easy to be so casual with him. To act like nothing ever happened. That I'm normal. Those questions play through my head as I finish wrapping the gifts.

Liam's PoV

I Don't exactly know why I didn't tell Ashley that I am in the world famous boy band One Direction. Maybe it was because I don't want her to treat me different, or not trust me because I was famous. I have no idea.

She doesn't seem like one of those girls who would just use me for my fame. No. That's definitely not her. 
Maybe I am trying to protect myself. From getting hurt, just in case she did use me. But she could find out. It's pretty easy to find out who I am, and if she does, will she change the way she acts towards me? She was going to find out sooner or later, and for my sake, lets hope its later.

I Try to push the thought away as I go back to the recording booth. We're recording for the Take Me Home album. The Little Things music video. It is a really great song. Ed was really generous giving it to us to record.
When its time for me to sing my part I look right into the camera, like we were told, and just sing. 
I couldn't help it, but I thought of Ashley during the whole song.

I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes, when you smile you've never loved your stomach or your thighs. The dimples on your back at the bottom of your spine, but I'll love them endlessly.

"Okay boys, that's a wrap, you can go now." The director of the video tells us, we all thank him and then head outside. Paul leads us to a car, and we all climb inside. I was still thinking about what I was going to do about everything, and someone noticed.

"Hey Liam. Mate are you alright, you've had a look on your face like you are deep in thought all day.
" Louis asks me. 
Harry opens his mouth to say something, but I just shoot him a look and he shuts up.

"Its nothing Lou, don't worry, I'm just tired." I say. He looks at me like he doesn't believe me, but lets it go. I'll tell him and Harry later, now just isn't the time. I have to figure out what I'm going to do first.

*Skipping the rest of the ride* -Back at the boys flat that they share-

 When we get back to the flat, everyone goes their separate ways. Niall goes to get some food, Zayn sets up the play station. I think Lou and Harry were going to join him, but I stopped them.

"Hey Harry. Lou? Can I talk to you guys. Alone." I ask. They nod and we go to my room. 

"What's up Liam?" Harry asks me. I sigh and start form the beginning. Telling them the whole story. From the beginning, with what happened at the mall with Ashley.

"That's just tough. Any idea what you're going to do?" Louis asks me.

"I have no idea! That's the thing, usually I know what to do, but this time I have no clue. I'm lost. That's why I told you guys, I need help figuring out what to do." I say, and sit down onto my bed, putting my head in my hand frustrated.

"Liam." Harry starts sitting next to me and putting his hand on my shoulder, "Just be yourself. The kind of person you are, she'll open up in no time." He tells me reassuringly. I say nothing.

"You could even have us help. A day with all five of us, would sure make someone talk." Louis offers. I chuckle.

"Thanks for the offer Lou, but I want her to talk, not get scared to death." I tell him. He shrugs and walks out of the room. Harry gets up to follow, but I stop him.

"Hey Harry?" I say and he turns.


"Thanks." I tell him, he smiles and leaves my room, leaving me to think about what I'm going to do..

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