wake up

Every night when16 year old jay closes her weary eyes, she slips into a different life, a life that she has always wanted. A life where she is not bullied, or tormented. A life where she doesn't have to worry about her mums drugs problem, or whether her little sister has enough to eat. Jay likes it so much she sometimes wishes she didn't have to wake up...


5. 5

Me and Jake are sitting in starbucks, sipping hot chocolate with cream and lots of marshmallows. It sounds soooo good, me and Jake. He didn't even laugh or think I was weird when I said I didn't like coffee, in fact, he says he preferes hot chocolate any day. I can't believe it. Me and JAKE MORGAN the school hottie. He told me all about his family, and how he has two older brothers but one's in prison because he was in a fight and the other guy got badly hurt and ended up in hospital, and a little sister, Jaqueline. "That's my name!" I laughed, when he told me. "I don't think anyones calls me that though, everyone calls me Jay." I tell him how I have a sister, though he knows that already and how we live with our mum, and when he asked what she did I said she was an artist, because that's what she used to do, years ago, before she had me. I didn't tell him about mum being an alcoholic. I never told anyone, I didn't want me and lauren taken into care. But...I don't know. I felt I could  trust him. He understood what it was like to look after our siblings, and he had lived in council houses all his life. "This area seems really good, the best place we've been offered, anyway." I was shocked, I thought our block of council estates was bad enough, but I couldn't imagine the council estates Jake has lived in.

"Once I came home from school and found out house had been broken into. all the valuable stuff was stolen, not that we had many valuable stuff, but Jaqueline's cot had been smashed and our television had been taken." I stared at him. "So.. What did the police do?" I asked. he laughed, a bitter angry laugh. "Fat lot they did. Didn't even bother to look for the person that did that." His eyes blazed. "It wasn't our fault! Mum was working as hard as she could, cleaning in the morning, then supermarket job in the afternoon, then working in a bar in the evenings." "At least your mum cares, at least she works and does her best" I mutter, then stop, realising I've given too much away. Jake stares at me for a moment, but doesn't ask. Loads of girls from the private school up the road are staring at us.I guess this is a huge step for them, skiving off. After their skinny lattes theyre probably going to go back and show off how they actually went into a CAFE and drank COFFEE, while flicking their glossy hair and swinging their louis vuitton bags. actually they're staring at Jake. Oh great. If there's one thing posh girls like, it's a bad boy, and looking at Jake with his scruffy hair and torn clothes, he's starting to look like boyfriend material for these fake tanned, short skirt wearing posh chavs, if you get what I mean. Just as I'm contemplating on grabbing Jake's arm and dragging him out of the cafe, or if that would look too forward, they start coming over to our table. A girl with freakishly orange skin and blonde hair sits on the arm of Jake's chair, which I can't imagine to be very comfortable as we're not sitting near a window so aren't sitting on a sofa, but on wooden chairs.

"Hiya, I'm Vanessa, but you can call me Ness. I've seen you here a few times." orange girl chirupps in her posh voice. These girls are confident. I guess it's because they've got a lot of money. I would have never dared do anything like that, even if the guy was flirting with me, highly unlikely as I am soo skinny and have no chest, my nose face is covered in humongus spots, and i probably wouldn't even be in starbucks as i have no money.

Jake looks startled, which makes him look soo cute. "Er...hi"

"Sooo mind if we join you?" She points a perfectly manicured finger to posh girl 1 and posh girl 2 behind her.

"Not at all. Though you'd better bring chairs" says Jake, when they start parking their bums on the now very popular seat that is the arm of Jake's chair.

Posh girl 1 and posh girl 2 scuttles off, probably to snatch a chair off some little kid and throw a tenner if the parents start complaining, in the rush to get back to our table, orange girl stays and completely ignores me. " What school do you go to then?" she says, before pointing to the logo on her blazer no doubt to show that she commes from an ultra posh school, making it look like she's pointing to her breasts.

"park hill" says Jake, looking quite worried when pg1 and pg2 comes along, dragging two chairs causing a lot of attention.

"cool, the school down the road? I like sooo wanted to go there, but my parents were worried the amount of eye candy there would distract me from my studies"






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