Timing Is Everything

Hi! I'm Nicole or you may know me as Jennifer Nicole Vincezzi , the soon to be married daughter of world class actress juliann rose harper and multi-billionaire Donatello Blake Vincezzi. The thing is I don't want to be married! I want find someone I love I mean Kyle is a great guy... But not for me! ( my first book! *no hate*) also I want to add in the fact that this movella is also on wattpad and I am the author of that book. this idea is completely original so please dont steal it.
XXmz.one direction


3. wrong phone and new york


*Nicole’s P.O.V*


I woke up because I felt something vibrating. I soon realized it was my phone and that the plane had landed.  Perfect timing, I thought seeing as people were just now starting to get off the plane. In my half asleep faze I picked up the phone without checking the caller I.D.  ”hello?” I grumbled. I heard a chuckle on the other end and started to wonder who it was.

“Sorry to wake you love but I think you have my phone.” I heard a low sexy voice say.  “and this lady keeps calling and yelling something about ditching a wedding… I don’t know, but it’s crazy”

Once I heard that I started laughing because I knew my mother must be fuming. “sorry lad but I have to get my luggage I’ll call you back when I get to my car.” , I said before I hung up. I quickly gathered my things and went to go fetch my luggage.



After I told my driver the address to my condo I pulled out my phone.  I knew the second the screen came up and it was a picture of the five boys of  1d in front of the xfactor logo. I continued to open up the phone and dial my number. After one ring someone picked up the phone and I heard, ”Go for Styles”

I was trying to contain my laughter at the way he answered my phone. “Is that really how you’ve been answering my phone? My mom is going to kill me.”

“Sorry about that…about the phone situation…” he trailed off.

“ I don’t know how we’ll trade phones. I’m in New York and  I won’t be back for a while.” I said suddenly realizing how crappy this situation is.

“That’s bloody brilliant! I’ll be in New York city around noon tomorrow. Can you live with my phone that long?” he asked jokingly.

“Only if you don’t get any perverted texts or have any nasty photos I’ll be good!” I said flirtingly

He of course cheekily added ,”Only if you want some Love”

I giggled at the dirty joke and blushed when he said Love then said, “Oh I have to go my driver just pulled up at my condo. If anyone  calls don’t answer.BYE!”



Harry’s  P.O.V.


When she hung up I just sat there waiting on the boys to start the teasing. Niall decided to go first saying, “AWW…  Look at my little Harry flustered over a girl!”

Then Zayn, “ Is our little Harry finally going to stop his womanizing ways?”

“yeah, and settle down?” Liam added.

4/5 down.

Then there was Louis, “ Aw… my hearts crumpling at the thought of me losing my man to some girl. But I’m positive we all want to know. Who is she?” I laughed at Louis trying to hide my ferocious blush.

“ why getting jealous Lou?” I Replied jokingly.

“ why, yes! Actually I am.” Lou said making this into a Larry Stylinson moment.

“ Okay you know that model Jenifer Vincezzi?” I asked. I smirked hearing the boys squeal “ well I used to know her when we were children…and I ran into her on the street today. We dropped our phones and both picked up the wrong ones so we have to trade them back tomorrow.” As I finished my story I looked around and they all were practically drooling.

“So we get to meet her?” Niall asked being the only other single one.

“I don’t know mate, now turn on the telle!”  I demanded.



So I just wanted to say hey and sorry about the slow update;( happy late new year and merry late christmas. thinks for reading please comment if you have any advice on things i could do better to improve my story. There will most definately be another update tonight!


                                                                           xx the nerd ;)


P.S. HAYLOR is FAKE :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)





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