wake up

Every night when16 year old jay closes her weary eyes, she slips into a different life, a life that she has always wanted. A life where she is not bullied, or tormented. A life where she doesn't have to worry about her mums drugs problem, or whether her little sister has enough to eat. Jay likes it so much she sometimes wishes she didn't have to wake up...


4. 4

I stand at the bus stop. I take out a peice of gum, but just then I see Jake Morgan walk towards me, er the bus stop. Jake is the most good looking boy in the schoool, and all the girls want to get off with him. That doesn't seem to bother him, though. He's not really popular, what with his weird taste in music and the way he always has torn shoes and his trousers are ripped at the bottom. He looks as if he lives on the streets, and his light brown hair looks as if it hasn't been brushed in a million years. He doesn't care though. Just then he looks up and sees me staring at him. Great. It's really unfair. Boys can look effortlessly cool with the scruffy look, and have girls screaming their names when they come near, but that look doesn't work so well with girls. Today my hair is hanging limply as I didn't have time to brush it, my clothes are bought from a charity shop as we couldn't afford proper uniform, and my nails are torn and bleeding because I've been biting them. He comes and stands at the bus stop next to me and then turns to look at me. "Hey" he says, in his lovely rich voice. "Hey" I say.

"I actually just live down the road. We only moved here a month ago."

"Yeah we've lived here forever" I smile. There's something about his chocolate brwon eyes that make me seem to melt under his intense gaze. "Mum always wanted to move out, but never got round to it" My eyes fill with tears. Why am I crying?

"Are you ok?" He asks. He shifts about uncomfortably. " We always lived in council houses, but we got kicked out of out last one, my brother was graffitying all over the place."

"Oh. Does he go to Park Hill too?"

"No, He's 17, he works in the fish and chip shop"

Just then the bus comes and I jump on and choose a seat at the back of the bus. I wonder if he'll come and sit next to me?

He does. "Going to school?" He asks. "Yeah! Where else?" "I'm gonna go into town. Wanna come? We could get a coffee" He smiles, a lovely warm smile. Is he asking me on a date?  My heart is beating fast. I look back at him, he looks back at me. What about school? I think. School will have to wait. "Sure" I say.






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