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4. Preference #4: First date

*Sorry, Zayn's short! If you want to see the outfits, look on my Polyvore account (harryspanis) or just copy and paste the links. Enjoy!*

Harry: You heard a knock at your door as you just finished your hair and makeup. You smiled as you heard Harry's voice on the other side, softly calling your name out. You stumbled down the stairs in your new black heels, grabbing your blazer as you walked towards the door. Harry asked you to dress up, he was taking you somewhere fancy for dinner. ( You opened the door to reveal Harry in a stunning black tuxedo, a navy bow tie around his neck. "My God, Y/N, you look beautiful!" He whispered into your neck as you gave him a hug. A blush rose to your cheeks as you turned around and shut the door behind you, locking it with the key. "So, Harry. Where are you taking me?" You giggled as he cheekily smiled at you, dimples appearing on his cheeks. "It's a surprise, love," he winked and opened the car door for you, helping you in. He jogged around the front, quickly jumping in and starting the car. It took 20 minutes to drive to the restaurant, Harry and you engaged in conversation, learning about each other in the short amount of time. He pulled into a French restaurant, called "Manger Fantaisie." It was supposed to be really expensive, you had only been once for your birthday. "Harry, this is way too expensive!" You exclaim as he helps you out of the car, holding onto your hand as you walk to the door. "I don't care. Its special, because I'm with you." You smile at him, and wrap your arm around his waist. 

Niall: You and Niall were best friends and you had a massive crush on him, so of course you said yes when he asked you on a date. Niall wanted to take you to the boardwalk, since you told him that you had always wanted to go to one. You wore jeans and a sweatshirt, with your hair in a high pony to keep it out of your face. ( Niall came to your door and let himself in, since he tended to do that. "Y/N!" He shouted as he walked up the stairs, walking to your room. You just finished putting your mascara on as he walked in. "Y/N? Y/N..." he stopped mid sentence when he saw you, his eyes wide. "Something wrong?" You laughed and he nodded his head, walking towards you. "Why are you so beautiful," he smiled and kissed your cheek, pulling you by the wrist out the door. "Bye, Mrs. Y/L/N! I'll have her back by 8!" he shouted throughout the house, his voice bouncing off every door. You rolled your eyes in amusement as you were dragged out of your house. He helped you into his car, running around the front and quickly starting the car. It took about 15 minutes, and you and Niall sang terribly to songs on the radio. You guys always did that, it was like tradition. When you finally got to the boardwalk, excitement was running through your veins. "Y/N, Y/N, calm down," Niall chuckled as he helped you out of the car, you were practically bouncing out of your shoes. You went to hit him playfully when he  caught your hand and intertwined his fingers with yours. A blush rose on your cheeks and the two of you spent the day together, Niall missing the promised curfew. 

Louis: Louis asked you for a date at school, he was planning on bringing you to a game of laser tag. He told you to dress in all black, or otherwise the black lights will reveal you to people. ( So, you obliged, and decided on a pair of black pants and a gray sweater. He came to pick you up, wearing all black as well with black paint under his eyes. When you saw him, you laughed and he smiled, a soft blush appearing under his cheeks. He wrapped an arm around your shoulder gently and brought you to the car. It was about 40 minutes away, and on the car ride he told you all the techniques you had to use. When you got there, energy was pulsing through both of your veins. He paid for you and him to get in, and once you did your eyes widened. It was much different then you expected. It was like a jungle, trees and vines everywhere creating perfect hiding places... and perfect places to get lost. Louis grabbed your hand and pulled you to get the guns, and made sure you were on the same team."L-Louis this is awesome," you smiled at him as the buzzer started, tens of people running to hide from the other teams. You ran, hiding behind a large tree that was covered by vines. Louis was gone, you lost him on the way to your hiding spot. You held your gun up just incase anyone decided to shot you, until someone rustled the leaves behind you. You stand quickly and turn to face your portrayer, to see Louis. "Oh god, I thought you were someone else," you laugh breathlessly, until Louis shot your vest. "Got you," he whispered as he held your gaze in his captivating blue eyes. He leaned in to kiss you, but you shot him in the vest and ran away before he could.

Liam: Liam had wanted a dog for such a long time. He always talked about it to you when you were friends, and he asked if you would come with him on a date to pick one out. You happily agreed, you love animals and you really liked Liam. Before you picked out the puppy, you went to a cafe at the street corner for lunch. ( After lunch, Liam was so excited to go look for his new best friend. You held hands as you walked to the PetSmart that was about two blocks away. On the way there you talked about what kind of dog he wants to get and what he would name it. He was so excited, and it was so adorable. The bell that signaled the opening of the door rang, which was really Liam running in and then you following behind at least 2 minutes later. The lady behind the desk led him to the puppy area. You and Liam spent ages looking over the puppies, finally deciding on an adorable husky. ( Liam named it Woody, after much consent over the name.

Zayn: Zayn took you to your favorite band's concert, The Script. You got dressed up, in a cute skirt and shirt with some heels. ( He came to your door, knocking gently three times. You smiled as you heard you mum open the door, greeting Zayn and telling him to come in. You took a breath, before walking down the stairs. You held back a giggle when you saw your mum chit-chatting Zayn, his face looking a little nervous. "Oh, here she comes now," she smiles and places a comforting hand on his arm, smiling as you walked down the stairs. "Y/N, you look so... beautiful," Zayn gaped, coming to meet you at the bottom of the staircase. He took your hand, helping you down and spinning you around once. You blushed as you said goodbye to your mum, walking out the door behind Zayn. The concert was 20 minutes away, you both talked about your favorite songs by the Script. Once you got to the concert, it was so crowded. But, Zayn had gotten VIP tickets for the front row and backstage passes. You had always wanted to meet the Script and thanks to Zayn, you would. 



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