wake up

Every night when16 year old jay closes her weary eyes, she slips into a different life, a life that she has always wanted. A life where she is not bullied, or tormented. A life where she doesn't have to worry about her mums drugs problem, or whether her little sister has enough to eat. Jay likes it so much she sometimes wishes she didn't have to wake up...


2. 2

Beep beep Beep

I turn over and press snooze on my alarm clock. I wanted to go back into my dream, where mum had tidied up out flat and put up a christmas tree. Lauren had all her little friends round, because our house was clean and tidy and didn't smell of alcohol. I was getting ready for a christmas party at lucy's house, and looking forward to it. I was putting on my new dress I got as a present from mum, she'd let me open it before christmas so I could wear it to my party. It was beautiful, a dark green emerald strapless dress, with jewels that sparkled, like real diamonds, that shone all different colours when I stood next to the christams tree, all decked out in an assortment of boubles, little sweets, and my favourite, little fairy lights all the colours of the rainbow. But however much I tried, I just couldn't slip back into my other life. I was stuck here, and my alarm clock had started beeping again.

I relunctantly stumble out of bed, and find lauren on the landing, holding out an empty tube of toothpaste. "It's gone" she says. "I can't go to school without brushing my teeth!" I sigh, and take the tube from her. She's right, it is gone. We don't have any money to but stuff, mum stopped working ages ago. The money we get from the council is enough for normal food and stuff, but I really wanted to get Lauren a present. I'd forgotten to do the shopping. Lauren stared at me with her big brown eyes, expecting me to magic a tube of toothpaste out of thin air. "Look there isn't any toothpaste, you'll just have to go to school with out brushing your teeth for once." she looked really shifty. I suddenly realised. "Darling, has Martha said something?" Her eyes suddenly filled with tears, and she burst out crying, great big racking sobs that shook her. "Come here" I held out my arms and she stumbled into them, wiping her nose on my pyjamas. "She s-said I smell and I've got parrot breath and, and everyone could smell it" she sobbed, I could feel my anger rising. That little toad, she's beentormenting my sister for years. This time, I was gonna put a stop to it, once and for all. "Come on" I say, leading her into the living room."Come and have breakfast, we're gonna get to school early today"


"Because I'm gonna go in and talk to your teacher, she can't treat you like this, and expect to get away with it. Trust me, the older you get, the harder it will be to tell a teacher."

"No! You promised you wouldn't! You promised Jay!" cried Lauren, pulling at my arm.

I stared at her helplessly. I knew telling the teacher was the right thing to do, when I was 7 and kirsty and her gang had started bullying me, I didn't want to tell a teacher, but now, I really wished I did. It's impossible to tell a teacher now. I didn't know what to do.

"Lo, believe me, if you tell the teacher they can sort it out for you."

"No! They'll kill me once they find out I told! I'll be named a tell tale for ever!"

"Come on" I say. I grab two bits of bread and drag Lauren, now compaining out the front door.



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