Timing Is Everything

Hi! I'm Nicole or you may know me as Jennifer Nicole Vincezzi , the soon to be married daughter of world class actress juliann rose harper and multi-billionaire Donatello Blake Vincezzi. The thing is I don't want to be married! I want find someone I love I mean Kyle is a great guy... But not for me! ( my first book! *no hate*) also I want to add in the fact that this movella is also on wattpad and I am the author of that book. this idea is completely original so please dont steal it.
XXmz.one direction


1. prolouge

(A/N- so in my wattpad version of this book I didn’t do a prologue. It just completely slipped my mind! ;( Anyways I also wanted to let anybody know even though I don’t have any readers tomorrow I will be updating this book even though it is Christmas Eve! I know you guys are like whoa who does that? Well I do because I’m so dedicated. This is my first movella and I want to try and get going on it so I can build my account. <3

XX Mz. One Direction)


Jennifer Nicole Vincezzi

What do you think of when you hear that name? Probably, ‘oh her… well her parents are like the 8th richest people in the world so she must be some spoiled brat who gets everything she wants at the snap of her fingers and flip of her hair. She never had to do a thing she didn’t want to a day in her life.’

Right? Well then you’d be wrong. I’m Jennifer and of course I get what I want. I mean my parents are some of the richest people in the world and all but that doesn’t come without a price.

I know you’re like ‘what price? They can pay it I’m sure.’ The price is stepping on people you love to get stuff done, and that’s what they’re doing now. They’re making me get married to a man I don’t love. Their only daughter. They are making me marry Kyle Joshua Morgan.

You’ll learn more about Kyle later but now it’s time to learn about me. You already know my name is Jennifer but I go by Nicole. I currently live in a beachfront condo in LA California. I’m moving to New York for a while after I ditch the wedding. I’m a model.

 I have curly brown hair with natural honey blonde highlights and Green eyes that have golden flecks in them. I am about 5’’ 6’ with a model’s figure of course. Hope you enjoy my story of love.

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