Devil with the Angel's Eyes (16+)

(Based on Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner)

Saria Ahmed is Assef's twelve year old sister, a charming young girl with bright blue eyes, and curly blonde hair. With her girly dresses and sweet demeanour, she comes across as the perfect child. But there is evil lying just beneath the innocent facade, a darkness that is sometimes beyond her control...

Any characters, words or plot devices taken from the Kite Runner are copyrighted by Khaled Hosseini and Dreamworks studios. I do not own them, and no copyright is intended. Saria Ahmed, and any other characters not owned by Hosseini are owned by me.

Please note that this story does contain strong violence, language and mature themes, but it is meant to reflect the violent and sociopathic natures of both Saria and Assef, and is told from Saria's unique first person perspective. If you are under the age, or maturity level of 16, or are in any way squeamish about violence, please do not read this story. Any feedback/ideas are welcomed.


8. Police Questions


In chapter 7, Saria brutally stabs Zainab to death with a steak knife. This cold, remorseless act only served to prove how far she was capable of going but she soon finds herself under scrutiny from the law...

"Stupid fucking tangles! Fucking hair!" I swore to myself as I stood in front of the mirror. Today I wore a sky blue dress which had a large bow in the back. Yet again, I felt like a fucking six-year-old. I was trying to tie my hair into pigtails with two ribbons that matched my dress. It was times like these that I wished I had straight hair like Adia.

Curls were so fucking hard to plait! Tedious morning routines like this always incurred my legendary wrath. I was overcome with a strong desire to throw my brush at the mirror. The memory of the repercussions I had faced after my tantrum in Adia's house was the only thing that stopped me from doing this. "Fucking hair!" I swore again. Already I could see my face going red with rage. Patience was definitely not my strong point. I eventually managed to secure the ribbons into my hair. "I'm never doing this again!" I said aloud. "Never again! This is thirty fucking minutes out of my whole morning gone already!"

By then, a full fortnight had passed since Zainab's untimely demise. It gave me great pleasure to think of her grieving family. The authorities had found my handiwork the Monday after I had murdered her. There were, of course, many worries in my mind pertaining to my part in the murder. Had I perhaps done something that could give subtle hints to what I had done? After much consideration, I assured myself that I was in the clear. I was just the sweet little girl from the big house with the palm trees. The horrid murder shocked the community. As always, nobody could believe that a person could be so cruel as to take the life of a sweet girl like Zainab. A girl with a future full of promise and hope ahead of her. A girl everybody had loved.

Well, not everybody. I felt no guilt whatsoever for what I had done. Zainab played with fire and got horribly, horribly incinerated. Was it my fault if she hadn't the sense to stay away from me, I ask you? Today I was going to spend another tedious afternoon with Adia and her hideous brother Masood. Masood was taking us to see the new cowboy movie in Cinema Zainab. I hated cowboy movies. They were so boring, and the violence was practically non-existent. I would have preferred to see a horror, but I knew that little Adia would not appreciate the blood and guts the same way I did.

Of course, I had already been the star of my own horror movie, hadn't I? The novelty of Zainab's murder had long since worn off. I really wanted to commit another violent crime. Who else could I kill? Maybe little Adia? My mind was filled with thoughts of how I could stab her skull, slit her throat from left to right! I wondered how it would feel to defecate within her mouth. Of course, I knew I could not turn my decrepid thoughts into actions. Not yet, anyway. It would not look good if another murder was committed so soon after the first one.

I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. I grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl and made my way outside. Assef was sitting at the side of the pool. I smiled as I walked over to him. "Hey, kiddo," he said. I flopped down beside him. "What time is Adia coming to collect you?" Assef asked.

"Half eleven," I told him. "The film is on at twelve. Masood is taking us to market after to buy us each a doll."

"Isn't that sweet of him?" Assef asked sarcastically.

I laughed loudly. "Why can't I spend the day with you?" I lamented, resting my head upon Assef's shoulder.

He leaned down to kiss my forehead. "You don't want to see your friend, kiddo?" he asked.

I shook my head. "I hate her so much," I said angrily.

Assef laughed and ruffled my hair. "I know, kiddo. I know," he said, sympathetic to my plight. "You be careful while you're out," my brother warned.

"Why?" I asked.

"Didn't you hear? There's a murderer on the loose!" he teased, nudging me in the ribs.

"Oh goodness gracious!" I feigned shock, placing my hand upon my chest, my eyes opening wide. Assef and I both laughed.

"All jokes aside, Saria, do be careful. I know first hand how infuriating Masood can be, and I also know how little control you have when you get angry. You're just like me in that respect. Please don't do anything that could draw attention to yourself!" he begged me.

I waved a dismissive hand. "I'll be fine, Assef," I said.

"I just don't want anyone to find out what you did," he whispered. "I can't stand the thought of my baby sister being persecuted for murder!"

I looked up to see Mama walking towards us. "Shh!" I placed a finger on my lips. I smoothed down my dress and stood to attention. I beamed a false smile for my mother.

"Hello, Mama," I said.

"Hello, Saria, Assef." Assef raised his head and nodded once. "Masood is on his way over with Adia," Mama informed me. She knelt down and took me by the hands. We were now at the same height. "I want you to listen closely to me now, Saria," Mama ordered. I nodded.

"I want you to stick close to Masood and do exactly what he tells you. I don't need to tell you how dangerous it is out there, what with that little girl's death." I had to fight off a smirk as she said this. Mama's concerned face was a picture. What would she think if she knew she was speaking to Zainab's murderer right now? If she knew that her daughter had committed the worst sin?

I had to bite my lip to stop myself from bursting into hysterical laughter. "I'll be careful, Mama," I assured her. I decided to voice one of my inner concerns. "Do they know who might have done it?" I asked innocently.

"Not yet, darling. Don't you worry, whoever did this will be caught and they will be punished. They will get what they deserve. Do you understand me?"

I nodded. "Yes, Mama."

"Alright. Good girl." She pressed a wad of money into my hand. "Buy yourself something nice."

I clapped my hands together in childish joy. "Oh thank you Mama!" I said excitedly.

"You're welcome, dear. Have fun... but be careful!" she warned once again. I rolled my eyes behind her back as I made my way to the front of the compound. I saw my bitch and her monstrous brother waiting for me at the gate. It was time once again to play the part. I squealed in false elation and ran to where Adia stood.

"Hello! It's so nice to see you again!" I giggled. I grabbed both of her arms and jumped up and down in excitement. Adia seemed confused by my behaviour, but she knew it was in her best interest to play along.

"Are you ready to go, Saria?" Masood asked me. "We must hurry if we don't want to miss the film."

"Thank you so much for taking us out, Masood," I said. I avoided looking at his grotesque face, fearing I would probably get sick if I did so. Really, someone ought to kill that boy and put their whole family out of the misery of having to raise such a monster.

"It's no problem, dear. I would do anything for my sister and her friends."

'But would you help her to move a body?' I thought to myself. Out loud I said, "Adia is so lucky to have a brother like you." He beamed at me.

I grabbed Adia by the hand and we set off. Adia and I chattered about dresses and dolls. Not all that different from what any other little girls would talk about together. Adia herself wore a simple outfit of t-shirt and jeans. She wore her black hair tied in a ponytail. Her t-shirt was stained with food. Clearly she had not bothered to wash her clothes since the last time she'd worn them.

'Disgusting cow,' I thought to myself. As we neared the cinema, Adia's face took on a somber look. "Did you hear about Zainab?" she asked in a timid little voice. Of course, our conversation had arrived at the murder. It was the talk of the town as I stated earlier. "It's so scary, isn't it?" Adia's voice squeaked with fear. I looked her right in the eye.

"Ich tötete sie. Ich schneide sie und machte sie zu bluten. Ich bin froh, dass ich es tat." This was German for; "I murdered her. I cut her and made her bleed. I'm glad I did it."

"What does that mean?" Masood questioned me. Neither of them had a clue. Fucking idiots.

"That means, "I hope they find out who did it. My thoughts are with her family," I lied.

"All of our thoughts and prayers are with that girl's relatives," Masood said, sadly. "Well, here we are." We had arrived at the cinema. Masood led us up to the ticket booth. He took out a fistful of cash.

"I have money," I said hurriedly, not wanting to take his fucking charity. I hated when people tried to pay for me. What was I, fucking poor?

"Oh, darling. This is a treat day," Masood informed me. "I'll be paying for your ticket."

"Oh, well thank you, Masood. You're so kind," I said politely.

"You're welcome, Saria. You're such a sweetheart," Masood complimented me. 'If only you knew,' I thought to myself. I flashed him an even bigger smile.

"I can't wait for the film to start!" Adia spoke up from behind me. "It's going to be soo much fun!"

"I know!" I said, bouncing up and down. We walked inside the theatre.

"Let's find a seat up the front," Masood said. "Do any of you girls need the toilet before we sit down?"

I shook my head. "No, I'm good. I went before I left the house."

"I'm fine too," Adia said.

"Okay, let's sit down." As we settled into our seats, Masood turned to us and said, "No talking in here, girls. We don't want to get thrown out. It's very important that we show respect for all the other people in here. Do you understand?" 'Fucking asswipe! Stop patronizing me!' I thought.

I felt strong detestation for Masood. Assef would never speak to me like that. He treated me like an equal, even though I was five years younger than him. Our relationship was based on mutual respect. (For each other, not for other people) I pretended to be completly engrossed in the film, but really, my mind was elsewhere. Who would take the fall for Zainab's murder? As long as it wasn't me, I didn't care. Some fucking pervert could take the fall for me. Maybe a pedophile? I honestly couldn't give a fuck.

Adia was completly engrossed in what was going on on the large screen. She screamed when something frightening happened, and jumped whenever a gunshot went off. Masood seemed a little bit calmer. He reached over and placed a hand upon Adia's arm. He smiled at me. I returned the gesture as sweetly as possible for me. I stared at the screen, watching as one of the cowboys was shot in the chest. He fell to the ground and began spasticating on the floor. A mavolent smile played on my lips.

I wondered what it would feel like to shoot a person? To watch them lying on the ground, watch them slowly die at my feet, begging for a mercy I knew I could not give. I was disheartened by the fact that Zainab's death had been so quick. I wanted her to suffer more! I could only hope she was burning in hell for her crimes!

Hell. A place that many people will say I am bound for. I however, don't believe in all that "be a good person or you're going to hell" shite that people harp on with. To me, my misdeeds and my immortal soul are two completely separate things. What I do in this life should have no influence on where I went in the next. The film ended after an hour, and we walked outside.

"Did you enjoy that?" Masood asked us.

"Oh it was brilliant!" I said happily. "I loved all the action scenes."

"The gun shots scared me," Adia, the little bitch piped up. I had to fight back the urge to roll my eyes. "And the blood. So much blood. I hate blood."

'You'll be seeing a lot more blood if you continue to play my game,' I thought to myself. Masood slung an arm around his sister's shoulders.

"Come on girls. I'm going to buy you both a dolly each! My treat!" The gruesome scar on his face glinted in the golden light of the sun. I swallowed back some bile. I forced a childish grin, clapped my hands together.

"Thank you, Masood agha! Thank you!"

We walked to market. I looked around at the people going about their business. Zainab's friends sat in a corner, looking completely dejected. The horror of their friends murder was still fresh in their minds. One of them lifted her head and looked right at me. My middle finger twitched. I wanted to flip her the bird, but I knew I could not. How suspicious would that be?

I stared sadly back at her, letting her know she was in my thoughts. My thoughts of discord and terror, but of course she did not need to know that. She sniffled, and buried her face in her friend's shoulder. Do they suspect anything? I wondered as I hurried to keep up with Adia and Masood. Her friends knew all about the enemity between Zainab and I. Could they perhaps have guessed what I had done?

It wouldn't be too hard for them to put two and two together and realize I was the one who had murdered their beloved Zainab. I took solace in the knowledge that nobody other than those two girls could ever suspect me of such a hainus crime. We reached the stall with the dolls. "Pick one out each, dears." Masood said, smiling down at me. I looked at the dolls. 'Stupid fucking things,' I thought to myself. I reached up and picked up a china doll with blonde ringlets, wearing an old fashioned Victorian dress.

"That one?" the seller asked. I nodded, looking at Masood. I read the price of the doll and smiled.

"If it's okay with you," I said, giving him my best "puppy dog eyes."

"Oh, Saria, that doll is so expensive. Why don't you pick something out a little cheaper?" I turned and glared at Adia. She knew me well enough to translate the meaning of my glare as "do something or face the consequences." She hurried to my defense.

"Oh Masood! Saria is our guest! She's my best friend! Please buy it for her! Please!" she pleaded, grabbing her brother by the hand and looking up at him with wide eyes. I had to hand it to my little bitch, she could be quite charming when she wanted to be. Maybe I was rubbing off on her. The thought made me smile.

Masood sighed; "Alright." He paid for both our new dolls. I clutched the china doll to my chest.

"Oh thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!" I jumped up and down in false elation, my nose buried in her blonde hair.

"Be careful!" Masood warned. "Don't you dare drop that doll!" I stopped bouncing.

Adia clung to her doll, a small matchstick thing. "I have the best brother ever!" she gushed.

"I doubt that," I teased gently, sticking my tongue out at her playfully.

"Saria!" I turned to see Wali and Kamal hurrying towards me, my brother with them. Assef looked uneasy. "Saria, you have to come home with me now. Family matters." I grabbed his hand, and said my goodbyes, and thank yous to Masood. He smiled, wished me well.

"Assef, what's going on?" I asked as he walked with me down the street.

"Police want to talk to you. About the murder."

My heart almost stopped. My eyes widened. "WHAT?" I screamed.

"Shh, it's okay. They say it's just a routine. They're talking to all the children in Zainab's class." We had reached our home. I had never feared it more. Assef gently kissed my forehead.

"Remember, they don't know anything. Just play your cards right and we'll both be in the clear. I love you so much, kiddo and don't you ever forget it."

"I love you too, Assef," I said. Then, we went inside. I was a bundle of nerves, my mind was going at one hundred miles an hour. Assef rested his hand on my shoulder, rubbing my back. "It's going to be okay, sweetheart. I promise." His words did nothing to soothe my anxious brain. I wiped my eyes. I knew that I had to be extra careful with what I said and did.

Even the slightest wrong word or action could be detrimental to me. I straightened up, fixed my plaits, took a deep breath, and stepped into the kitchen. "Saria." The man standing in my kitchen held an air of authority. Instantly, I tensed up. 'Remember Saria, be careful,' I warned myself. I put my best face forward.

"Good afternoon, agha." I bowed my knees, holding out the hem of my dress. He smiled at me, and I instantly felt ten times more confident. I had this thing in my fucking grasp.

"My brother said you wanted to speak with me?" I continued smiling patiently.

"Yes, it will only take a few minutes. Why don't we go somewhere more private." He looked at me and I felt he was looking into my very soul. Could he see the darkness lurking within? He led me into the privacy of my father's study. We both sat down on opposite chairs, facing each other. The officer took out a small note pad and pen.

"Forgive me, I haven't introduced myself. You can call me Abdal."

"It's nice to meet you, Abdal," I said politely.

"Just for the record," he said, "your name is Saria Ahmed. Correct?"

I nodded and he scribbed the information down on his notepad. There was a tense silence between us. Abdal looked up at me, giving a small, reassuring smile. "Saria, I'm talking to all the girls in your class about the death of Zainab Qualmari. It's very important that we get all the information we can find to help us punish the person responsible." As he said the words, I felt myself tense up. Did he know anything?

"You were in the same class as Zainab," Abdala noted, his eyes boring into mine.

I nodded. "Yes, sir."

He continued taking notes. "Did you know Zainab personally, Saria? Were you a friend of hers?"

"I didn't," I said. "Not personally. I mean, I saw her a lot in class but we never really talked." Of course, I decided to leave out all the times Zainab and I had tormented each other. It would not be clever of me to bring that up. Not in this situation. I was clever enough to know when to hold my tongue.

"Where were you two weeks ago on the night of the fourteenth?" Abdal's pen was poised, ready to write.

I took a breath; here was the question I was dreading. "I was at home with my brother," I said. "You can ask him."

"Now, Saria, from the information we gathered from your parents, you yourself suffered a beating a few weeks ago."

"Y-yes," I lowered my eyes. "I don't remember who it was, though. I passed out before I could get a good glimpse of his face."

Abdal wrote this down. "The reason I'm asking, Saria, is that there's a possibility that the person who beat you could be the same one who killed Zainab. Are you sure there's nothing you remember about this man?"

I shook my head. "No, sir, I'm s-sorry." He wasn't getting anything good from me. The thought he wanted to blame my 'mystery' attacker brought a great sense of joy to my sadistic heart. I was certain they would find someone to take the fall for me.

"Alright," Abdal sighed. "That will be all, Saria. Thank you for your time, sweetheart. I promise, the person who did this will be caught and they will be punished." I had already heard this from my mother. I gave a small smile.

"I h-hope so. Zainab deserves justice." Oh and she had gotten exactly the justice she deserved, though not in the way Abdal or anyone else would think.

Before he left, Abdal leaned down and put a hand on my shoulder. "Don't worry, love, we'll catch whoever hurt her. I promise."

Later that evening, I sat on my bed, contemplating the days events. Assef sat beside me, as I leaned my head against his shoulders. My mind brought me back to a question Abdal had asked me; "Did Zainab have any enemies?" I had answered no, but the true answer was yes. Zainab did have an enemy. She had sat right in front of Abdal. She had fooled him with her charm, as she had fooled so many other people. Her name was Saria Ahmed.

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