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3. Preference #3: He admits his love for you

*Sorry, Harry's is short and Zayn's is really long. xx*

Harry: You were cuddled up on the couch, watching a film that happened to be on TV. A soft throw covered the two of you, and Harry's hand lazily ran through your hair. Your eyes closed as you leaned back on his shoulder, slowly falling into an oblivion. Harry must have thought you were sleeping already, for he started to whisper to you. "You're so beautiful when you sleep, I wish you could see yourself. You look like an angel, Y/N," You felt his hand caress your face gently as he continued talking. "I love you," he whispered. Your eyes popped open in surprise , gazing into his, now wide, green eyes. "D-Did you hear a-any of tha-," he stuttered, and you giggled. "I love you, Harry." He smiled and kissed you on the lips, holding the back of your neck to keep you protectively in his arms. 

Niall: He didn't want to be chicken, or be one of those guys that takes forever to finally say the three words. While everyone was eating the snacks set out in colorful bowls on the counter at your friends party, he snuck in and told everyone his 'master' plan. After the people got their drinks and started migrating towards the outdoor deck that was temporarily the dance floor, you hear your name being shout. "Y/N, Y/N! Where are you, babe?" You raise your eyebrows as you walk outside near the voice. "Y/N! Look at me, up here!" You look up to see Niall standing on a balcony, with a snapback and sunglasses on. "Niall, what the hell are you doing up there?" You scream as people started to circle around you, quietly talking in hushed tones. "I just wanted to say, I love you!" A pink blush rose on your cheeks as Niall smiled innocently at you, blushing softly. "I love you too, baby. Now come down so I can kiss you," You laugh and so does the crowd, as everyone watches Niall shimmy down the steps leading him to you.

Louis: You were at the Fray's concert, a surprise that Louis decided to drop on you in such short notice. The band was great, you and Louis sung along and danced idiotically while people watched. You had settled down when your absolute favorite song "Look After You," started to play, and you gasped. Louis smiled at you, he couldn't take his stunning blue eyes off you. You sang along, not even bothering with Louis as you were so absorbed in the song. All of a sudden, the lights went black and a bright flood came on, facing the stage. Louis appeared, to your surprise. A second ago, he was right next to you. He smiled in your direction, while girls cheered at the random appearance. "Y/N, this is our favorite song... and I thought it would be the perfect time to tell you this. You're amazing, you're beautiful, and you're my everything. I want to look after you, and I promise too. I love you, Y/N." The crowd silenced as a flood light came flashing over you. A man with a microphone came up next to you, handing you the black stick. You blushed and quickly said into the microphone, "I love you, Louboo!" He smiled and everyone cheered, as he ran off the stage back to you.

Liam: You sat at the restaurant in your red dress, waiting for Liam to come. You took a sip of your ice water slowly before you saw him rushing into the restaurant, his bow tie unkept and one pant leg rolled up too high. You stood, holding an arm out to caress him gently as he ran over, tripping once. "Liam, hi, baby. What's wrong, love. Your bow tie isn't tied and your pants are... uneven," you giggled and he sighed, sitting down hurriedly. "I'm just nervous," he exhaled. "Why, boo? We've done this plenty of times," you said while sitting down across from him, grabbing his hands to hold onto. "Because, I-I just...I love you, Y/N. So much," he sighed, looking down from your green eyes. You reached across the table, and lifted his chin towards you. "That's why you're nervous?" You whispered softly as he nodded gently. "You shouldn't be, because I love you too," you smiled at him, a dimple appearing on your face as his eyes opened wide. He suddenly stood up, screaming at the top of his lungs. "SHE LOVES ME!" You laughed as people gave him annoyed looks.

Zayn: You and Zayn were best friends since you were newborns. You did everything together, went everywhere together, and it was so much fun. You were both now in high school and the relationship between you never ended. Today, a nice boy that was quite attractive asked you out on a date and you said yes. You were excited, since you had never really been a 'guys lady'. You had put on a beautiful plum dress with a glittery gold bust and some black pumps. You were listening to the song "Big Girls Don't Cry," when you heard a knock on the door. "Yeah, come in!" You yelled, and all of a sudden Zayn appeared. He looked like he had tears in his eyes, and he walked straight up to you. "Zayn?... Is everything all right?" He shook his head, taking a seat on the end of the mattress. "No, Y/N. It's not. You're going on a date tonight? With who? That prick in our biology class?" He raised his voice, which he never did. Well, directly towards you at least. You felt tears sting your eyes but you held them back, standing up to your best friend. "Yeah, I am. There's nothing wrong with him, I don't know what your problem is!" You yelled back, walking towards the mirror to finish curling your hair. You heard him sigh, and then he started to sing.

"Like a little schoolmate in the school yard,

We'll play Jacks and Uno cards.

I'll be your best friend,

And you'll be my valentine.

Yes you can hold my hand if you want too,

Cause I wanna hold yours too. 

We'll be playmates and lovers and share our,

Secret worlds."

You turned to look at him, as he wiped away a stray tear. "Zayn, please tell me what's wrong," you whispered. He looked into your eyes, and kissed you. His lips moved against yours and you started to move against his. Then you remembered where you were about to go and pushed him back. "Zayn, w-what the h-hell?" "Y/N, I love you! I love you so fucking much, you can't go on a date with that guy! Please, don't go on that date," he pleaded, a tiny whimper escaping his lips. You closed your eyes, taking a deep breath. For a while now, you loved Zayn too and started to move on because you could never be together. "I love you too," you whispered as he kissed you again.


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