wake up

Every night when16 year old jay closes her weary eyes, she slips into a different life, a life that she has always wanted. A life where she is not bullied, or tormented. A life where she doesn't have to worry about her mums drugs problem, or whether her little sister has enough to eat. Jay likes it so much she sometimes wishes she didn't have to wake up...


1. 1

My name is Jay Donnevan. I am 16 years old. I sometimes have these weird dreams...They seem too real for them to just be a dream, and sometimes, sometimes I wish I didn't have to wake up..

I sit back in my armchair and sigh. What was I thinking? Clearly I wasn't thinking, as the everyday worry of trying to avoid kirsty and her gang of cackling idiots, combined with the worry of whether me and lauren were gonna get any tea, and were gonna have to go to bed hungry, knowing that mum was in the other room, probaby drinking herself into a stupor, had got to my head, and I wasn't thinking straight. I guess I just had to write it down, get it out. There wasn't anyone I coud talk to. I didn't know if mum woud even remember what I say, and lauren was too young, I couldn't put all my problems and worries on her tiny, fragile shoulders. Like she didn't have enough to wrry about. I knew she was bullied too, she'd told me. The thought that someone was hurting my sweet, timid little sister angered me so much, I really felt like marching right over to her primary school and beating the smug little idiots up. I could handle someone making fun of me, but no one messes with lauren. She was all I had, and I was all she had. But lauren had begged me not to go, she said it would only make things worse, and I guess I knew what she was saying.

Anyway, it wasn't like anyone would believe me. They'd either think it was a sort of cry for help, or they'd think I was mad. I didn't need anyone poking their noses in our buisness and sending me off to the mental hospital, where would that leave lauren?

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