Devil with the Angel's Eyes (16+)

(Based on Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner)

Saria Ahmed is Assef's twelve year old sister, a charming young girl with bright blue eyes, and curly blonde hair. With her girly dresses and sweet demeanour, she comes across as the perfect child. But there is evil lying just beneath the innocent facade, a darkness that is sometimes beyond her control...

Any characters, words or plot devices taken from the Kite Runner are copyrighted by Khaled Hosseini and Dreamworks studios. I do not own them, and no copyright is intended. Saria Ahmed, and any other characters not owned by Hosseini are owned by me.

Please note that this story does contain strong violence, language and mature themes, but it is meant to reflect the violent and sociopathic natures of both Saria and Assef, and is told from Saria's unique first person perspective. If you are under the age, or maturity level of 16, or are in any way squeamish about violence, please do not read this story. Any feedback/ideas are welcomed.


31. Where Evil Rests (Part 1)

In the last chapter, Assef told Saria that he wanted to brutally torture Farsef in order to make Aarash suffer the same pain that he did.. Saria was thrilled to learn of all the violent and disgusting plans her brother had for the young boy. Now we find her getting ready for bed...

My stomach tensed as Hamilra poked her ugly, flat-nosed head around the door of the bathroom. ''God!'' I swore loudly, reaching out and frantically grabbing a large beige-colored towel. Wrapping it around my tiny, naked frame, I glared daggers at the bitch who had the fucking nerve to interrupt my privacy.

Hamilra lowered her eyes, the image of subservience. We both knew exactly who the fuck was in charge here, and I don't have to say it. ''Sorry, khanom,'' the flat-nosed cunt muttered, glancing down at her feet. I honestly wanted to punch her in the face and break her jaw, or in the very least, give her a black eye. I'm a very private individual, and really, I do not appreciate having people see me in the nude.

My little hands began to clutch desperately around the towel, fearing it would not offer enough protection. Hamilra just stood there, mouth open slightly, a retarded expression on her face. I would have to let Assef know about this disrespect, so that he and I could give the proper beating later.

'Take a deep breath, Saria, do not lose your head. Calm down,' I reminded myself. I exhaled softly, and, with a voice positively dripping with malice, asked, ''And what can I do for you, Hamilra?'' The cunt seemed too afraid of me to even answer. Ha, can you believe it? A grown woman, nervous in the presence of a tiny young girl, and I use the word 'tiny' quite fucking literally.

Her breathing came in fast, erratic gasps. She knew just what the consequences of her actions would be. Lovely fantasies of ripping her jugular veins out and wrapping them round her mouth filled my head. Causing pain to others never failed to make me happy. The worthless slave babbled incessantly.

''I-I just came in to get some, er, towels to clean. Didn't know that you... you were here. So sorry. It won't happen again,'' she pleaded desperately. I wanted her to fall on her knees and beg my forgiveness for her mistake. Not that I would grant it, anyway.

''See to it that it doesn't,'' I ordered, raising a hand as if to strike her, grinning at the fear in her eyes. ''Never again.'' With this being said, Hamilra quietly took her leave, and I heard the door click shut behind her. ''Stupid fucking bitch!'' I growled loudly, angrily punching and kicking at the doorframe. Fierce, unbridled rage was the only phrase to describe the way I felt right now. How dare she come in unannounced? HOW DARE SHE? Didn't she ever learn to knock? God!

I wanted to fucking disembowel her. My tiny hands balled up into fists as I spat vehemently onto the ceramic tiled floor. ''That's what I think of you, Hamilra, and one day I'll spit on your grave too.'' I chortled to myself at the thought of one day taking Hamilra's life, or at least helping my brother to do it.

When I finally calmed down, I picked up the hideous blue dress that I had been wearing, tucked it under the crook of my arm, and, with a fleeting glance behind me, stormed out into the hallway. I trembled with anger, the carpet squelching under my bare feet as I made the journey into my large, tidy bedroom. Unfortunately, since Papa and Mama were in the house, I couldn't go about throwing a fit like I wanted to.

Imagine the crap I'd get into then! You don't know how much fucking willpower it took for me not to start kicking and throwing shit around. I flopped back against the crisp sheets, letting the dripping wet towel fall away, revealing my pale body underneath. I shivered, whether from cold or anger I really don't know. It was now a week since classes had let out for the holidays, thank God.

Another three beautiful months to spend with my dear brother. I glanced at the sunflower calendar that hung above the desk. It had been a present, given to me by my disgusting cousin Fahrsan. Really, I ought to have taken it down, but I knew Mama would have a fit if I did. 'Disrespectful to his sweet and loving memory,' I knew she would say. 19 November; The calendar read. The loud wails of next door's baby rang in my ears.

It was all day and all night with him! Tears sprang to my eyes for a brief moment, as I thought about how great his mother surely felt, holding this little bundle of joy in her arms, knowing it was all her own creation. I thought about how she would be there, right beside him, teaching him how to ride a bike, how to buckle his shoes, everything.

Why couldn't I have this? Why didn't I get to cradle a newborn and feel that unconditional love running through my very soul? Now I could hardly bear to even look at a child without the need to do them in. If I couldn't be a mother, well, nobody should feel that joy. Why should they experience happiness if my own womb had betrayed me?

The crying never stopped, actually, it seemed to be getting louder by the fucking minute. I angrily bit down on the pillow, muffling any screams that escaped my lips. ''They'd better shut that child up before I come over there and do it for them!'' I said in German. ''A knife across his throat would shut him up, or maybe I'd knock his brains out with a goddamn flower pot or something!''

I giggled to myself, thinking of how I could dispose of the annoyingly loud baby. I wanted to snap his neck and toss him into a fucking river. Eventually, the crying slowed, his mama's hushing getting the job done. I could hear the sound of her tired voice gently crooning a lullaby to quieten him. Did she entertain thoughts of killing him, like I did? ''Thank fuck,'' I exclaimed, padding over to the window. I moved the curtains back and looked out.

A heavy snow had begun to fall, those few idiots who had gone driving skidded on the ice. 'Crash and die! Crash and die!' I thought, jumping up and down. 'Perhaps I should throw one of my dolls from the window? They might think it's a baby, and there'll be a collision!' I giggled uncontrollably. One man looked frantic as he switched on his windshield wipers. His eyes nervously darted left to right.

I gazed out at each falling snowflake. God. You could liken it to a fucking blizzard! 'We'd better not get snowed in tomorrow!' I thought. Even a thing like snow, which was exceptionally beautiful, never failed to irk me. I could no longer appreciate nature since that incident, but I did hope this contempt I now had for such things would pass. I had loved the snow ever since I was a little girl.

White was the color of purity, after all. The image of the ideal world I hoped to create. I couldn't help but wonder if maybe this was the reason I couldn't handle looking at falling snowflakes anymore. Was it because I had become 'impure', with Aarash's punishment? My hands made an involuntary move to where my scar rested, jagged along the edge of my neck. Tears sprang to my eyes.

''Fuck,'' I whispered. ''Why am I being like this? I should know better!'' Self-hatred was nothing new to me. I turned away from the window, and fell against the bed, punching my temple in a desperate attempt to fight the urge to cry. Maybe I was just overly tired. I didn't know.

The sound of Papa's footsteps echoed from outside. I narrowed my eyes menacingly at the door, hoping to fuck he wouldn't come in. The retard often burst in unannounced, wanting to ensure I'd 'said my nightly prayers' or 'cleaned my teeth' Why did my fucking cunts of parents insist upon treating me like a baby? Surely respect works two ways?

Not that I had any respect for them. I wished more than anything on this Earth that I could kill my parents right at this very moment. How I longed to push Mama down the stairs. Wouldn't it be so ironic if she died the same way as Fahrsan? Poetic justice, if you ask me. 'Maybe I could break her neck too? All in due time,' I thought.

Not wanting to have those assholes on my tail, I decided I'd better get ready for bed. My little hands gently fumbled around in the wardrobe, shifting through piles of folded clothing, until I eventually got what I wanted. I yanked out the white and pink rosebud nightie, cursing loudly as a huge fucking pile of dresses and t-shirts came out, littering the floor. My eyes narrowed and I kicked them away. ''I'll tidy up later,'' I resigned myself.

I trembled all over as I pulled the nightgown over my head, letting the warm cotton fall against my pale legs. I shivered; tonight was going to be fucking chilly. At least I didn't have to worry about homework, school, or bitches like Ahtrai. She was going to be spending the first month of winter in the Karteh Char district, visiting relatives her family had left behind over there.

Thank fuck, I didn't think I could handle Ahtrai's cruel teasing any longer. Even the mere sound of her name was taboo. She needed to learn her place, and I was certain I would one day be the right person to teach her. Ahtrai better watch out come Spring time, I'll take no crap from her or anybody else for that matter. I intended to remain in control of those girls for as long as I had to.

I would mould each of them into my image! Assef and I would have the perfect Kabul that we had dreamed of since our childhood. I felt my heart warming at such a joyous thought. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, I leaned down and removed my white socks. I tossed them over my shoulder, glanced round, and found they'd made the basket. 'Yes!' I pumped my fist. Yawning, arms stretched over my head, I lay back and snuggled against the downy pillow, my eyes growing heavier and more listless with each passing second. It didn't take long for them to close, and for the joy of sleep to overcome me.

Assef and I walk through the forest. I'm dressed in a stunning white pinafore, him in casual jeans and t-shirt. I can feel his fingers, gently squeezing mine. A profound sense of calm washes over me. Birds chirp from up above, twigs snap under our feet. Assef gently places the back of his hand against my cheek.

''It's pretty here,'' I say.

He nods. ''I knew you'd like it, kiddo.'' I drop Assef's hand, run deeper into the woods, my hair falling into my eyes as I prance, arms out wide. I'm so fucking happy in this moment. So happy.

I pick up some leaves and toss them high above me, giggling. ''You having fun, my sister?'' Assef calls over, leaning against a giant oak tree, hands in his pockets. I nod, grinning like the cat who got the cream.

''Come play with me, Assef jan!'' I beckon. ''Come on!''

He rolls his eyes. ''Well, alright then.'' Assef has only taken a mere five steps towards me, when I notice the huge figure looming behind him. Eyes black and cold, an expression of pure evil on his face. The devil himself. Aarash. 'LOOK OUT!' I want to scream, but, as with every nightmare, I can't. My throat has gone dry. With a feral snarl, Aarash pushes my brother onto the hard ground. Assef growls, arms flailing and legs kicking, but he's no use for Aarash, who now seems to be one hundred times stronger than him. Within moments, Aarash has my brother pinned, and is straddling him, one knee wedged against each side of his chest.

My eyes widen in absolute horror as he reaches into the left pocket of his grey jacket and materialises a small knife. The very blade he caused my grotesque injuries with. I can feel my heart almost stop in my chest. I'm trying so fucking hard to get to my brother, to push him out of the way, and take whatever pain that comes for myself, but I can't.

Oh crap, it's like my feet are stuck to the ground. Aarash notices the petrified look on my face and smiles cruelly. He raises the knife, and I scream. Never in my life did I hear a sound more terrifying than that of Assef's gargled chokes. My brain tells me to look away. I watch, frozen, as the knife enters and leaves his chest about 20 times. Stab. Stab. Stab.

Assef begins having convulsions, his legs kicking futilely at the ground. ''ASSSEFFFFFFFF!'' I scream, willing my feet to run. Aarash laughs sadistically, his eyes glowing with joy. He turns, eyes locking on mine. Raises the blade again. ''NO! NOOOOOOO!'' is all I can say.

Assef turns his face towards me, and I can see the absolute horror in his blue eyes. I've never seen anything like it. My dear brother should not wear such an expression. I feel bile rise in my throat. ''ASSEF! ASSEF!'' The strangled cries escaping my lips aren't real. They can't be. None of this is real. I feel my knees buckling underneath me.

''Look, Saria jan. your brother flops just like a salmon out of water. Isn't that funny?'' Aarash calls over. He plunges the knife so deep into Assef's throat all I can see is the fucking handle.

''Please, please STOP!'' I beg, collapsing in a heap, arms wrapped round my stomach. I hunch forward on the ground, wanting to disappear. ''NO! OH GOD NO!'' I yell. Aarash cocks his head slightly, dipping his middle finger into the open wound. He flips me off, Assef's red blood dripping onto the green, autumnal leaves. ''OH GODDDDDDD!'' My throat hurts, yet I continue to scream.

Please, God, don't take my Assef. Not him. Anyone but him. Don't you see how I can't live without him? Aarash pulls the knife from Assef's jugular. My brother twitches slightly, let's out a horrified gasp of, 'Saria' and then, I watch his fingers uncurl, his stainless-steel brass knuckles making little noise as they hit the ground. Aarash raises an eyebrow, leans down, and pockets them.

''Nice souvenir, Assef. Tashakor.'' I feel numb inside. Let him kill me too. I'll beg for death; I'm already on my knees. But Aarash is too cruel for that. He'll make sure I'm forced to go on living without my brother. Now I make plans to hang myself, drown myself. Whatever it takes so I'll go to where Assef is. ''See you around, half-German whore.'' Aarash waves evilly as he meanders back the way he came, revelling in the sweet taste of his victory.

I can't breathe. I can't fucking breathe. My legs finally starting to work again, I half-crawl to where Assef lies dead on the ground. I reach out, touch his hand. It's ice cold, and sticky with blood. His eyes are rolled back in his skull, exposing the bloodshot whites. I wish I knew CPR, though I doubt it would do much fucking good. ''Assef...'' I croak out, nudging him slightly. ''Assef, brother, please wake up.'' He doesn't respond.

Blood spurts from the wound in his throat. I gently stroke his forehead, tears pooling over in my eyes. ''Please, no, God, no!'' I moan, laying my face against his chest, saturating it with my tears and his blood. I feel physically sick. I've failed the only real friend and loved one I had.

It's such a visceral, dreadful feeling. ''BROTHER! OH GODDDD! OH MY GODDDD! ASSEFFF!'' I howl. ''I'm sorry, dear God, I s should have... Oh no, please, I'm s sorry.'' It's my fault. Aarash killed Assef because of me. All my fault. I'm such a pathetic excuse for a sister. The ugliest little girl on this Earth. Yet, my wonderful brother still gave his precious life for me.

''I'M SORRY ASSEF! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! I LOVE YOU!'' I lie my body down, arm wrapped tight round Assef's chest, my pretty hair dripping with fresh red blood. I scream his name over and over, with no response.

''FUCK!'' I cursed loudly in German, jerking upright suddenly in bed, my eyes darting every which way. I placed a hand over my chest, trying to stop my abnormal breathing. My tiny fists pounded against the duvet cover, as I trembled in fear. I retched about six times, bile dribbling from my chin onto my white nightie. Bowing my head down, I tried so fucking hard to bring myself to reality.

''Shit!'' I swore. ''Just a fucking dream.'' My heart was beating one hundred miles per hour. ''Aarash, why can't you leave me alone? Must you haunt my dreams too?'' I buried my head in my knees, rocking back and forth like someone in the damn psych ward. What the fuck is wrong here? Desperate to calm myself, I staggered towards the wall, my hands gripping the plaster, and flicked the light on. I stared around in complete disdain at the goddamn baby's room I was forced to live in.

I grabbed a rag doll that had been resting at the end of the bed, and, screaming with rage, flung it at the door. ''OH MY FUCKING GODDDD!'' I could hardly speak for crying. I needed my brother. I NEEDED ASSEF! Terror and dread filled my heart, I could hardly see, my eyes were blurred with tears, and my shaking little hands jittered, tugging at the oak wooden door.

I flung it open, using such brute force that I went flying, and ended up whacking my chin against the floor. Well. That was going to leave a serious carpet burn. Not that I gave a shit right now. My legs ached, I nearly fell over twice before managing to stand and lean against the railings. 'You can do this, Saria. Come on.' I really didn't know why I was so fucking upset.

I've had bad dreams like this since Aarash kicked the everliving crap out of me all those months ago. Why should I get freaked out now? Maybe it was the idea that perhaps my dream had come true, and I'd find Assef lifeless in his bed. 'You're being retarded, Saria. Dreams are not real. God, how much of an idiot are you?' Try as I might, I just wasn't able to convince myself.

It was so real. So palpable. My legs seemed to have turned to jelly, and my chest ached, every breath hurting more than the last. I knocked feebly on the door to Assef's room. Normally I'd come bursting right in, but tonight was different. Some part of me was afraid that if I did so, I'd find my brother dead on the floor. About ten seconds (it felt like ten hours) later, I heard the doorknob rattle. With a concerned look in his tired eyes, Assef materialised. He narrowed his eyes slightly. ''Kiddo? What is it?'' I stood frozen, like ice. Heart thumping. There was a slight buzzing noise in my left ear. Assef folded his arms, gazing down at my trembling body in concern.

''B-Brother..'' I extended my arms towards him. ''ASSEF!'' I wailed, lurching forwards and collapsing against him. Assef exhaled in surprise as the two of us careered downwards, his body landing with a thump on the ground. ''Assef, m-my brother, oh G-God!'' I repeated over and over.

Assef managed to sit up on his elbows and lifted my head from off his chest. ''Saria Adelah Ahmed, what in the world has gotten into you?'' he asked, mock-sternly. I couldn't speak for crying. Assef wrapped his arms underneath my knees and picked me up bridal-style. He cradled me like a newborn in his arms. ''Let's get up off the floor and then we'll talk about it, okay?'' I nodded as best I could.

''Alrighty then. One, two, three.'' Assef managed to stand - with me gripping his pyjama shirt for dear life - and walk to his bed. He sat down with me on his knees. ''Shh, come on now, kiddo, don't... Talk to me, honey, what's wrong? Is it another nightmare?''

I nodded, taking his hand in mine. ''A-Aarash ... in the woods, k-killed... He stabbed you in f-front of me. I had to w-watch you die!'' I clung desperately to my brother.

''Kiddo,'' he exhaled. ''Shh, it's okay. It's okay. It was just a bad dream. Nobody's going to hurt you or I. Shhh, honey, everything's going to be fine.''

''I don't ever wanna lose you, Assef jan. You hear me? Never.'' Assef pulled the covers back and lay me down. He slid in next to me, tucking us both in.

''I know, Saria. I know. But I'm not going anywhere, right? Just close your eyes and go back to sleep. I'm here, sister, and I'm never leaving you.'' He leaned over and pressed a kiss to the top of my head. ''I love you. So much.''

I buried my head in his chest, sobbing like a fucking toddler. ''I love you too, big brother.'' My eyes began to grow more heavy and listless. Still, I remained too afraid to close them, panicked my Assef would be hurt if I did. I felt him shifting next to me, his breathing getting more laboured by the minute. He closed his eyes, the grip of his fingers loosening around mine.

I shook him violently back into consciousness. ''Wake up! Assef, WAKE UP! BROTHER PLEASE!'' Assef jumped at the sound of my voice.

He turned, eyes narrowing. ''Why are you still awake?'' he asked irately, giving me a very annoyed look. I began whimpering, jumping at every loud noise that came from outside. Assef sighed deeply, gently kissing my cheek and nuzzling me. ''I'm not going to die, Saria. Okay? It was just a horrible nightmare and it's not real. I'm right here, and I promise, I'm not leaving you. just... Just try and get some sleep. Please?''

I looked deep into his blue eyes, so much like my own, and heaved a great big sigh. ''I'll try. Promise me you won't leave though? Can you do that?'' Assef rolled his eyes playfully, jabbing me in the ribs. I giggled and squirmed.

''Now, where else do you think I'd go, Sar? This is my room, after all, kiddo.''

''You're right,'' I yawned, my eyelids beginning to droop. ''Goodnight, Assef. See you tomorrow.'' I murmured.

''Night,'' he replied groggily, already half-asleep. It must have been around two or three in the morning. Four at the latest. I watched Assef drift off, his chest rising with every breath he took. I had to make sure he was alright. Stupid of me, yes? But I loved my brother more than anything. Losing him terrified me. Now, who can call me a demon or psychopath when I feel love as strong as this? I leaned over and kissed my brother's cheek. He grunted in his sleep, but didn't wake.

'Hopefully tomorrow'll be fucking better,' I thought. My body went limp as I put my arm round him, sleep getting to me at last...

I woke next morning to the very fucking annoying sound of my parents thumping around downstairs. Why, I had no idea. I clenched my fists, wishing I could just scream at them to keep it the fuck down. Beside me, Assef rolled over onto his stomach, his arm draped across my waist. I gently brushed a lock of hair out of his eyes. The clock on the wall ticked endlessly above us.

I turned, got on my knees, and craned my head to look at it. 9:45. Yeah, we both are going to be in shit for waking up late, but I couldn't really give a hoot. I doubted we'd gotten much rest the night before. ''Kiddo?'' Assef muttered sleepily, hoisting himself up onto his knees as well. ''What are you doing now?'' The sharp tone in his voice let me know he was nothing short of pissed off.

''Just checking time. Good morning, Assef jan.'' He lay back down.

''Yeah, good morning, Saria.''

''Did you sleep well?'' I asked, lying next to him.

Assef turned, glaring daggers at me. ''Well, to be perfectly honest, sister, I was half-afraid to go to sleep in case you'd think I was fucking dead!'' he grumbled. For this I honestly felt guilty. I've always said my brother is the only person I could never hurt, and I felt quite peeved with myself for causing him even the slightest of upset.

''I'm sorry, Assef jan. I didn't mean to keep you awake.''

''Whatever. You would hope a twelve year old would know the difference between real and nightmares, but, clearly not. Idiot.'' My eyes began filling with tears. I slammed my fists onto the duvet.

''I really don't know w-what in the fuck is my problem, Assef. I'm sorry that I kept you up.'' A tense silence fell over us both. I felt a tear make its way down my cheek.

''Kiddo,'' his expression softening, Assef reached over and gently wiped it away with his thumb. ''Sorry, dear. I'm just a bit cheesed off, you know how I get when I don't sleep. After what happened to you, you have every right to be fearful. If I dreamed about losing you, I'd probably react the same way.''

''Stupid,'' I chastised myself, kicking and punching at the sheets. Assef caught hold of my wrists, pulling me towards him.

''No, you're not. You had a dreadful ordeal, and you're just reacting to that. I didn't mean to get frustrated and call you an idiot. Okay? I apologize for that.''

He did sound genuinely remorseful. I reached up and kissed his cheek lovingly. ''That's fine, Assef. I'm sorry for waking you.''

''This is Aarash's fault, kiddo. All his fault. You just remember that. Now, I think you and I ought to get up, lest Mother go apeshit on us.''

I nodded. ''Righto then.'' I swung my legs around the side of the bed. ''See you in a minute.''

''Get dressed before you come down,'' Assef reminded me. ''Maybe that rainbow dress you have.''

I rolled my eyes and sprinted towards the door. ''Ha, that abomination? Not a hope!'' I darted out into the hall. I truly did feel in better spirits after last night. Like Assef had said, the only person to blame for my traumatic state was Aarash.

Even thinking of him made me clam up. 'He'll pay for what he did to you, Saria. A very high price,' I thought, cruel smile marring an otherwise pretty face. My bed remained unmade, just as it had when I'd abandoned it for my brothers the previous night. I quickly fixed it up, and set about the irritating task of choosing my dress for today. No matter what, I'm going to look a fool.

God, twelve and a half, nearly thirteen and yet, people still mistake me for eight. Nine at the oldest. Why couldn't I just grow like normal children? Although... maybe being tiny has its perks. I can play innocent, which is good. Opening the wardrobe doors, I thought about how I probably might not reach full development for another ten or twelve years. I fucking hated it. After five minutes of tedious searching, I picked out a light pink dress, with ruffles on the skirts, a large bow, and loose sleeves.

I grumbled irritably as I yanked it on over my head, taking care not to pull any hair out. It fell just below my knees, the skirts moving whenever I took a fucking breath. I reached behind to tie my ribbon. White tights and black pumps completed the look. I hurriedly ran a brush through my fucking knotted curls and tied it into pigtails, with ribbons on each side.

So goddamn ugly. I narrowed my eyes at the reflection looking back at me. Assef clicked his tongue, making his way into the room. He snuck up behind me, and dug his fingers into my sides. I jerked, and twisted, howling with laughter.

''Ah! STOPPPP itttt!'' I begged.

Assef wrapped his arm round my shoulder and drew me in close. He ruffled my hair. ''Your laugh is so adorable though,'' he joked. ''Besides, I love making you happy, kiddo.'' Assef gently squeezed my fingers, smiling.

''You coming downstairs?''

I nodded. ''Let's go then.''

''Assef?'' I said.

''Yeah, kiddo?'' he asked, cocking his head to the right. ''I love you from the moon to the sky.''

''And I love you from the moon to the end of the universe.'' Assef replied. We used to say this a lot as young children, and still did, from time to time. It was just another of our cute brother/sister things. Like how Assef calls me 'kiddo' or how we go on 'just becauses' sometimes. Assef grabbed my hand, and we both trekked downstairs. I could just about hear the faintest cries emanating from the kitchen.

''Somebody's upset,'' I muttered, glancing up at my older brother.

''Yeah.'' My interest was piqued, but I had to control it. For me to walk in there grinning like the Cheshire cat would be hugely inappropriate. I remained stoic as I pushed open the door to the kitchen and stepped inside. I was met by the sight of Papa hurriedly buttering up toast, and Mama perched on the edge of a stool, her face buried in her hands.

She didn't even notice or acknowledge our arrival. 'Alright bitch, I'm gonna tug on your heartstrings,' I thought. Feigning sadness, I traipsed over and crawled onto her lap. ''Mommy?'' I asked, wrapping my arms round her neck. ''Are you crying? Why, Mama?'' She rubbed at her eyes with the heel of her right hand. Her face was blotched with tears. Dumb cunt.

Mama pushed me back, it was obvious she wanted to be alone. ''Come here, daughter,'' Papa beckoned. I nodded, the image of respect, and hopped down. I kept my head lowered as I walked towards him. Papa sat down, and, reaching out, placed me on his knees. He gripped my shoulders tightly.

''Assef, come here too. We must speak with both of you.'' Assef came to stand next to him, curiosity high. Papa's eyes moved between us, ensuring we both gave our complete attention. ''Assef, Saria..'' he began. ''I'm going to take your mother up to Islamabad for the rest of the weekend. We both agree this is the only way for us to gain closure from your cousins death. Mama..''

He glanced over at her. ''Mama wants to reconcile with her sister. Hopefully, with the grace of God, we'll be able to... Well, to have Stella and Shareem's forgiveness.'' I almost rolled my eyes. This was pure fucking irony, wasn't it? Here was my father, talking about apologizing to Stella, not knowing his nephew's murderer was cuddling up to him.

Looking up, I felt crocodile tears brim over in my eyes. I was fantastic at making myself cry at will. ''Assef, you're going to be in charge of the house. We'll be going in about maybe, quarter of an hour, and coming back next Tuesday.''

''Yes, Father. I'll take care of Saria jan.''

Papa tucked a lock of hair behind my ear, gently kissing my forehead. ''I'm making toast. Do you want some?'' As soon as he opened his mouth, I could hear my stomach begin to rumble loudly. I giggled childishly, placing a hand over my mouth. ''I take that as a yes, my daughter.'' He reached out and poked my tummy. I squealed and jumped from his lap.

Mama got up from her chair, plodded over to the sink, and filled up a glass of water. Her nose was all runny and her eyes were bloodshot from crying. I had no empathy for her plight. Fucking retard. ''Go and sit down, kids,'' Papa ordered. We did so begrudgingly. Meal times with my family (except my brother) were one thing I could do without. I fucking hated the sight of Mama and Papa.

I wanted to cut both of their throats with a blunt knife. I jumped onto a stool and Papa handed me the toast. ''Here you go, Saria.''

''Why thank you, Papa.'' Before I could start eating, he leaned over and placed a gentle hand on my back. ''Now, Saria, I want you to behave yourself this weekend. I expect you to get at least five to six pages of work done. Is that understood?'' Nodding, I wolfed down my food, taking care to ensure I didn't spill any on myself. ''Good girl. I just want you to have the best education, sweetie. You know that, don't you?''

I nearly frowned at him, but I managed to keep my smile. ''Yes, Papa. I know.'' His eyes met mine. For about two long minutes, we just stared at each other. Eventually, Papa clapped me on the shoulder and turned towards his distraught wife. ''Get your coat, my love, we'll need to set off now.'' Mama nodded, struggling to compose herself.

''A-alright, Mahmood. Good bye, Saria, Assef. Take care of yourselves.''

Papa gently kissed her on the lips, his expression soft. ''I know you don't want to do this, darling, but I truly believe it can help you gain closure. Isn't that... Don't you want closure?'' She looked up at him, on the verge of a mental breakdown.

''I... You're right, love. This is my fault. I owe my sister an explanation. No, I owe her far more than that...'' Mama glanced back at Assef and I. ''You're so lucky to have each other, don't ever forget that.''

Assef reached out and hugged me tight. ''I know. Look after yourselves, see you on Tuesday.''

''Bye.'' With this said, I got down from my chair and meandered out into the hall. I didn't want to be around my idiotic parents for one more second. As I casually traipsed upstairs, I heard the door slam, and Papa reverse the car out of the driveway. Mama was still crying.

'I hope the car overturns and they burn to death inside,' I thought maliciously. I laughed at such a cruel thought as I skipped into my room. It was as clean as I had left it earlier. Tidiness was something I always prided myself on. I flopped back onto the neatly made up bed, and covered my face with my hands, whole body trembling with laughter.

Thinking of killing people (even members of my own family) never failed to put a smile on my face. I reached into my drawer and pulled out the old, worn copy of the Shahnamah. The pages were beginning to fray around the edges. I opened it, and snickered when the pages fell right onto my favourite tale; Rostam and Sohrab. I reveled in the thought of murdering one of my kin.

After all, this whole planet is expendable to me. I could toss anybody out like garbage, I mean, everybody apart from my older brother. Nothing could make me hurt Assef. Nothing. I drummed my fingers against the bed covers as I read. 'Probably ought to kick off my shoes too, but who cares? Mama's not here to lecture me, is she?' I thought. There was no fucking hope that Stella would ever accept Mama back as her sister. Assef jan and I might be able to take Fahrsan's life lightly, but she never would. I guess not everyone can love their siblings as fiercely as I love Assef.


'Speak of the devil,' I thought, whipping around to face my brother, eyes lighting up. He came to sit next to me, picking me up and cradling my tiny form on his lap. I relaxed against him, gently nuzzling into his chest, smiling. ''Hey,'' I mumbled. ''I've been thinking about Mama and Khala Stella.''

Assef raised his eyebrow. ''Yeah, what about them?'' I rolled onto my back and lay my head on Assef's knees.

''It's a bit of a wasted effort for them to be going up there. You and I both know full well that Stella's not going to forgive Mama. Fahrsan's dead because of her idiocy.''

''And his own idiocy, remember that. He dared to lay a hand upon my sister, now the little cunt's burning in fire.''

''Yeah. I hope Fahrsan's being tortured right as we speak.'' Assef laughed, dancing his fingers over my scalp. I closed my eyes, revelling in the ecstasy of bonding with him. Now we had close to four days to spend together. It brought a smile to my face. Assef rubbed up my arm. He took my hands and gently lifted me upright. There was a cheeky look in his blue eyes.

I pursed my lips, unable to read him. ''You thinking what I'm thinking, little sister?'' Assef cuddled me tightly, placing the back of his hand against my cheek. ''We have four days to ourselves. So today, let's put all the hard work into action. Hmm? Let's make Farsef and his brother pay for their crimes.''

My eyes widened, so much, in fact, I thought they might pop right out. I gaped at my brother, clasping my little hands together as if I was praying. I bounced up and down on Assef's knees, unable to speak from excitement. ''Do you mean it? Today?'' I managed to gulp out between laughter. Assef nodded, his eyes sparkling.

''Yes. Today.''

I shrieked loudly, almost falling on my ass in the heat of the moment. So very happy. I jumped up and began dancing around the room, my dress flowing with every shake of my hips. I spun round, arms wide, on tiptoe. ''Yes! YES!'' Assef came up behind me, picking me up and whirling me around.

We both grinned at each other. ''Do you have the medicines, kiddo?'' Assef wondered. I nodded, bending down to lift the covers and reach under my bed. I slid away the loose plank of wood that my dumb father ought to mend, and began yanking at the pink rucksack inside.

''Come on! STUPID FUCKING THING! COME OUTTTTT!'' How amazing was it that I could flip between emotions in a second. Pure joy to utter frustration.

''Need any help with that?'' my caring brother offered, reaching out to grip the straps on the bag. We both pulled hard. ''This thing's a dead weight, kiddo. Do you have a body stuffed in here?''

We looked into each other's eyes. Cracked up. ''I'll be a three time killer once my revenge is complete.'' I was undoubtedly sure of this fact. Assef kissed my head, a gentle look on his face. He got to his feet, walking towards the half-open door.

''Wait right there,'' he said. I rolled onto my stomach, kicking my legs.

''This another surprise?'' I asked.

''Maybe. Maybe not.'' With that, he left the room, singing an old German tune under his breath. Finally, I managed to yank the rucksack free, hurriedly unzipping it and dumping the contents onto the floor. The Ipecac rolled away from me, but I quickly stuck my foot down on top of it. My eyes were bright as I surveyed the equipment laid out in front of me. Yes, fucking awesome. I picked up a long syringe, running it through my fingers. What, exactly, could be done with this I had no idea.

Oh, I'm sure Assef would help me think of something. My precious brother always knew just the right ways to make someone hurt. Five or six minutes went by, and then, smiling coldly, Assef reappeared, a large bag in his arms. It was dark green in color with a faded Swastika drawn on the front of it, right where the pocket for money ought to be. Assef knelt down beside me, letting it fall with a thump on the ground.

''I'm supposed to use this as a PE kit, but it'll work for you, kiddo.'' He unzipped the bag, pulling several long cuts of rope out and twirling them between his fingers. ''Are we gonna restrain 'em with that?'' This was probably an idiotic question, yes, but Assef didn't seem to notice or even really care.

He's always told me I'm the only person who gets to ask stupid questions. ''Chi? Oh, yes, Sar, we'll bind them with this.'' He leaned his head against mine, slinging an arm round my neck. ''I promise you I'm going to bring Aarash to his knees. You'll get the apology you deserve.'' I sat up, crawling over to retrieve the hospital supplies.

Ignoring the rough carpet, I brought them over to Assef. He smiled as he lay them methodically in the gym bag, just like someone would organise their newborn's bottles. This was imperative for us to get the revenge we so desired. God, I could hardly keep a fucking lid on my excitement! Assef had to reach his arm out to stop me bouncing off the fucking walls. My fingers waved excitedly, heart thumping quickly in my chest. I looked up, joyously, at my dear brother. ''Go and fetch another pinafore, and some gloves, kiddo. You'll need it.'' I didn't need to be a fucking genius to realise he was talking about the bloodshed I would cause.

Getting up, I skipped over to the wardrobe and chucked a navy blue pinafore with ruffles on the sleeves, black tights, and gloves. I neatly folded them and deposited them in Assef's rucksack. ''Can I get anything else?''

''Sure. Uh, hammers, knives, matches. Anything you can think of that'll cause pain,'' was his response to me.

''Ooh, yes!'' Before he could even open his mouth, I ran from the room, shrieking in joy. This was not just another childish facade. I truly did get this overexcited with regards to hurting people. Hopefully, after today, I would be able to put this incident behind me.

''You're going to pay for what you did to me, Aarash. I'll gut Farsef's ass like a deer!'' I exclaimed triumphantly as I walked round the kitchen to where Papa kept his garage tools. My eyes narrowed darkly as I picked up a large claw hammer, licking my lips.

A pack of matches rested on the worktop. Good. I snatched them up, along with some butchers knives and a potato peeler. Was I torturing someone or cooking a meal? Ha! I bolted up to my room again, kneeling down and extending my findings to Assef, still crouched over the bag.

''There you are, kiddo.'' He took the hammer from me, clearing a space for it. ''Hey, you know what I was thinking? Why don't you phone Adia jan? She might want to come join in the fun?'' Instinctively, I knew what he meant by this.

''REALLY! YEAH! I'll go phone her right now!'' Assef barked a laugh, ruffling my hair. I hurriedly darted into my parents bedroom, where the landline was. I picked up the receiver and dialed my bitch's number. Her timid little voice answered on the second ring. ''Hello?''

''Hello, Adia jan.'' She gasped; I could envision her holding the phone away from herself as if it were a venemous snake.

''Uh, g-good morning, Saria khanom.'' Such a respectful use of address warmed my cruel heart.

''Good morning, Adi. I'll get straight to the point. You're coming up to my house now. Mama and Papa are visiting relatives and I want my best friend to play with.'' Adia breathed out deeply.

''Cat got your tongue, Adia? Huh?'' I was getting annoyed by her lack of a decision.

Adia began stammering. ''Uh, y-yeah, cause Mommy and Daddy are g-gone away for t-the day so I'm on my own. Please let me have at least fifteen minutes to get ready.''

I squinted at the grandfather clock just beside Mama's dresser. ''See you at eleven then.'' My bitch knew how punctual I was and wouldn't dare incur my wrath by being even the slightest nanosecond late. I hung up and went back to Assef.

''She'll be up at eleven.'' Perching on the edge of the bed, I kicked my legs up and down, eyes darting about the room. Assef zipped up the bag.

''Okay then. Well, I'll have to let you girls play for a while. I need to sort a few more things.'' He leaned over and brushed my fringe to one side. ''Did you pack gloves, my dear?''

''Yep,'' I gestured to the front pocket. ''In there.'' Assef nodded, slowly getting to his feet. He peered out the window, his face an emotionless mask. For about two long minutes, he just stared.

''She's early,'' he said, more to himself than me. I leaned my elbows against the window sill.

''Huh?'' I squinted.

''It's Adia. Look, she's early.'' Assef pointed to a little figure trotting up the cobbled road, her black hair tied up in a long plait.

''Well, fuck it, punctual little cunt, isn't she?'' I jumped down from the bed, running my fingers through my hair. A faint knocking sound came from downstairs. My brother picked up his rucksack, and tossed it on a nearby swivel chair.

''Go open the door, kiddo. Let our guest in.'' Didn't need to tell me twice. I raced out into the landing, thundering downstairs. Honestly, I did feel very pleased about seeing my little bitch again. Once I got my revenge on Farsef, there would be no doubt who controlled Adia. Her knocking became more insistent.

Fucking pissed me off. ''ALRIGHT!'' I growled, slamming my hand against the wooden door. I fumbled with the lock for some time (it was quite high up, and remember, I'm fucking tiny) before managing to open it. My dear Adia lowered her eyes upon seeing me, biting down on her lip.

''Adia jan!'' I exclaimed, flinging my arms round her waist. I picked her up and spun around, laughing. I truly did feel this happy.

''Hello, Saria,'' the bitch muttered, shifting from one foot to another. ''You gonna come in? We're gonna have soo much fun today!'' I squealed, dragging her indoors.

''Watch out, Adia, my sister is a ball of energy today.'' Assef casually leant against the bannister, his arms folded.

I spoke out in German; ''Nur weil ich freue über einen Mord zu begehen mich.'' This meant, ''Only because I'm about to commit a murder.'' Adia had no clue as to what I'd just said, nor did she bother to ask. Ignorance would truly remain bliss for her. A bliss that would shatter into a million tiny pieces.

I took her by the hand and dragged her into the kitchen. ''I thought perhaps we might play a quick game of tennis? How does that sound?''

''Good. It sounds good.'' She nodded frantically, eager to please. I sniggered cruelly as I hauled my bitch outside, grabbing my tennis rackets as I went.

''Here. You serve,'' I ordered, tossing her the ball. Adia walked round to the opposite side of the net, bowing her head meekly.

''Don't be scared, pet, I'm not going to hurt you. You've already learned a valuable lesson from me, haven't you?'' She nodded, fingers gently tracing her stomach, remembering that fateful night. ''Come on, then. Let's play!''

We began to play, the frigid winter air circulating high above us. Adia's pleated skirt and cotton t-shirt did little to keep her warm. God. Can't the bitch dress herself properly? I know I dress weird but... At least I dress for the weather. ''Are you cold, jan?'' I asked, coming round to her side.

I hugged the bitch to me, resting my head against hers. ''Would you like to go in?'' God, Adia. Just where the fuck would you be if you didn't have me? I had to be sweet. Didn't want her to fear anything, just yet. She would be an imperative part of Farsef's torture. Lucky girl.

''Come on. I'm getting us both a drink.'' I gestured towards the kitchen. Adia hesitated, if only for a moment, then grasped my hand. Such an obedient child, wasn't she? We made our way back indoors. ''Let me get you a drink. Is apple juice okay?'' Ha. Like there was any need to ask. That girl would drink piss if I asked her to. Adia nodded, going over to the kitchen sink.

''I'll get them, Saria. Please.'' My God, the bitch is pleading to be allowed to serve me. I almost wanted to jump for joy. I sat down, crossing my legs.

''Alright. You're such a good friend. Thank you.'' She reached up and fetched two glasses from the press. I directed her to the refrigerator, where she fetched a large pitcher of apple juice. What a good little doggy. I took my glass from her, swallowing it down. ''Thank you, Adia.''

''You girls finished playing tennis?'' my brother asked, leaning casually against the door frame. He reached over, grabbing a lemon from our fruit bowl and juggling it. ''How's about we squeeze this into Farsef's wounds?'' he asked in German.

''Ja. Ja,'' I replied. Adia's eyes darted between us, not knowing how to react to our strange language. She glanced fearfully up at my older brother, chewing on her bottom lip. Assef walked over to stand next to us, muttering under his breath. He placed a hand on Adia's shoulder.

''Tell you what, Adi. Why don't you give Farsef a ring and tell him to come play? Saria never gets to spend much time with anybody her own age. Besides you, I mean.'' Adia glanced over at me. Her voice rose an octave.

''Saria, I...'' she exhaled deeply, not wanting to incur my legendary wrath. Slowly, and with a fearful look in her eyes, she got to her feet. ''Um, where is your phone?'' Assef smirked at me; our games were about to begin.

''There's one out in the hall. Go and phone him.'' As my bitch made her way over to the mahogany table, lifting the receiver, I couldn't help but feel a tad anxious. What if Aarash answered the phone? Would Adia be able to control her fear, or would she give the game away? I bit down hard on my knuckles as she dialed the number.

Do I even need to say how much of a Roulette Gambit this whole plan was? Adia turned, her eyes meeting mine. ''It's ringing!'' she mouthed. I nodded in satisfaction. About three long minutes later, I heard a timid male voice say, ''Hello?''

''Hello, F-Farsef, it's Adia,'' my bitch stuttered, leaning against the desk. ''I'm, uh, I'm in Saria's house at the moment. You know, Saria Ahmed?'' Farsef muttered something inconspicuously. ''What? Oh, uh, yes. Yes. She wants you to come play with us. When? Oh, um..''

Adia glanced over at me. ''Now. If you can.''

'And if you can't I'll fucking drag you over here,' I thought. Adia bent her knees. She inhaled, tapping her shoe against the floor, waiting. Just waiting. I remained still, my heart thumping in my chest. I placed a clenched fist up to my mouth, filling with tension. It all rested on his decision.

Obviously I couldn't just march up to his house and drag Farsef out. Not that I would anyway- I was still terrified of Aarash. And who could blame me? He beat me within an inch of my life! I got so lost in my own thoughts, I didn't even notice Adia placing the phone down, and running to my side.

''He's on the way! Farsef's on the way!'' She grabbed my hands and we both jumped up and down excitedly, squealing like crazy people. Nothing but a false show on my part. Assef chortled at my over exuberance. He leaned forward, so putting his mouth close to my ear.

''Kiddo, Father has a revolver in his study. Go and fetch it and some bullets,'' he whispered, in our mother's native tongue. I turned, addressing the conversation to my little bitch.

''Adia, I just need to fetch something. You go and wait by the door, just in case Farsef comes before I'm ready.'' Adia nodded obediently and sauntered off.

I didn't often go into Papa's study, in fact, the last time I had been in there was, well, the day after I met Adia. You know, when I had thrown that fit? Even now, all these months later, it still felt weird stepping in there. Unlike his youngest child, Papa was not an organised individual.

Chaos. That's what I'd describe it as. Absolute fucking chaos. Newspapers littered the floor, half-drunk cups of tea and coffee rested on every available surface. I waded through the crap, and snatched up the keys. 'Idiot, who just leaves things like this where anybody can find them?' I thought. I could hear the faint sound of a person's knuckles rapping on the door.

My heart soared. I fumbled with the keys as I giddily unlocked the safe, grabbing a handful of bullets. I placed one into the barrel of the gun, and shoved the rest into my pockets. With this done, I made sure everything was as I had found it, then bounced up the stone steps to Adia and Farsef in the kitchen. I grabbed the young man up in a warm embrace, stroking the back of his dark hair. ''It's nice to see you again, Farsef jan,'' I spoke loudly, making allowances for him being half-deaf. The ignorant little shit pushed me away from him, eyes narrowing.

''Hello, Saria. Thank you for inviting me up to your home,'' he said in a matter-of-fact tone of voice. Glancing out the doorway, I noticed my brother standing in the hall, receiver pressed to his ear. I gestured for the others to stay put, and went to stand beside him.

''Kamal,'' he mouthed, gesturing to the phone with one hand and stroking my blonde hair with the other.

''Good,'' I responded.

Assef began speaking in a very demanding tone. ''Kamal, it's Assef. I want you to do something for me. Saria and I are going up to the woods. You and Wali meet us there. Oh, and bring Mirwais.''

Mirwais was Kamal's empire scorpion, he'd bought him as a pet back when they were children. I knew how attached he was to the little monster. Still, Kamal wouldn't dare to anger my brother. Who's names were carved upon his skin? I could picture his terrified face in the back of my mind. Fucking little cunt. Assef heaved an impatient sigh, chewing on his bottom lip. He tapped his wrist, sort of like a person does when checking the time. Finally, Kamal gave an answer.

''Um, o-okay, Assef. I'll be r-right there. And I'll bring Wali, a-and Mirwais.'' Assef nodded.

''Good. See you there. Tell no-one about this, understood?'' Kamal gulped; he must know something is about to happen. What could he do about it, though? He was just another pawn for us to exploit. Another worthless slave.

''Of course. See you,'' he responded, and I heard the 'click' of the phone being put down on his end of the line. My brother and I smiled mischievously at each other. There was no time like the present, as the saying goes. Farsef gulped in fear as Assef strode towards him, catching the front of his green plaid shirt, and leaning in towards his face.

''Here's what your going to do. Phone your brother, and tell him to come meet us in the woods. The one with the pond. Don't tell him who you're with, am I clear?'' he half-barked at the child. Farsef nodded, too afraid of my brother to do much else. You don't refuse an order from someone who ripped your ear off. Well, not unless you're an idiot.

Assef looked at me, his eyes twinkling, both of us quietly sharing in a private, macabre joke. Farsef turned, walking out into the hall, shoes clacking with every fucking step. ''Why don't you run upstairs and get the bags, kiddo?'' Assef told me, glancing out at Farsef.

Adia's brown eyes widened, and I saw her mouth, ''Bags?'' I rolled my eyes but didn't answer her. Farsef gave me a sad smile as I thumped up to my room, catching the bags in my hands (Fucking weight!) and lugging them all the way downstairs. I tensed up at hearing Aarash's voice coming over the line.

''What? In the forest? Damn it, Fars, why? God, I'm busy!'' Assef drew a line across his throat with his index finger, a cold look in his eyes.

''Please, my brother. I have.. a... a surprise.'' Farsef's voice crackled on the last word. It was almost like he was scared of Aarash. Not that I could blame him, but still - who'd honestly be afraid of their own flesh and blood?

''I'll come. See you in a minute, Fars. Yeah, I love you too. Bye.'' Farsef slammed the phone down, and came back into the kitchen. Adia reached over and took his hand. 'Isn't that sweet?' I thought sarcastically, quickly grabbing my long black overcoat and pink rucksack. Assef took my hand, squeezing my fingers gently, and flung the gym bag over his shoulder. He inclined his head, ushering Adia and Farsef out the door.

There was a silent, tense atmosphere, just like a pin dropping, as we led our newest victim out into the forest. Farsef and Adia clutched hands, walking beside us in trepidation, probably scared my Assef or I would attack each time we rounded a corner. The little friendship they'd struck up was quite endearing. Perhaps, in some alternate universe, where I did not exist, they could have been, oh, I don't know, lovers? Too bad it won't ever happen. Adia is my property, and I won't hand ownership of her to anybody, including a man. I was her leader, her friend, her confidant.

Nobody could take my power from me. Assef kept a firm clasp upon my little gloved hand as we strolled purposefully in the dark woods. The sunlight was fading, creating new shadows and dark patches around us. There was a light, cool breeze, whistling through each distorted tree trunk, a sense of calm in an otherwise unnerving place. Farsef hesitated, taking it all in.

''Hurry up!'' Assef snapped, dragging him along by the collar. Glancing over, I noticed my bitch shivering, and couldn't understand why. I had been filled with a profound sense of warmth since coming here. Maybe thinking about hurting Farsef just did that for me. I don't know. The trees were bare, save for the icicles dangling off even the littlest branches, and my feet slid through the icy ground.

I could just make out the large pond right in the centre of the forest. The ice had long since cracked away. I began reminiscing of times when Assef would take me sledding, back in the days of our youth. The forest became even more intimidating, the closer we got to the pond. I noticed Wali and Kamal approaching. Kamal held Mirwais' cage in one hand. My brother gestured for us all to stop.

We moved forward, hands clasped behind our backs, as we directed little Farsef against a huge oak tree. Assef looked at me, nodding. I could hear my bitch scream loudly as Assef threw himself on Farsef, grabbing his jacket and tearing it off. Between Assef and I, we managed to force the struggling child onto his knees. I reached out and tugged at his shirt.

''WHAT ARE YOU DOING? ASSEF! SARIA! WHAT?'' he yelled, batting my hands away. I tore his shirt clean off, laughing at the noise made by the popping buttons. Stripping him was quite difficult a task due to my gloves. Assef unzipped Farsef's khaki pants, while I removed his trainers and fading yellow socks.

Adia covered her eyes, wailing loudly. God, was nudity that embarrassing to her? Once we had successfully removed Farsef's clothes, my brother pulled something from his rucksack, and handed it to Wali and Kamal. ''Come here and tie him up,'' he demanded. Wali's eyes narrowed. He let the rope fall into the snow. Disobedient little cunt.

He was lucky we needed him. I've always noticed Wali is less afraid of my Assef than Kamal. Speaking of Kamal, I noticed him putting Mirwais' cage safely down on a nearby rock. The little monster did unnerve me a tad. Not quite as much as those Alligator lizards, but it did. Assef leaned in close, jabbing his finger at Wali. ''Oh, problem? I don't recall you making this much fuss when it was my Saria you were tying up.'' He gestured to the ropes.

''DO IT!'' he barked. Kamal and Wali knelt down in the snow, taking a piece of rope in each hand, and crawling to Farsef. He began thrashing as they held him down.

''NO! NO PLEASE! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? PLEAAASEEEE DON'T DO THIS!'' Farsef screamed, kicking desperately. ''HELP! SOMEONE HELP! ANYBODY!'' He called out, though, of course, no-one came. Adia ran forward, tripping over herself, tears dripping from her chin. She grabbed at Assef's shirt, tugging hard to get his attention. Her eyes were bloodshot from crying.

''P please, agha, please don't hurt him! Please! L-leave m my friend alone! PLEASE!'' she wailed in total despondency. Assef knocked her to the ground with a fierce backhand. She yelped and scrambled away from him.

''You shut your goddamn mouth, bitch!'' Assef snarled. Once my victim was properly restrained, Assef hid behind a nearby tree, just waiting for Aarash to show up. I walked to Farsef and began kicking him mercilessly in the ribs, laughing at each yelp he gave.


''SARIA AHMED!'' I whipped round to see Aarash running towards me, his face contorted in rage. Upon seeing his big brother, Farsef tried to get up, and, laughably, failed. ''AARASH! AARASH HELP ME! THEY'RE GONNA KILL ME!'' Aarash quickly advanced, fist raised. ''You're going to regret this, you German slut!'' he screamed.

Before he could punch me, Assef materialised behind him, grabbing the older boy round the waist and forcing him onto his knees. ''Come here, little sister,'' Assef said. I walked briskly over, grinning. Assef kicked my enemy, wrestling Aarash down so his head was bowed at my feet. ''I think you owe Saria an apology, don't you?'' He leaned down, spitting on Aarash's face. ''Go on, start grovelling.''

''To that slut? NO CHANCE! NO CHANCE IN FUCKING HELL!'' Assef began laughing insanely, putting his foot on Aarash's back.

''I don't think you get it, huh, Aarash? You see, if you don't start begging my sister's forgiveness, we'll make this hurt a lot more for little Farsef. And trust me, it's going to hurt a lot! So, what's it gonna be? Huh?'' Aarash lowered his face into the snow. His voice cracked with utter shame.

''Saria, I-I apologise, for w-what I d did to you. It was.. I'm sorry. Please forgive me.'' Assef grabbed him under the arms, dragging him over to a nearby tree. I could hear Aarash swearing like no tomorrow. My brother quickly chained him, tying double knots in the long ropes. I walked over to Adia, picking her up and jabbing my hand at Farsef.

''You're going to help me, Adi,'' I ordered. Her fearful eyes darted between me, Farsef and Aarash. She gulped.

''W-what's going on, Saria?''

I reached into my pocket. Took out the gun. Rolled the barrel. Cocked the hammer. Pointed it right between Adia's eyes. Smirked. ''We're going to play a little game.''

In the next chapter, things take a turn for the unexpected when Saria finally gets revenge that she has been craving...

Author's Note: Thank you for reading this story. As mentioned in an earlier chapter, I have already had these chapters typed up and saved, and therefore was able to publish them all in the one day. Please feel free to send any feedback you wish. As always, PMs with ideas are welcomed and much appreciated..

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