wake up

Every night when16 year old jay closes her weary eyes, she slips into a different life, a life that she has always wanted. A life where she is not bullied, or tormented. A life where she doesn't have to worry about her mums drugs problem, or whether her little sister has enough to eat. Jay likes it so much she sometimes wishes she didn't have to wake up...


3. 3

The classroom is decorated with tinsel hanging from the ceiling, cut out paper snowflakes in the windows and a mini christmas tree at the front. 28 Kids run around, laughting their heads off, but Miss Green just smiles and turns her attention on me.

"Jay! How lovely to see you again!" she exclaimes. "How much you've grown!" Miss Green used to be my old year 5 teacher.

"Thank you miss! Um, I wanted to talk to you about lauren, are you free right now?"I ask, biting my lip.

"Well, I've got a few minutes, come on, come outside, it's much quieter out here!"

I follow her out of the classroom and we both stand, feeling awkward. I look down at my feet, not knowing how to start. "Jay, is there something wrong?" Miss Green asks. her kind voice immediately puts me at ease. "The thing is...Lauren's being bullied. She's been bullied for ages actually, she didn't want me to tell."

"Do you know who has been bullying your sister, Jay?" Miss Green looks concerned.

"Martha, and her friends."

"I will have a word with them, you did the right thing, Jay. Bullying is wrong and lauren does not have to go through this, especially with everything at home." She pauses, then looks at me. I know she knows things have been difficult, but that was only when mum could still come in and explain. No hope now, she doesn't even get out of bed except to get the drink. "Jay...is everything all right at home? You can always talk to me, and Lauren too." But I can't. She'd tell someone and then we'd both be taken into care. "Everything's fine, Miss Green!" I say, a little too cheerily. It seems Miss can sense something wrong. She looks at me for a moment, then smiles, the smile stretched and uncomfortable. " The thing is, lauren never gets her homework in, and she doesn't have clean clothes most of the time. Is your mum alright?" "Oh" I say, embarrased. I couldn't help lauren with her homework, what with my own homework to do. "She's fine, miss, really"I say.

"Right, well, I will have a word to Martha and her friends, and don't worry, I will make sure they don't go near you sister."

"Thank you Miss Green."

"I'd better get back to my class!" says Miss green, hearing the screams from the classroom.

"I'd better get to school then! Don't want to be late!" I turn and run out of the primary school. Too bad, I see the bus pull away just as I run to the damn bus stop. Great.

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