Isabella wasn't your average girl. She was bullied through our all of middle school. "That's normal." You think. But Isabella had depression. Because of all of the bullying, problems, relationship issues, and her dad abusing her, Isabella began to self harm. She became one of those girls who cried themselves to sleep. She started to rarely eat. Isabella, didnt want to live anymore. What will happen when she meets international heartthrob Harry Styles and his band mates? Will they add to the pressure, or would they save her from herself?


1. Bruises and Greetings

*Harry's POV*
"Niall! Stop give that to me!" I demanded. "Why Harry? You don't want me looking through your phone?" Niall said teasingly whilst he and Louis tossed the phone to each other. When they would toss it to each other, it would go over my head, denying me the chance to catch it. Niall threw the phone and it went over both Louis and My head. We quickly turned our heads to see it hit some girl in the face. The three of us rushed over to her. "Hey love are you ok?" Niall asked her. She looked up and her eyes met mine. She had the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen. Her long black eyelashes made her eyes look even brighter. "Yeah I'm fine." She mumbled whilst trying to get up. I extended my hand out for her but she ignored it. "Your nose is bleeding." Louis said in shock. "It's fine, I'm ok. Just a nose bleed." She assured us. I got a good look at her up and down. She was covered in bruises. "You don't look ok. What happened?" I asked her. "Nothing. I-I said I'm fine." She stuttered. "We can take you to the hospital if you want." Louis offered. "I said I'm fine!" She said in an angry tone. "Ok we're sorry." Niall mumbled. The girl was wearing an oversized black sweater, denim shorts and black combat boots. "Aren't you hot wearing that sweater...." Louis continued but paused. "I didn't quite catch your name." He finished. "W-why do you need to know my name?" She stuttered. "Oh I'm sorry, you don't have to tell me." Louis apologized. "I-it's ok. My name is Isabella." She said softly. "That's really pretty." I complemented. She mouthed a 'thank you' and looked at the ground.

"I-I have t-to go." She said quickly before she could leave I stopped her. "Can I get your number love?" I asked. Dammit Harry you don't just ask that. "You want m-my number?" She asked. "Of course." I responded. I handed her my phone and she typed in her number and hurried off. Whilst she was walking away I noticed she was unhealthily skinny. She had the biggest gap between her thighs. Her long brown hair swayed with every step she took. I didn't notice I was staring at her until she left the building and Niall slapped me in the face. "Harry, i hope you're not crushing on that girl." He said. "Why not?" I asked. "Harry, those bruises on her legs..." Niall whispered. "What about them?" I asked eagerly. "She made them herself." Niall finished. "How do you know?" "Her knuckles were red. Nicole used to do that to get attention. Nicole did that so people could feel bad and think i did that to her. I can see it anywhere. She wants attention. You don't just get huge random bruises on your thighs." Niall informed me. I looked down at my phone where Isabella put her number in. she doesn't look like someone who wants attention. She was probably beat up or fell or something. I'm sure Niall's wrong. I'll just have to call and ask her.

It has been 6 hours since that incident with Isabella. It was now 8:00pm. I decided that was the perfect time to call her because, everyone in movies always calls at that time. I let the phone ring twice until she answered. "Hello?" She said, her voice sounded soar. "Hey it's Harry, I met you at the car place." I told her. Really Harold? Car place. "Oh hi." She said softly. "I just wanted to call and ask if we could hang out tomorrow." I said. "Uh, I can't leave my house. I'm not supposed to leave my house." She said quickly. "You left today." I stated. "That was a mistake." She whispered. I didn't know why she was whispering if we were on the phone. "Maybe I could go to your house, only if you let me, but-" I began but she cut me off. "Of course you can come. I'll text you the address. I'm going to sleep, goodnight." She said. "Night." I said back and hung up.
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