Devil with the Angel's Eyes (16+)

(Based on Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner)

Saria Ahmed is Assef's twelve year old sister, a charming young girl with bright blue eyes, and curly blonde hair. With her girly dresses and sweet demeanour, she comes across as the perfect child. But there is evil lying just beneath the innocent facade, a darkness that is sometimes beyond her control...

Any characters, words or plot devices taken from the Kite Runner are copyrighted by Khaled Hosseini and Dreamworks studios. I do not own them, and no copyright is intended. Saria Ahmed, and any other characters not owned by Hosseini are owned by me.

Please note that this story does contain strong violence, language and mature themes, but it is meant to reflect the violent and sociopathic natures of both Saria and Assef, and is told from Saria's unique first person perspective. If you are under the age, or maturity level of 16, or are in any way squeamish about violence, please do not read this story. Any feedback/ideas are welcomed.


25. Tragic News

In the last chapter, Assef was held down and forced to watch as his baby sister was brutally beaten and molested by Aarash and his friends. Saria was equally as shocked to discover that Adia was in cahoots with Aarash. She soon lost conciousness.. Now we continue with the same day as Saria discovers the full extent of her injuries...

I was dead. Yes. There was no other way about it. I tried not to think about it as the sounds around me grew dimmer and dimmer. I tried to push it to the back of my mind. To convince myself that I was going to be fine. That I was not going to die today. But it couldn't be helped. The thoughts creeped into my fragile mind no matter how much I tried to push them out. No matter how hard I tried not to think of them. No matter how much I tried to change the subject. That was the only thing going around in my head.

'You're going to die,' I thought to myself. 'You're going to die here. You're going to die and there's nothing and no one who can save you.' The strange thing was, I was okay with this. Scared to death yes, pardon the pun. But oddly at peace as well. What had transpired today had only strengthened me in the knowledge that the whole world is against me. That everybody hated me, even though all I ever fucking wanted was to make this world better. I wanted to have the perfect race, the perfect family, perfect life. Now is that really so much for a twelve-year-old to ask?

It struck me then just how young I was. 'Twelve,' I thought to myself. 'I turned twelve this year. I had a pink dress on. With ribbons. Mama and Papa gave me a big birthday party. With fireworks.' I smiled inwardly as I thought of them. Their brilliance and beauty lighting up the sky. I thought about how happy I had been. I truly had felt like the innocent little girl everyone else perceived me as. You see, I'm not a monster. I do find beauty in simple things. Yes, most of the things I find beauty in involve the torture of other people. Their rapes and murders.

But still, I can appreciate things that other children do too. Like fireworks. Big, bright fireworks like they had at my twelfth birthday. A surprise, Papa had said. For his little girl. His little girl that was now dying. And where the fuck was he? Certainly not here to save my life, that was for sure. I hoped that Mama and Papa would suffer when they came to fetch my body from the morgue. I wanted them to feel pain, guilt. To know that they could have saved me if only they had not gone away. I wanted them to suffer. The thought gave me peace. I wanted to have something good to hold onto before I passed on.

What's the afterlife like? I wondered this as I lay here. Surely one could argue that somebody like myself would go straight to hell. That I would be sent to be tortured for all eternity. I didn't believe this though. I tried to make the world better. I tried and I failed. You cannot hold this against me and neither can any God that may or may not exist. Now I was beginning to get scared.

Maybe it was fear of death or the unknown. Or Hell fire. What would await me? I didn't know. I felt scared and at peace all at the same time. Yes, I know that sounds odd so fucking shoot me! I knew that I should feel safe if I were dying but I didn't feel that yet. Maybe I had to just let go of the fears and doubts in my mind for me to pass on. I tried to clear my mind of any thoughts. To let go of anything I might have been holding onto. I wanted to move on. I wanted to be at eternal peace. All I wanted was for the fear and pain to end.

'God take me. I want to go.' I thought to myself. Apparently he wasn't getting the fucking memo. I was beginning to get seriously pissed off at the guy in the sky. Why wasn't he taking me? WHY AM I STILL FUCKING HERE? WHY DOES IT STILL HURT? All I could see was total darkness all around me. Total blackness. It scared the fucking shit out of me. I wondered whether this was Hell. Is this what I have to look forward to? Eternal blackness. Perhaps it represented my heart? Hmm. How fucking ironic for me. Bright spots of light danced in front of my eyes. Now what the fuck was going on now? 'Right God this had better be fucking good!' I thought to myself.

All I wanted was to have some goddamn answers. I'm not a patient person as I'm sure you have guessed by now. I do not like to be kept waiting. Not even by a deity. God and I were going to be having a serious talk when I eventually moved on to wherever the fuck it was that I was going to. 'Come on God! COME ON!' I thought vehemently. The bright spots of light were getting even fucking brighter. They were now almost blinding me. 'Great. Just fucking great. I'm blind as well as dead,' I thought to myself. The spots seemed to dance all around me. Now I was getting pissed.

They were moving to form a single object. A tiny figure standing before me. A little boy. 'Okay God, now what the fuck is happening?' I thought in confusion. The little boy stood in front of me, bathed in brilliant golden light.

He wore a pair of blue dungarees with little red buttons on them. He had light, blond coloured hair which was starting to curl slightly at the top. His skin was a delicate, light shade. Like a little cherub doll. His eyes were a vibrant blue and he was barefoot. He waved his star-fish shaped hands at me. 'Sister!' I heard his sweet voice in my head. I found myself standing in front of him. 'Sawia!' he said, unable to pronounce his 'R's.'

'Abdul?' I thought to myself. I knelt down and gathered my lost brother into my arms, choking back sobs. 'My brother. My brother,' I thought to myself, tears spilling down my face. Abdul looked up at me and gently kissed my face. His innocent mannerisms were so charming. I could really feel the genuine love that he had for his 'baby' sister. Well, that seemed to be more like I was the 'big' sister now, didn't it? I felt tears drip down my face and onto Abdul's blond curls.

It made me sad for the life that he could have lived with me. Abdul gently kissed me once again on the cheek. I started tearing up. I truly felt compassionate for this little boy. Maybe we were going to move on together? I would like that. To have my brother take me to the next life. We held each other for what seemed like forever. I wanted to protect this little boy from everything bad that the world could do to him.

How sweet it was to watch his little hands grab my finger, to see his little face lighting up at the sight of me. I'm not a monster. I do feel things. I DO feel love and caring. But only for my brothers. Abdul rested his head on my chest for a few long minutes. 'Sister,' he said again.

'Brother,' I replied. I held him as tight as I could, not wanting him to leave me. I wanted us to move on together. As family. Abdul kissed my face again. He gently took my hands and guided them away from himself. 'What? No!' I thought desperately. My brother began to toddle away from me.

I got up and started to run after him. 'No Abdul! NO! NO!' I thought desperately to myself as I struggled after Abdul. He took one last glimpse of me before he started to fade away. 'No! No!' I collapsed to my knees on the ground. My body wracked with sobs. 'DON'T LEAVE ME, BROTHER!' But he couldn't, or wouldn't hear me, as he glowed a brilliant golden colour, then disintegrated into nothingness.

I could feel the blackness returning. I couldn't even see myself anymore. Was I doomed to walk around in blackness for all eternity? 'Abdul!' I thought. 'Brother, come back!' I could hear laughter. Aarash's voice.

''Aww, get up you filthy whore!'' he teased. I felt something nudge my body. Perhaps his toe. ''Oh well. I've had my fun here in any case. Come, boys.'' He said to his followers. I could hear them cackling. The blackness still remained. One of the boys must have spat on me again because I felt something wet and sticky hit me in the face. It was fucking disgusting!

At least I didn't seem to be dead. That was good. Aarash's laughter rang in my ears as he and his goons ran past me. Their footsteps thundering like echoes. I still could see nothing but blackness. Could I even open my eyes? ''Well, thank you for letting us spend time with your sister, Assef. We had fun. Thanks.'' I heard Aarash say in that irritating voice of his.

The boys holding my brother must have dropped his arms, because I heard them laughing and the sounds of footsteps thundering away. I wanted to move. I wanted to get up and run to my brother, but I couldn't. Assef was at my side in an instant. I felt him flip me over onto my back as he frantically struggled to untie the rope binding my wrists and ankles.

''Oh God, how fucking tight did he tie these thing?'' My brother swore to himself. His voice was still slightly blurred. I felt him pulling at the rope around my wrists, loosening it. I felt him flip me over onto my stomach, then gather my limp body onto his lap. ''Saria?'' I heard him say, his voice choked with tears. ''Saria please, kiddo. Wake up! WAKE UP!''

My poor brother must have been in bits. I could hear the desperation in his voice. The terrified pleas. I honestly didn't feel as though I could move. I wanted to. I wanted to, but I couldn't. I was still as a fucking statue and there was nothing that I could do about it. Assef began crying my name out again.

''Saria, Saria!'' he cried. I felt his hand gently stroking my head. His touch was soft, peaceful. A welcome comfort to the blackness that I now found myself in. I had time to ruminate. Why? Why had this happened to me? What did I ever do to Aarash to make him hate me so much? To make him want to hurt me in such dreadful ways. Why had he done this to me? What had I done? Why did these boys hate me so much? All I could think about were these questions. Thanks to my fucking state of unconsciousness all I could fucking do was think. Such a boring feat for me. Assef continued to stroke my hair. His voice sounding more and more desperate.

''Come on, kiddo, you know I don't appreciate people messing around,'' he tried to joke. The somber mood didn't leave any time for joking, however. I could hardly imagine what was going through my dear brother's head at this moment. Nor do I want to. I could tell he was crying just by listening to him. I felt such genuine pity. ''Saria, please kiddo. Wake up. Wake up, kiddo.'' I heard him crying out in total and utter desperation.

I wanted to fucking wake up! Believe me I did. Do you think I enjoy hearing the one person that I love cry over me? Would you? I don't fucking think so! Assef continued to stroke my hair and face, all the while calling out for me to wake up.

''I'm here, kiddo. Okay? Assef's here, sweetheart. Just... Saria, don't you dare do this to me! DON'T YOU DIE ON ME, SARIA AHMED! Please, sister...'' he trailed off, his voice choked with tears and desperation.

I felt so fucking pissed off at myself. My big brother, my only true companion, was crying over me and I couldn't even fucking open my eyes or speak to him. 'You are going to wake up right now, Saria Ahmed,' I chastised myself. I forced my fingers to move, latching onto my brother's hand as he placed it over my own. I managed to squeeze his fingers tight.

''Saria?'' he asked, a hint of hope in his voice. ''Saria, kiddo, can you open your eyes for me? Can you do that?'' he asked. Slowly, very slowly, my eyes flickered open. I looked to my right. A blurred shape loomed over me. I blinked a few times and Assef's face swam into focus. His eyes were bloodshot and his nose runny. He definitely had been crying for a long time.

Perhaps hours or more. I wondered how long I had been lying here? How much time has passed while I lay in total darkness? Assef's face broke out into the happiest smile I'd ever seen from him. He began breathing heavily. ''Thank God,'' he whispered. I found this rather ironic seeing as how my brother wasn't exactly the religious type. Assef gathered me into his arms and gently cradled me. ''Thank God, thank God,'' he kept repeating over and over to himself. I felt some of his tears fall onto my blonde curls.

Neither of us spoke for a moment. There were no words that could adequately describe what we were both feeling. Not even the finest parchment could convey the complex range of emotions we both felt at this time. For what seemed like eternity, we just held each other. Big brother and little sister.

Then Assef cleared his throat. ''Saria, oh God, I am so sorry, kiddo. This is all my fault, I'm sorry, if I hadn't been so fucking stupid!'' he said all in one breath. ''I should have known, I should have fucking known that something was up. I don't speak to Wali or Kamal in weeks and suddenly they have a surprise? Stupid, so fucking STUPID!'' he berated himself. ''I never wanted... Oh God, I'm so sorry.'' This was all he could seem to say over and over again.

I placed a finger over my brother's lips to hush him up. ''Assef..'' I said. ''This is not your fault. Do you understand me?'' I spoke sternly. ''Aarash did this. Wali and Kamal did this. Even Adia did this, but you know what? You didn't do this. You couldn't have known this was going to happen. I don't blame you, and you shouldn't blame yourself either,'' I said with strong conviction.

Assef rested his head against mine, tears streaming down his face. His body racked with sobs. He couldn't find the words to say. I just let him cradle me, tears spilling from my eyes and onto my torn, bloodstained dress. ''I love you,'' Assef said, stroking my cheek. ''I love you so much, kiddo. Okay? You know that, right?'' he said.

I nodded as best as I could. ''Yeah, Assef, I know. I love you too, my brother,'' I whispered. Assef smiled sadly and kissed my forehead. I felt so happy to be alive and to know that he was here with me. I looked down at myself. My once pretty dress was now completely torn and stained with blood and dirt.

My shoes were scuffed from where I had kicked at the ground and I noticed harsh red rope burns around each of my ankles. I also noticed matching burns on my wrists. My left wrist was mottled with bruises and twisted at an odd angle. It was very fucking obvious that it was broken. I had bruises on the insides of my ankles from when Wali had forced them apart just before Aarash was about to... I shuddered at the thought.

I took a deep breath, then instantly regretted it. There was a burning pain in my right side. Clearly Aarash had broken at least one or more of my ribs. The pain in my stomach and lower abdomen was excruciating, as was the pain in my wrist, legs, and jaw. Every fucking part of me ached. Perhaps I was on adrenaline or something that I didn't feel it earlier. Perhaps it was just that I was so happy to be alive, to see Assef again. Perhaps it could be any combination of these factors but what did it matter? I was in total and utter agony now. Assef placed the back of his cool hand against my burning cheek and I screamed, pushing him away. That's how sore it was.

My eyes rolled back as I shook in pain. I started screaming and shaking. ''What? What is it?'' Assef asked, his eyes widening in concern.

''Hurts. It HURTS!'' I screamed. My throat was hoarse from all the screaming that I had done. Nothing that Assef said or did could soothe me.

''Where, kiddo? Where does it hurt?''

''Everywhere!'' I exclaimed. Perhaps I was being a bit overdramatic here but this was honestly how I fucking felt.

''Can you be specific, honey?'' Assef asked.

I gulped. ''My ribs, my left wrist, my right ankle and my stomach. All of my stomach,'' I explained.

Assef's breath hitched. He gently placed a hand on my forehead. ''And you're really burning up here, sister.''

I was in shock it seemed. ''Really, Assef? Cause the rest of me is freezing. Maybe it's just cause my dress is ripped,'' I explained.

''Maybe, kiddo,'' my brother replied. He looked down at me in utter dismay. ''Your face,'' he said. ''Your jaw is just covered in bruises,'' he said sadly, shaking his head. His eyes pooled with tears again. I honestly felt genuine pity and compassion both for him and myself in this moment. Assef didn't seem to know what to do. Whether to hold me or not without hurting me.

He ran a hand through his hair and sighed deeply. Assef got up from his kneeling position and began to pace around me. He took quick, sharp breaths. I just lay there, unable to move. ''I need to get you to a hospital,'' Assef said. He extended his hand to me. ''Can you walk, kiddo?'' he asked. I took my brother's hand and tried to pull myself up. Tried being the fucking operative word. I staggered against Assef and almost sent both of us careering to the ground. My brother gave me a sympathetic smile.

I couldn't hold the weight on my ankle. 'Yup, I've definitely broken this fucking thing,' I thought to myself. Assef placed a hand on the back of my head. The blood had already dried in my pretty blonde head. I hope I won't have any fucking brain damage like that Fahrsan cunt. How ironic would that be?

Assef held me upright. ''Best thing to do I suppose would be for me to carry you,'' he told me.

''To hospital?'' I asked. ''But that's like two hours away in the car.''

Assef shook his head. ''No, not that hospital, sweetheart. There's another one, just after opening up. Only about ten minutes or so on foot," he explained.

''Okay,'' I said.

''Right, I'm going to pick you up now, kiddo. Alright?'' I nodded. Assef bent down and placed his hands under my knees. I wrapped one arm around his shoulder as he scooped me up bridal style.

''It's a good thing you're so light, kiddo,'' he quipped. I giggled slightly. We started making our way back down the barracks. I felt a little jumpy as Assef began to cross over the creek. It had clearly been raining while I was passed out. The stones looked very slippery. I didn't want my brother to go flying into the water.

''Be careful, Assef, please,'' I said.

''I will be, kiddo.'' He tightened his grip on me, trying his best not to cause any harm. I still felt very fucking nervous as he crossed over those wet and slippery stones. Finally, we got over it. My mind was drawn to Aarash. The fucking bastard who had done this to me. I looked up at my brother with tears in my eyes.

''He... touched me,'' I admitted, almost ashamed of this fact. ''Aarash touched me. On the.. panties.'' I began crying with total shame.

''Oh God...'' Assef breathed in deeply, tears streaming down his face. I brushed them away with my thumb.

''Assef, when he was about to... And then you... You tried to..'' I couldn't even find the right words for the situation. To express the deep gratitude that I felt. ''Thank you,'' I said. ''But please, I couldn't bear to see you hurt. I couldn't. I would rather die!'' I emphasised. Assef's breath hitched when I said those words.

''And I would rather die than see my little sister get... get raped,'' he replied. ''You have absolutely no idea how special you are to me, Saria.'' I could tell he was getting emotional again.

''In any case, thank you. Knowing you would go through all that for me. It means a lot.''

''Anything for you, little sister.'' Assef replied. He began making his way, cautiously, down the hill. I clung to him the way a toddler would to their parent. The pain was indescribable. Assef just kept stroking my hair in an attempt to soothe me. It hurt like hell. Do I even need to say this again?

''How much longer?'' I asked.

''Not long, kiddo. Just hang on in there for me. I know it hurts.'' He tried to soothe me. ''Saria, we need to think of a story as to why you are this way. To keep Mother and Father from knowing.'' I understood why my brother was saying this. It was to keep us both in the clear when the time for vengeance eventually came. ''Oh! I know. We'll kill two bird with one stone. I'll say you were mugged by a Hazara.''

''Hopefully then the police will find one and execute him for it.'' I managed a slight giggle.

''Hopefully, kiddo.'' I could see the large white building that was the hospital getting closer. Assef had barely carried me up to the gate when two nurses came flying up the path toward us.

''Oh my God! Oh my God!'' one exclaimed as he saw me. ''Get her a stretcher, STAT!'' she yelled at her comrade. I was taken from my brother's arms and placed down on a stretcher. The nurses were taken aback by my injuries. As would most people be I assume. ''It's going to be okay, darling. It's going to be okay,'' said one of them. I appreciated her kind and gentle nature. I really did. ''What's your name, little girl?'' she asked.

''Saria. Saria Ahmed,'' I replied.

''And you are?'' she barked at my brother.

''Assef Ahmed. Her older brother,'' Assef replied. They wheeled me into the hospital. I was surprised by how fucking clean it was. Everything was absolutely immaculate. Nothing out of place. The nurse, whose name I honestly can't remember at this moment, wheeled me into Accident and Emergency.

''How old are you, Saria?'' she asked.

''Twelve. I'm twelve years old,'' I answered. She looked astounded at this fact. Yes, I know, I'm fucking small. What am I supposed to do about it? A tall, athletic looking doctor in about his early thirties came over to us. He seemed just as taken aback by my injuries.

''Little girl, what happened to you?'' he asked.

''I got mugged. By a Hazara man,'' I lied through my teeth. The doctor just shook his head.

''He just came out of nowhere and started attacking her. I tried to stop him but he was too strong. He said he would kill her if I did anything,'' Assef added, seating himself on one of the vacant chairs.

''You're her brother then, I assume?'' the doctor asked. He leaned over to shake Assef's hand.

Assef nodded. ''My name is Assef Ahmed and this is my baby sister, Saria,'' he said politely, though his eyes were fixed on mine, a deep concern showing in them.

''Well Assef, Saria, my name is Dr. Behnam.'' He placed a hand over mine. ''I'm going to make sure you get the best possible care, okay, sweetie?'' he said.

I nodded. ''Okay,'' I replied with as much innocence as possible.

''Do you want to call your parents and let them know what happened?'' Dr. Behnam directed this question to my brother. ''There's a phone just around the corner, in our office,'' he explained, gesturing to it with his finger.

''Alright then. Be back in a minute, kiddo.'' With that, Assef left me alone with the doctor and nurses. One of them, a slightly pale, overweight nurse, was becoming teary eyed at my predicament. Perhaps she had children around my age or something. I don't know. I don't even know the names of these bitches to be honest.

Being around people who aren't my brother makes me feel very awkward and a situation like this just makes it ten times more awkward. ''Poor child,'' the woman said sympathetically. I almost rolled my eyes. After about twenty minutes or so, Assef came strolling back, hands in his pockets.

''I got through, but they're away on business and can't get back. In which case, I'll be acting in loco parentis for her,'' he told Dr. Behnam.

''And how old are you?'' Dr. Behnam asked.

''I'm sixteen. Seventeen in August,'' Assef replied.

''Alright then,'' Dr. Behnam turned to face me. ''I'm just going to perform a quick examination on you. Okay, dear?''

"Yes, sir. That's fine.'' He took out a stethoscope and placed it on my chest. Breathing in and out was very fucking painful what with the state of my ribs. ''Okay, sweetheart, can you extend your right arm for me?'' I did so with ease. ''Hmm. And your left, Saria?''

I shook my head frantically. ''I don't wanna! No, it hurts! No! Assef!'' I complained. I probably sounded more like a two-year-old than a twelve-year-old. Assef was understanding. He put his hand on my leg reassuringly.

''It's okay, kiddo. You don't have to if it hurts.'' Not one to be ignored, however, that cunt Dr. Behnam grabbed my wrist and inspected it. I let out a gasp of pain, gritting my teeth. ''I'd say that's broken. And your ankle too,'' he said.

''No shit,'' Assef snapped in German. I smirked. The doctor didn't even take any notice of us. He just kept scribbling things down on his notepad. ''And did you say your tummy hurt too?'' he asked.

''Yeah. The bad man just kept hitting and hitting me there. I begged him not to but he just.. kept hitting,'' I explained. Dr. Behnam nodded.

''Okay, sweetie. I'm just going to lift up your dress. Can you lie back down for me?'' I'll admit, I did tense up when he said he had to lift up my dress. Wouldn't you if you had just been felt up?

''It's okay, kiddo,'' Assef reassured me in German. ''He won't hurt you.''

''What language is that you're speaking?'' Fat Nurse (I'm calling her that since I don't know her name) asked.

''German. Our mother is German,'' Assef told her. She nodded at this fact, but didn't press the issue any further. Dr. Behnam slowly lifted up my dress. He inhaled sharply when he saw my injuries.

''Oh sweet lord!'' he breathed. ''What kind of sick monster would do this to a little girl?'' he asked, shaking his head.

''It doesn't even bear thinking about,'' Fat Nurse replied. Dr. Behnam began feeling around my stomach. It hurt more than words could describe. I hissed in pain every time that he pressed down.

''Now sweetie, I think we're going to need to get you down to X-ray. Just to see the extent or the breaks,'' he explained. ''Nurse Arghavan will take you to change into a hospital gown. Okay?'' I nodded. Nurse Arghavan wheeled me into a small room and shut the door behind me.

She helped me to remove my dress and change into a cotton hospital gown. Thankfully the fucking thing wasn't backless so I didn't have to worry about exposing myself to the whole of A and E. ''Can my brother come in with me?'' I asked.

She nodded. ''Of course, dear. If that's what you want.'' With that being said, she once again had me lie upon the gurney as she wheeled me down the corridor. I was struck by the amount of people that were here. So many injuries. I spotted a young boy of about five, nursing a broken arm. I had to refrain from laughing out loud as we passed him and I got a glimpse of his tear stained face.

'Dumbass,' I thought to myself. I kept looking straight ahead as I was wheeled into the X-ray room. ''Dr. Behnam will bring your brother down in one moment,'' Nurse Arghavan explained kindly. She took a deep breath. ''Little girl, uh, Saria, can you tell me what this man looked like who attacked you?'' I racked my brains for a few minutes, trying to think up a description.

I then remembered a Hazara man who I had often seen around the market. ''Um, he was tall. Really tall like six foot or thereabouts. He was wearing a dark red chapan with beige trousers. Um, he had green eyes and brown hair. I think he may be somebody's servant or something. I don't know.''

''And he just started attacking you?'' she asked.

I nodded. ''Yes. I was out for a walk with my brother, and we took a short cut through this small alley. The mean man just came out of nowhere and started hitting and beating me. I don't know why,'' I said in a childish manner. Even after such a brutal attack I still was able to manipulate others. She bit her lip.

''It's okay, sweetie. We'll find and punish whoever did this to you,'' she said kindly.

'Not if I punish him first,' I thought to myself. I smiled at her. ''Thank you. That's all I can hope for. I really hope he goes to jail so nobody else has to suffer. That no other little girl gets hurt like I was,'' I told her sweetly. She placed her hand over mine. Hopefully the Hazara man who I just described would end up getting the rap for this. Yes, I still wanted to see Aarash get his due punishment but it would be even better if a Hazara got punished too. Even some innocent man who had nothing to do with my beating.

What did I care? Hazara's were scum anyway. Nurse Arghavan ran her fingers through my matted blonde hair. After about five or so minutes, Dr. Behnam appeared, closely followed by Fat Nurse and my brother. ''Okay, Saria, I'm going to ask you to lie up on the table there. Can you do that for me?''

''Sure.'' I hopped up gingerly on the long, cold table. Dr. Behnam stood behind a large machine, holding a button in his hand.

''This will only take a few minutes, darling. I need you to be very still for me,'' he said.

''I can do that,'' I responded. Assef smiled at me.

''We'll do your arm first,'' Fat Nurse explained. Oh, now I remember what her name was!

''Yes, that would be a good idea, Nurse Fareiba,' Dr. Behnam said. The overweight cunt made me extend my left wrist onto a small plate. There was a click and a flash. Dr. Behnam smiled at me.

''Good girl, Saria. You're doing very well. Just three more times now and we'll x-ray your ankle and chest. Alright?'' The x-ray machine clicked three times in quick succession. 'Let's get this fucking over with.' I thought impatiently. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. Dr. Behnam made me extend my right leg onto a plate.

I bit down on my lip. ''That's it, honey,'' he said as the machine clicked and flashed. ''Two more times from different angles.'' He said. Nurse Fareiba twisted my agonisingly sore ankle this way and that while the machine clicked and flashed on and off. This was getting to be very fucking tedious.

I just wanted to get myself sorted. ''You're such a good little girl,'' the doctor commented. ''Okay now, sweetheart, we're going to X-ray your chest now. Nurse Fareiba is going to put a plate over your chest. Okay?''

''Okay.'' I responded. Well what the fuck else was I supposed to say? In any case, what could I do about it? The nurse placed a large plate down on top of my chest. It was very fucking tight.

''Can you take a deep breath and hold it for me? Can you do that, Saria?''

'Fuck this is going to hurt,' I thought to myself. I did as the doctor ordered. Tears filled up in my eyes. Assef gently ran his fingers through my hair, trying to offer some comfort to me. He smiled at me. ''It's okay, kiddo. It will be over in just one moment,'' he said. The machine clicked and flashed again in succession.

''There. All done, sweetie. We're just going to take you to a ward now while we wait for the results. Would you like a private ward or would you like to go to the children's ward with other little girls your age?''

I made the decision in a snap. ''A private ward,'' I told him. I didn't need to spend time with any stupid little bitches. I prefer solitude. Now I would think this would be pretty fucking obvious.

''A private ward it is then. Nurse Arghavan will be taking you up there now.''

''Come and lie back in the gurney, Saria. I'll help you, dear,'' she said in a gentle, kind voice.

''Thank you kindly,'' I responded. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder as she supported my weight over to the gurney. I lay down again. Assef took my hand and gently squeezed it.

''I'm here, kiddo,'' he said. Nurse Arghavan wheeled me into an elevator with my brother close behind. She pressed a button.

''We have a ward on the third floor,'' she explained. I didn't answer her. We reached the third floor and I was once again wheeled down another fucking corridor. If I had a fucking coin take every time that had happened today. We reached the ward. It was small, white walls, small single bed and bathroom. I was helped onto the bed by my brother. He took one of the vacated seats and placed his hand over mine.

''Dr. Behnam will be in in just about ten minutes with your results. Do you want anything?''

''No, thank you.'' She nodded and seen herself out. Assef rubbed my hand with his thumb.

''It's all going to be okay, kiddo. You're going to be fine,'' he tried to reassure me.

''My stomach hurts,'' I said.

''I'm sorry, sweetheart. I'll make sure you're taken care of,'' my brother promised. ''And that those who did this to you are taken care of too.''

''Let me take care of Adia. She's mine!'' Do I even need to say what language we were speaking in? ''Of course,'' he nodded. He began to pace about the room.

''In that case, kiddo, leave Wali and Kamal to me. I promise you those boys are going to regret throwing away the friendship we had since we were five.''

''Are you going to stay friends with them?'' I asked.

''Those boys are going to be showing you and I a lot more respect. Either that or they'll pay the price,'' Assef promised me. He stood by the window, palms resting on the window sill. After about ten minutes, Dr. Behnam entered the room. A large clipboard was in his hands. He had a grim look on his face.

''You have a hairline fracture in the radius of your wrist, four of your ribs are broke and your ankle is broken.'' He looked at me. ''What is this world coming to, where someone would harm an innocent child? Why in God's name would a sweet little girl have to be hurt this way?'' 'Doctors probably said that about Ara too,' I thought.

''I guess some people are just mean. That's all,'' I replied innocently.

Dr. Behnam looked grimly at me. ''Saria, sweetheart, we also found that you have a lot of internal injuries around your abdomen. We need to take you into surgery immediately to fix you up.''

I went into immediate panic. My heart began to hammer like a trapped bird in the cage that was my ribs. Tears streamed down my face as I shook all over, both from the fear of this operation and the agonizing pain in my ribs. 'I can't breathe..' I thought, making my panic increase. Dr. Behnam placed a hand over mine, a look of concern etched upon his features. A sob clawed its way out of my chest, followed by another, then another, until I was in floods of tears.

I reached my hand out for my brother ."A-Assef, p-please, I don't wanna go for an operation. Please!" I managed to choke out between my sobs and the agonising pain in my ribs. Assef took my tiny hand in his.

He sighed. ''It's going to be fine, sweetheart. Nothing's going to happen to you. I promise. They have to do the surgery to fix your injuries.'' I started crying like a little lost toddler. I certainly didn't seem like the dangerous sociopath my victims know me as. Could I help it? I hated being in the hospital and the prospect of having these people cut me open and play with my organs was downright terrifying.

Dr. Behnam tried to reassure me. ''Sweetheart, everything's going to be fine. You're in the most capable of hands. Okay?'' I still wasn't convinced.

''I'm scared,'' I wept. I buried my face in my hands. This fear was genuine. Hospitals have always unnerved me when I'm the one inside as a patient. I didn't want to die here like Masood or Fahrsan. I pounded the bed with my fists. ''No, no, no, no!'' I cried. Assef reached out and grabbed my fists. he held then tightly and looked right in my eyes.

''Glaubst du, ich werde zu lassen diese Fotze alles tun, die Ihnen schaden würde?'' he asked seriously. This translated out to ''Do you think I'm going to allow this cunt do anything to harm you?''

I cocked my head to the side. ''Nein, ich weiß ihr habt nicht gewollt. Ich bin einfach nur Angst. Denken Sie an die Jungen mit Blinddarmentzündung? Ich will nicht ficken enden wie ihn!'' This meant ''No, I know you wouldn't. I'm just scared. Remember the boy with appendicitis? I don't wanna end up like him.'' Dr. Behnam looked on, not knowing what we were saying.

Assef squeezed my hand. He switched back to speaking Farsi. ''Saria, I'll be right there in the operating theatre with you.''

''Um, no you won't,'' that fucking doctor interrupted. ''I'm sorry but only the parents can come in. Hospital policy.''

''I'm the closest thing to a parent she has right now!'' Assef replied, fists clenched.

''That may be, young man, but the fact still remains that you are not this child's parent. You are her brother,'' Dr. Behnam responded in a stern voice. I seriously wanted to bash this guys brains in and rip his eyes out. To slit his throat ear to ear. I could tell from the look in Assef's eyes that he wanted the same thing. Dr. Behnam was one of the lucky few who got away with fucking with the Ahmed siblings. If this had been at any other time I probably would have slashed him into ribbons.

''Can't you make an exception? You see how scared she is?'' Assef asked.

''No exceptions. You can stay right outside the operating theatre but you are not to come in,'' he ordered. I fought to keep that innocent look in my face. I wanted to do unfathomable things to this man. Assef held my tiny hand in his.

''It's going to be okay, little sister,'' he tried to reassure me. He stroked my hair.

''I wish you could go in with me, brother,'' I said. I was milking the little girl act now. I wanted Dr. Behnam feeling guilty for his stupid rule. Pulling heartstrings is one of my gifts, along with murder and torture.

''I know, kiddo, but I'll be right there outside. You're going to be fine, sweetheart.'' He gently kissed me on the cheek and squeezed my hand with reassurance.

''When are we going to the operating theatre?'' I asked, dreading the answer.

''Uh, we'll have to go down there straight away. Your injuries are that severe,'' he explained to me in that patronising manner most people use when talking to a small child. I had to resign myself to my fate I guess. ''I'll bring in a gurney,'' he said. I nodded. I had no fucking choice did I? I had to do this. Dr. Behnam left the room and returned with the gurney.

''I want you to lift me onto it,'' I told my brother as it was wheeled around to the other side of the bed.

He stood up. ''Um, is that allowed or is there some sort of hospital policy against that as well?'' he asked Dr. Behnam cockily. The doctor shook his head and waved a dismissive hand. Assef lifted me up and gently placed me on the gurney. He walked by my side as we made our way to the operating theatre. ''You'll be fine kiddo. I'll be there when you wake up.'' He gently kissed my forehead. ''I love you. More than my own life.''

''I love you too, brother,'' I responded. I was then taken inside and placed upon the operating table. Nurse Arghavan placed a mask over my face. She gently stroked my cheek.

''Nighty night, sweetie pie. Everything will be fine,'' she said patronisingly. I seriously wanted to kill her. Her and all the other medical staff in this place.

I entertained the fantasy of using the scalpel to slowly slice their heads off and take a piss down their necks. Dr. Behnam would be first, no doubt about it at all. ''Everything will be fine, sweetheart,'' he told me, fixing his latex gloves. I seriously wanted to bash this guys brains right in.

To put enough holes in him he'd look more like a piece of cheese. I felt so groggy, so tired. Everything was becoming blurred. I turned my head to the right and saw Assef standing there at the window.

''I love you,'' he mouthed at me. I smiled slightly. I could hear the noise buzzing in my ears. I looked at Nurse Fareiba. I wanted to bash her face in with a blunt object until I cracked her skull right open. It was with this satisfying thought in my mind that I eventually dozed off into sleep...

''Saria? Saria? Wake up, kiddo, your operation is over.'' I heard my brother's voice. He gently stroked my head. My eyes flickered open. My head was pounding. Assef gently brushed a lock of hair behind my ear. He leaned down and kissed my forehead.

''How are you feeling, little sister?'' he asked. I paused.

''Um, my head hurts, and my stomach.'' I looked down at myself. There was a large section of white gauze wrapped around my midriff. My arm was in a fibre glass cast. ''Was the operation a success?'' I asked timidly.

Assef nodded. ''Yeah.. Yeah it's fine. Everything worked out,'' he said. I could tell he was keeping something from me. I could see it just from the look in his eyes. They were filled with unfathomable sorrow. His eyes spoke volumes to me. I began to panic. What had gone wrong? Why did Assef look at me like this? I took his hand in mine.

''Assef, what's wrong? Why are you looking at me like that? Did something happen?'' I asked tentatively. I was almost afraid of the answer. Assef hesitated. He bit down on his lip.

''No, nothing's wrong, nothing went wrong. You're going to be fine, but...''

''But what?'' I asked in a panic. I tried to sit up, but he held out a hand to keep me down. Now I was getting agitated. ''But, what!'' I looked at him in total confusion. Assef took a deep breath. He stroked my hand gently. I was having a near panic-attack now.

My brother struggled to find the words to say. ''Saria, do you know what your Fallopian tubes are?'' he asked. I thought about it for a moment.

''Yes. I do know what they are. They're in my womb.'' Now I was becoming worried. Why was my brother mentioning Fallopian tubes and wombs? What the fuck did that have to do with anything? Assef looked deep into my eyes.

He began talking to me in German. ''Sar, Dr. Behnam told me that when Aarash punched you... The extent of the injuries... It..'' he sighed. ''What happened to you. It's damaged your Fallopian tubes beyond repair. Do you understand, kiddo?''

''I don't,'' I admitted.

Assef sighed. ''Look kiddo, you can't have children. You'll never be able to get pregnant. It's irreversible. I'm sorry, kiddo.'' I shook my head frantically. I turned my head away from my brother and folded my arms.

''No. No, it's not true. You're joking, Assef and to be honest I don't find this funny,'' I said, my voice cracking.

''Saria, would I joke about something like this? Something so important.'' He caught hold of me by the shoulders. ''Please look at me, sister,'' he said. I turned to face him, tears in my eyes.

''I'm so sorry,'' Assef whispered, pulling me to him. I began to sob uncontrollably. Why had this happened to me? What was so wrong with me that I would be denied the chance to be a mother? I could feel my heart shatter, taking my dreams with it. No more Alainda, no more Assef junior. I could almost picture them dying; these children that I might have had.

The tears flowed without stopping. I probably looked a right fucking mess but as of now I just didn't care. Why was Fate so cruel to me? Assef attempted to soothe me. ''Shh, it's gonna be okay. Everything's gonna be okay. Stop crying.'' he said, rocking me back and forth. I began to cough.

''Why.. Why would this happen? Am I that much of a bad person?''

''You're not a bad person, don't think things like that about yourself.''

''But.. something must be wrong with me.. I must be a bad person.. I must be.. I.. I.." I broke down in tears and buried my face in Assef's chest. "Why, brother, why did this happen to me?"

''I don't know why this happened, kiddo, but I promise you, this is not your fault, it's Aarash. Do you understand? Shh, please stop crying, please."

I hiccuped. ''Assef, I'm sorry I won't be able to give you any nieces or nephews. I'm sorry.''

''Hey, I don't care about that. As long as my baby sister is okay that's all that matters to me. I could give two shits what anybody else thinks. You're the most important person in the world to me. Nobody else, just you.'' He gently kissed my forehead. I continued to sob uncontrollably. It seemed as though everything was going wrong for me. Why did this happen to me? I know I'm only twelve but a part of me did want children some day. Maybe it never would have happened, but I would have liked to have the fucking choice! Now that had been taken away from me.

A fury like no other coursed through my veins. I clutched the fabric of my brother's shirt, trembling all over. Assef could do nothing to soothe me. He was holding back tears himself. ''I wish this hadn't happened,'' I said.

''I do too, kiddo, but I promise you, I'll make sure that you get the justice you deserve. Nobody has the right to hurt you, and Aarash is going to pay the price. Severe punishment,'' Assef said with conviction. I noticed Dr. Behnam peering around the door. He cleared his throat and came into the room.

''I see you must have told her,'' he said sadly. He squatted down so he was on a level with me and gripped my arms. ''Sweetheart, you have our deepest sympathies. This is all just so much for a little girl of your age to handle,'' he said. ''I'm sure you have a wonderful, long and happy life ahead of you though. A life full of prosperity. You just keep that chin up, sweetie,'' he told me, gripping my slim arms.

''I'll be okay, Dr. Behnam, I know I will,'' I said innocently. Assef continued to cradle me in his arms. He stroked my hair. ''Again, I am so sorry that this happened to you, but rest assured, we will find and we will punish the man responsible.'' I cocked my head to the side.

''Do you promise?'' I asked innocently.

''I promise, Saria. You have my word,'' he said soothingly. He released my arms and stood up. ''Now sweetie, we're going to have to keep you overnight for observation. Your big brother has already requested that he stay with you, okay?''

I nodded. ''Okay. What time is it?''

''It's about 9:00PM. You were a long time in that operating theatre. Okay, sweetheart, you make sure to call us if there's anything you need.. Anything.'' And with that said, Dr. Behnam took his leave, leaving me and my brother alone once more. Assef continued to rub my back soothingly.

''You promise you'll stay?'' I asked.

''Of course, kiddo.'' I yawned. Assef pulled away from me and helped me lie down. ''You need to sleep, kiddo. Okay?''

I lay back on the bed. Assef gently stroked my hair, shushing me while my sobs began to die down. I turned my head towards him, the coners of my lips turning upwards in a small smile. ''I love you. Promise me they'll pay for this.''

''I love you too. And I promise.'' I fell asleep with a head full of the sweetest dreams of a gruesome revenge that would one day be mine.

. Next time, Assef's guilt over the situation prompts him to react in a way that could destroy his sister. Will they reconcile in time? Please, leave reviews and comments. I really enjoy writing this series and would love feedback from the readers. Thank you XD

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