Devil with the Angel's Eyes (16+)

(Based on Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner)

Saria Ahmed is Assef's twelve year old sister, a charming young girl with bright blue eyes, and curly blonde hair. With her girly dresses and sweet demeanour, she comes across as the perfect child. But there is evil lying just beneath the innocent facade, a darkness that is sometimes beyond her control...

Any characters, words or plot devices taken from the Kite Runner are copyrighted by Khaled Hosseini and Dreamworks studios. I do not own them, and no copyright is intended. Saria Ahmed, and any other characters not owned by Hosseini are owned by me.

Please note that this story does contain strong violence, language and mature themes, but it is meant to reflect the violent and sociopathic natures of both Saria and Assef, and is told from Saria's unique first person perspective. If you are under the age, or maturity level of 16, or are in any way squeamish about violence, please do not read this story. Any feedback/ideas are welcomed.


12. Masood's Sacrifice

Heroic Sacrifices

In the last chapter, Saria was thriled to watch Assef rape Hassan. Neither herself nor her brother showed any remorse for the cruel act they participated in, now, we find her about to spend the day with Adia and Masood...

"Fucking buttons! Tie, why won't you?" I swore. My hands fumbled with the tiny buttons of my collar. Today, I wore a blue pinafore that reached my knees, with a white shirt under it. "Goddamn it!" I moaned, stamping my feet in frustration. Two full days had passed since the tournament. I still got that feeling of euphoria in me whenever I thought about it. Hassan must have been suffering big time right now. Well, it was his own fault. All he needed to do was to give us that kite.

He could have walked away unharmed. Sure, his pride may have been hurt, but I'd take my pride being hurt over getting raped any day, wouldn't you? He's just too damn loyal. Little Hazara bitch. Assef's right. Amir doesn't give two flying fucks about Hassan. He plays with him because he has to, not because he wants to! Hassan gave up everything for a boy who doesn't even appreciate his hard work. Still, I do love Amir. He and I would be perfect together, nay? I believe we would. I can just imagine it. Us living in a beautiful home, our two children playing happily at our feet as we sit on the couch and reminisce over how we met. All those years ago.

I'd walk down the aisle in a beautiful dress, he'd kiss my henna painted hands and tell me I was beautiful. We'd have a son and daughter. Of course, I would have to name the son after my brother. My favorite person in the world. I'd call my daughter Alainda. Such a pretty name. I'd teach her all the things Assef's taught me. Like how to ambush people. How to get that perfect right hook. She'd be Mommy's little trouble-maker.

Oh dear, I'm day-dreaming again, aren't I? I do that sometimes. It's a bad habit of mine. Of course, I have a lot of bad habits, don't I? Finally, I managed to tie my buttons. I straightened my pinafore and ran a comb through my bedraggled hair. Today, unfortunately, I had another play-date with Adia. My parents were relentless in getting us two to spend more time together. I would rather be at home with my brother, but noooo! Stupid twats had to arrange a "special day for two special girls," my father's own words.

Mama and Papa were both going away for the night. They didn't get much chance to go on holidays or romantic breaks. I would spend the entire day with Adia, and Assef would then collect me. He'd be looking after me for the night. As you can probably tell, I was in no mood for any shit. If Adia or any of her pathetic family fucked around with me tonight then they would pay the price for it. And a very high price that would be.

I stole one last glance at myself in the mirror. "Come on now, Saria. Chin up, there's a good girl. Remember, there's a knife in the drawer with your name on it." I wasn't above bringing a weapon with me in my rucksack. As I said before, I was not in a mood to be fucked with today. If there had to be another Zainab, then so be it.

"Saria, come on, babycakes!" Mama called impatiently. "We've got to go!"

'Shut the fuck up, bitch!' I thought to myself. "I'll be right down, Mama," I called politely. Shutting the door behind me, I stepped into the hall. Mama and Papa waited for me at the bottom of the stairs. I skipped down, feeling an utter fool. Still, what choice did I have?

"Are you all set?" Papa asked.

"One moment, Papa. I need something from the kitchen." I skipped off again, humming to myself.

"Morning, kiddo," Assef smiled at me. I bounded over and kissed him on the cheek.

"Morning. Sorry I can't talk." I went to where we kept our knives and pulled out a huge bread knife. Perfect for stabbing someone should they get on my nerves. I beamed at my reflection in the steel. "Now, that should smooth things over if Adia tries to fuck with me." I placed the knife in my rucksack, grabbed an apple. "I'll see you later, Assef!" I spoke in a sugary sweet voice, just loud enough for my parents to hear.

Assef came over and embraced me tightly. "You be careful with that thing, kiddo," he whispered in my ear.

"Oh, I will. It's not me you need to worry about." With that, I once again skipped over to my parents.

"Is our little princess excited for her play-date?" Papa asked. I swear, it felt like I was three and not twelve.

"Oh, yes, definitely Papa!" I bounced up and down in false excitement. "And I bet you and Mama are excited for your romantic night!" I giggled.

"Why yes, we certainly are!" Mama cooed gently. She brushed my hair from my face. "You need a haircut, my precious one. Else you won't be able to see. We can't have you knocking into things." She teased.

"Oh, I can see just fine, Mama." I grabbed her hand. I wanted this day to be over and done with.

"Someone's excited," Papa mused.

"I just can't wait to see Adia again!" I clambered into the backseat of the car and did up my seat belt. "I've really missed playing with her!"

I held my rucksack tightly against my chest. The knife was still tucked safely inside. I would be careful not to let anyone see it. I had to be. Papa hummed quietly to himself as he drove the car the ten minutes to Adia's house.

As we pulled into the drive, I could see the little bitch watching me from the window. I waved maliciously at her. Even from down here I could see the fear in her eyes. Mama opened the car door for me.

"Thank you." I hopped out. Adia ran out the front door to greet me.

"Hello, Saria." She hung back, shy. Terrified of her "best friend." I, however, had an audience to entertain.

"HELLO ADIA!" I screamed, rushing to gather her into my arms. I swung her around, laughing. Grabbed her hands. Bounced. "It's so wonderful to see you again!" I was really hamming it up now. "THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR HAVING ME! I'd be bored stiff at home!" Not true at all. I would rather be home than here. Adia gaped at me, shocked.

"Oh i it's no problem, Saria. We love having you," she stuttered. I continued to bounce like a fucking idiot.

"You'll be tired out before noon, Adia," Papa noted. "Our girl's quite the handful, aren't you, babes?" he teased. I danced around, laughing excitedly.

"We're going to have so much fun!" I giggled. Mama placed a hand on my back.

"Alright, baby. Go on inside. Assef will be over at around eight to pick you up. Have fun."

"We will! We will!" I feigned elation as I watched them leave. Once they were gone, I could allow my true self to emerge. I grabbed Adia, held her tight. "I'm really not in the mood for any of your shit today, do you hear me?" I whispered into her ear. "You fuck around just once Adia. Just once! I'll bet you won't like what will happen." Her eyes travelled to her stomach. Where I had burned her on my birthday only a few days earlier.

"Good girl. I see you remember. You're a smart kid for heeding my warnings. Aren't you?"

I saw Masood watching us. "Remember who's in charge, you pathetic whore," I whispered into her ear. She smiled forcefully and nodded once. I released her and made my way over to Masood. His hideous features still unnerved me after all this.

Still, I had a part to play. This world was my stage and I the star. My arms wound themselves around his waist. "Hello, Masood!" I spoke in a light voice.

"Hello, darling. You're looking especially pretty today." He was full of compliments.

I beamed. "Oh thank you, Masood!" I bowed my knees and extended the hem of my dress. We walked inside. "Would you like me to take your rucksack for you, Saria?" Masood asked. I shook my head. For obvious reasons I knew I could not allow myself to part with it.

"I'll just hang on to it," I told him.

"Are you sure, kiddo?" Masood seemed concerned.

I nodded. I decided to speak a bit of German to him. "Ich bin mir sicher. Got zu halten das Messer versteckt. Ihre Schwester besser aufpassen Rücken, wenn sie nicht wollen, um am Ende ermordet. Und Assef ist der einzige, ich lasse rufen Sie mich an, dass." This meant "I'm sure. Got to keep this knife hidden. Your sister better watch her back if she doesn't want to end up murdered. And Assef's the only one I let call me that."

Of course, he had no clue what I just threatened. "What was that, dear one?"

"I thanked you for having me, in German," I lied on the spot for the vile teenager. "Assef'll be over to pick me up at eight." These words brought great comfort to me. I wanted to be with my brother more than anyone.

Masood ruffled my hair. "We love having you to play, don't we, Adia?"

The little twit nodded. "Yeah you're my best friend ever!" she emphasized.

"I was thinking of taking you girls for a picnic by Ghargha Lake. We could bring bread to feed the ducks. What do you girls say to that?" Masood seemed quite excited.

"Oh now that sounds so wonderful!" I exclaimed. My mind was instantly filled with thoughts of all the "accidents" that could befall Adia should she piss me off. Or even Masood. Neither of them wanted to get on the wrong side of me today. One slip up and it could all be over for them. If I needed to become a two-time killer than so be it. Did I give two shits about these people?

"Well, why don't you two go up and play in Adia's room. Huh? Go on." He ushered us off. On our way up, we were greeted by Faraya, Adia's mother. She and I had never really spoke. I was determined to keep it that way. There was something about that woman that made me despise her even more than the rest of her family. I could never quite pinpoint what. She beamed at me as we passed by her.

"Hello, little Saria." I bowed my knees once more. Truly, I felt a fucking fool for behaving this way.

"Hello, Khala Faraya." As usual, I stroked her ego. "Thank you for having me in your home."

"You're more than welcome, dear child. Adia's missed you so much. Haven't you, daughter?"

"Yes. Yes I have!" the little bitch gushed. I placed a hand on her back. "We're going to have so much fun today!" False delight on my part.

"Come on, let's go and play with your dolls!" All the things a child my age would say. We walked into Adia's room. She shut the door behind her.

"Sit down," I ordered. Ordered being the operative word. She truly was a slave to my whims. Adia instantly obeyed. "I see you're covered up quite well there." I poked her stomach. She hissed in pain. "Aww, does it still hurt?" I poked her again, laughing at my little "game." "Does it hurt?" I kept poking her. She began to shrink in on herself, like a tortoise in its shell. "I asked you a question, kunis! Does. it. Hurt!"

With this, I jabbed my nail deep into the wound I had given her. She let out a terrified shriek. "Fuck bitch, be quiet!" I hissed, pressing a hand over her mouth.

"Yes, it hurts! It really hurts!" she began to whimper. I reached into my bag and pulled out the large knife. I teased her with it threateningly. "Look what I've got!"

She shook her head. "No, Saria! I want to live!"

"Do you now?" She nodded. I leaned in close, one mittened hand on her mouth. Her eyes searched mine. Finally she asked the question I know must have plagued her for months.

"Did you kill Zainab?" It was easy enough to answer. I knew I had to be competely honest with her.

"Yes." She began struggling underneath me. "Yes, Adia. I murdered her. I did it." It felt good to tell her. This may have been reckless on my part, but I was going to make sure she wouldn't tell on me. I placed the cool edge of the knife against her pretty tanned throat. "Dear Adia," I began to tease her. "If I could kill Zainab, what's stopping me from killing you?" She was terrified out of her wits.

"No, no!" she begged pathetically.

I tossed the knife aside. "Now you know everything. Who I truly am. What I am truly capable of. If you dare to tell anyone about what you know, I can swear upon that girl's grave that you will find yourself in the same position she was in. Only this time... I'll make your death last much longer!" Tears filled her pretty black eyes. I bent down close to her ear. "Can you keep my secret?"

"Yes. I promise I'll never tell." I knew she wouldn't either. A person would have to be and idiot to fuck around with Saria Ahmed. I felt relieved to have Adia know the true extent of what I was capable of. To know that her friend was truly a monster in the worst sense. I would not hesitate to do away with her if she even had the thought of telling. She knew this too.

We were rudely interrupted by Masood. "Can I come in?" he asked.

"Of course, Masood. Sure, you're half way through the door already!" I teased gently. This earned a chuckle from the teenager.

"Cheeky miss!" he mocked lightheartedly. "Well, I just came to tell you girls that I'm thinking of leaving for the picnic now."

"Wonderful!" Adia exclaimed.

"Oh most certainly wonderful!" I chortled. I noticed the knife on the bed. I quickly tossed one of Adia's dolls over it. 'Fucking hell, Saria. Be careful!' I chastised myself. To my audience I gave a simple smile and nod.

"Right. Now let's go and feed those hungry ducks!" Adia lept to her feet.

"I'll be down in one moment," I informed the pair of siblings. They both nodded and left me to my own devices. I replaced the knife back into the red rucksack I had brought with me. Adia had better watch her back lest she end up with it in her heart. My wicked side could not be controlled once unleashed. I gently closed the door behind me. Yet again I wore my blue duffel coat. I slipped my mittens into the pocket. Perfect for leaving untraceable weapons should the need for one arise. I walked down the stairs and out the front door with Adia and Masood.

Both seemed quite content in each other's company. In a way I guess Adia and I are not so different. All around us people went about their daily business. Nobody seemed any the wiser to the decrepit thoughts whirling around in my brain. I skipped childishly at Adia's side. Hamming it up for her freak of a brother. "I can't wait to feed the ducks!" I sang happily. What a fucking fool I could be sometimes. The walk to the lake was quite tiring. Eventually, we made it. Masood spread out a large picnic blanket. I sat down. Masood gestured towards the lake.

"The currents quite strong," he noted. "We'll have to be extra careful." Adia and I both nodded obediently. What, did he think I was; a fucking baby?

I lay on my back watching clouds. The day seemed to be drifting by without any problems. Just as I hoped. I didn't want the hassle of any bullshit. It seemed bullshit followed me around on a regular basis, and I was more than happy to get away from it. Speaking of bullshit, I spotted one of Zainab's friends watching me. I don't know this little brat's name. Don't care to either. She still seemed quite somber over the death of her friend. As anyone would be. The light had gone from her eyes. I leaned over and whispered in Adia's ear.

"That's one of Zainab's friends. Think she'd like a taste of my knife?" Of course, I was only teasing. I had no intention of going after this little girl. I could not do harm to her without raising suspicion to myself. Adia looked at me, shaken. I smirked, gestured to my rucksack.

"I..." she began. I knew she was about to beg me to spare this girl so I cut her off.

"Relax, I'm not stupid enough to do anything here bitch!" My voice was low, ensuring we could not be heard. Masood was organizing the bread for the ducks. I patted Adia's head condescendingly, like a little dog. That's what she was to me. A dog. And I her master.

"Good girl. Behave now," I warned. She nodded obediently. Adia and I watched the rapid waters together. It felt quite soothing, actually. As though the water carried my worries with it.

I know it was probably reckless to tell Adia about Zainab. But she feared me above all else. Would she tell on me? Would you, knowing the things I am capable of? Nobody would be that dumb. Masood began chucking bread at the hungry ducks. They quacked in unison. I put my hands over my mouth and giggled. All very childish mannerisms. I had to make the most of my free time before I went back to school. After all, then it would just be homework and study. "All work no play" as the saying goes. With my perpetual smile on my face, I made my way over to Masood. "I want to try!" I sounded a right idiot. He beamed at me.

"Go on then. My arm's starting to get sore from all this throwing." I nodded politely and watched him sit down.

I leaned forward to feed the ducks. Of course had we been alone I'd have happily waded in and killed one of them. How many pets did I have that have had "accidents?" Were they really accidents. I kept leaning forward. In hindsight, it was a stupid thing to do. Suddenly, I fell right into the river. "FUCK!" I swore aloud, not caring who heard me. I was just about to climb out when the current swept me away. I screamed. I was being carried along helplessly. Was this the day I died? "Please no! I want to live!" I begged the heavens.

I felt like Zainab in this moment. Difference being, she deserved what she got, and more! I screamed as I began to float further out to sea. I'd end up in fucking Pakistan if I wasn't careful. "Save me!" I cried pathetically. I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around me.

"Assef?" He was my first thought.

"No, honey, it's Masood." Adia's brother had jumped into the water to save me. He held me tightly against him as we continued to float down the river.

"I want Assef!" was all I could pathetically whimper. "I WANT MY BROTHER!"

"I know, baby. I know. Adia's gone to get help. She'll find him." I nodded. We continued to float. What other choice did we have? We had no choice. I began whimpering like a little baby. Truly I feared for my life. Masood's arms formed a protective cradle around me. "Saria," he said. "There's a rock over there. If we can grab onto it then I think we'll be okay. Hold my hand tight." I nodded. What else could I do? Masood began paddling towards the jagged rock. Then, without warning, the current got stronger. We were ripped apart. I screamed as I was sent tumbling under water.

Masood had cracked his head open on the rock. Blood trickled down his back. Before I could say or do anything, however, a gush of water hit me right in my face. I let out a silent scream. Clamped my hands over my mouth. I began to float down to the river bed. Masood of course was already unconcious. He must be dead, or close to it. I began sobbing. My vision was blurred. I couldn't breath. This was the end for Saria Ahmed. Twelve pathtetic years of life. My eyes rolled back into my head. Blackness.

Arms, pulling me up. Dragging me from the water. A child crying. People shouting, calling for help. We had certainly attracted a crowd. I kept my eyes shut. Could I open them? I wondered. I bordered on the edge of unconsciousness. Paramedics thumped my chest. I lay flat underneath them. I literally could not move.

"What happened?" I heard someone say. I recognized her as Zainab's friend. Even lying here I had an itch to murder the little brat.

"She fell in the water!" Adia's voice was frantic. "MASOOD! NOOO! NOOOOO!" She was screaming. He must be even worse than me. I could tune into the conversations around me.

"Please! NO!" Someone was shouting. It must have been Masood's parents.

"Is the little girl dead?" An elderly woman questioned bluntly.

"Everybody get the fuck out of my way! That's my sister!" I could feel Assef's hand on mine. His voice sounded choked up. "Saria? Come on now, kiddo don't do this to me. I'm here. I'm right here. Honey please wake up." His voice made me realize how much I wanted to live! As the paramedic worked on me once more, I shot up, spluttering. I barely had time to register my surroundings before Assef pulled me into his arms, his voice choked with tears. I was shocked; Assef never cried. Never.

"Oh thank you God! Thank you!" He held me tight, kissed me repeatedly. "You scared me half to death, Saria! Fucking hell, what happened?"

"I fell in the river," I said timidly.

"Oh I can see that. Don't ever do that to me again! Why the hell would you be so damn stupid!"

I began to cry in earnest. "I'm sorry Assef. I'm sorry!" I moaned.

Assef hugged me to him. "Oh no, honey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. Shh, you're not stupid. I just... you were... you didn't move and I thought..." He kissed my forehead. "You have no idea how much you mean to me." I continued hiccuping. "Shh now, kiddo. Assef's here. I've got you. I won't let anything happen to you."

I twisted my head to look at Masood. They were still working on him. Adia was kneeling by his side. Sobbing.

"MASOOD PLEASE! PLEASE BROTHER!" she cried over and over again. She looked at me. Walked over to us. "He could be dying!" she wailed uncontrollably. She fell to her knees and began pounding the ground with her fists. Assef seemed at a loss for what to do.

"He's probably not going to die, Adia," he tried to soothe her. Anything to stop this dumbass display.

"Yes he might!" She was truly in despondency right about now. Assef rolled his eyes. Adia caught this display. "HE SAVED HER LIFE!" she roared angrily. "HE SAVED YOUR SISTER'S LIFE! YOU SHOULD BE FUCKING GRATEFUL!" She gave Assef a forceful shove. We both almost over-balanced.

Assef hissed. "You are lucky, Adia, that my baby sister means more to me than taking revenge on you. Otherwise you'd be in the same position as your fag of a brother. You do that again, though, and I swear on everything I have that you'll regret it. We clear?" I watched her scurry off. Kneel by her brother once more.

"How long was I out for?" I asked in a small voice.

"About two minutes more than my nerves can handle," Assef informed me.

"Little girl?" It was one of the paramedics.

"Yes?" I spoke quietly.

"We need you to come to the hospital with us."

"Why?" Assef asked, worried. "She's fine! There's nothing wrong with her!" He held me tighter, as if terrified the man would grab me away. It was quite funny to see a rapist behave like such a mother hen with me.

"Just some routine tests," the paramedic put his hand on my shoulder. He guided me into a sitting position and helped me to stand.

I nodded. "I understand."

"Your parents have been called." It was then I noticed Faraya and Javid with Masood. Both sobbing. He was being loaded into a stretcher. "Can you walk?" the paramedic asked.

I nodded. "I'll manage." I stumbled towards the ambulance. We piled in. Adia's sobs grew louder and louder. They drowned out even the siren.

"ALLAH, SAVE OUR SON!" screamed Faraya.

We sat in the hospital waiting room. I perched right on Assef's knee. I rested my head against his chest. "You need to stop getting into such trouble, Miss Ahmed." Instantly I recognized the nurse from my beating from Zainab. Mama and Papa raced through the doors. Gathered me into their arms and kissed my face repeatedly.

"Oh God! Oh Saria!" Both were crying. Like I gave two shits. I reached for Assef again. He was the only one I wanted. He cradled me on his lap. I sobbed. Nobody could do anything to soothe me. I thought about Masood. He had risked his own life for me. One good deed does not out do the bad in my eyes however and I was still feeling annoyed with him for being such a tit.

We stayed in the hospital until all hours. Eventually,we were discharged. "Nothing wrong with you, Miss Ahmed." The friendly nurse seemed content. "Plenty of rest. That's all you need."

"I think a nice hot bath and some hot cocoa would be nice, don't you?" Mama quipped. "That would hit the spot right about now, huh, princess?" I lay my head against Assef's chest. He kissed my hair.

"Love you," I spoke childishly.

"I love you too," he replied.

I heard doctors speak about Masood. Words like "hanging in there" and "not going to survive the night" ruminated through the air. Adia was still sobbing. Once again I had come out the victor.

Would Masood live or die? Like I gave a fuck! His family may soon be going to his funeral.

Only time would tell. Time was all they had.

Will Masood die and if he does, who will the blame for it fall upon? Please leave comments, PMs and subscribe. :)

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